Home alone in a thunder storm.


Topic: Home alone in a thunder storm.      We just got back to my place after our little trip to the movies. Could barely pay attention to the last half of movie she was all over me. I swear we could've done it right then and there but it ended too soon. Man, what a tongue she's got behind her beautiful smile. Mmm. . There was a storm outside and it damped her the slighest bit, made her more beautiful.
     But anyways, we just got back to my place and I had it all to ourselves this weekend. She was teasing me. Started to slowly do a sexy little strip tease. She went over to the window and opened the cutians. Not worried of people seeing since we we on the second floor and there was nothing but open sky behind us. She said she liked the lighting to light up the room. And it did perfectly.
     Coyly she started to take the clip out of her hair as she sat me down in my chair.

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   She had gorgeous hair. So soft and silky, a nice brunette color that glistened in the sun. It slowly unwound in to one big curl, then she softly shook it out to a field of waves. A flash of lightning lit her up. And she gave me this oh so innocent look, she was so adorable. She then clipped the clip to my shirt and I smiled at her as she kissed my cheek softly, and quick.
      She took a candycane and unwrapped one end of it, twirling her tongue around it and sucking lightly on it. Then continued on to kick of her flip flops at me. Slowly her hands glided dow her sides to her waist as she slowly twirled around and unbuttoned her tight jeans as she faced me. Then onto her zipper, she walked toward me and did it nearly right in my face. Then she slid her hands ever so gently just barely bringing her shirt up some baring that cute belly button of hers. Then proceeded to slowly drag her sweatshirts zipper down halfway, run a hands worth of fingers through her hair, down the side of her face, connecting to her neck then down across the top of her breast down the between them, lightest touch she could. Then finished unzipping her sweatshirt.
     As she finished with her zipper she flipped her hair to one side, never losing eye contact nor that innocent look. But I was sitting waiting for more.

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   Ready to just pounce on her. She commented on how it was becoming a tad too warm, and proceeded to slide her sweatshirt off shoulder by sweet shoulder. Revealing her tank top that was slightly see through so you coud see the outline of her bra beneath since it was still a bit damp from the rain. She let her hands gracefully fall to her hips and started inching down her jeans. Thumbs in the waistband on the side sliding them down. Once they hit her knees they collapsed to the floor. She stepped one foot out and kicked them to the side.
     She came over and kissed me and a crack of thunder came about. she sat on my lap and I kissed back. She started kissing me where my collar bone meets my neck and further down till she hit my shirt so she lifted it and took it off me. Continued down the middle, tickling my sternum till she couldn't bend further, and traveled back up to my neck. Then I started to gently slide my hands up her sides and rubbed her back. When she was about to stop I hooked the edge of her shirt and yanked it up off and over her head. And held her closer and continued making out with her.
     After a while of that I picked her up and sat her to the foot of my bed.

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   More bolts of lightning were flashing and The thunder seemed to be shaking the house. I kept kissing her and then started traveling down her abdomen as she did mine. Then I slid her underwear off and started kissing lower and lower as I slide them down. I knelt at the edge and was kissing and twirling my tongue around and all over, then I hit this one spot. I drug my tongue over it ever so lightly and her legs shook and she was releasing her sounds of pleasure. I teased that spot and all around for a good while til she finally hit the high note.
     Then she pulled me up to her and started to kiss me uncontrollably. I scooted her back on the bed and climbed over her and had my hand behind her back unhooking her bra as she laid back down and we continued on til all our clothes we off and I rubbed her juices into her flesh where I'd just pleased her from. Then She returned the favor after a few more high notes, and we had fallen asleep after however many rounds.