Home Stay part. 1


This story is an actual fiction; however the names, address, nationality have been changed a bit just for privacy purposes. Hope you enjoy the stories.

My name is Tyson but my friends call me T. It was my last year of high school but my grades are still fucked. I failed my chemistry and biology classes last year. And this year, it’s my calculus class. But to make it worse, I’m an Asian, Korean to be exact. I know Asians are known for getting good grades and having small dicks but I’m the exact opposite. Failed several course, barely got through some, and have a 7” dick. I am an international student so my parents have to pay for all of my school tuitions and shit and every year I get the same scolding for wasting my parent’s money. They would always scold me telling me about how successful my sister was. Also I live with my mom because my dad is back in my home country making money. But it has only been like 2 month since school started and now my mom wants to go back to her home country, Korea. I felt betrayed that my mom would leave me. And to make matters worse, I was told that I was going to move to a home stay.

I felt as if someone struck me down with an elephant.

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   My family was wealthy and so I usually got what I wanted from my parent but the thought of me not getting what I want horrified me. But after thinking about the home stay, I found some good points of going to a home stay. I could go on the computer whenever I wanted, I could sleep whenever I wanted and better yet, I could do crappy and not have my parents know of my grade. That was all the persuasion I needed to pack up my stuff and get ready to move to a home stay. My mom said that she found a good home stay for me. The price was cheap, the house was large and it was close to my school. I agreed immediately. As soon as I packed all my clothing, and personal items, I brought my stuff to the house I was to home stay in.

The house was magnificent. It was more of a mansion than a house. The house itself was not that big, a three floor house with a full basement for me to live in. But the back yard was huge. There was a swimming pool, a tennis court and a basketball hoops on the tennis courts so by removing the ropes, it could turn into a basketball court. I was greeted by owner of the house. His name was Brian.

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   He looked like a bear, but not the scary kind but the rather cuddly and cute kind. He led me to the basement and told me that I could use the whole basement as I wanted. Settling the entire luggage I brought with me, I waved good bye to my mom as she left. I didn’t feel an ounce of sadness as I watched my mom drive away. Hurrying downstairs, I decided to take a quick shower.

As I opened the bathroom door, I was face to face with a chick with big tits drying her hair. It was the first time for me to actually see a girl naked. The girl seemed to be frozen as I checked her out. It took her a moment to come back down to Earth. She screamed very loudly while quickly trying to cover up her tits and pussy. Hurriedly, I closed the bathroom door not able to process what had happened.

I heard Brian scrambling down the stairs to see what the commotion was about. He first asked me if there was any problem. By the time I was able to tell him what had happened, the girl from the bathroom came out, fully clothed. Brian introduced me to his youngest daughter, Kara.

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   We awkwardly exchanged “hellos” and I went straight to my room as Brian went back upstairs with Kara. As I sat on my bed, I just couldn’t get the sight of Kara out of my head. I replayed that moment over and over again. My dick was rock hard and ready for some action. Just pulling my dick out of my pants, I started to rub my dick harder and harder.

“Oh, Kara. ” I moaned quietly. I started to rub my dick harder and faster. My moans were getting louder. I soon came sending my cum all the way across the room. That was when I had a small gasp and a squeak sound coming from outside my room. Hurriedly I went to the door and opened it quickly. All I could see was a pair of legs running upstairs. Even though I didn’t see the face, I was sure that it was Kara’s legs.

That was when I heard someone walking back downstairs.

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   I hurried and put my dick back in and pretended as if nothing had happened and sat on my bed. I then heard a knock on the door and Kara’s head peeked in. She wouldn’t even look at me as she quietly whispered “Dinner’s ready. ” And Kara ran back upstairs as fast as she could. I was sure now that Kara saw me jack off and was thinking of what to do next. I thought of a plan, which if it worked could end up with me getting laid.

I made my way to the main floor and into the kitchen where I was greeted by a sweet scent of potatoes and a milf standing next to my prey, Kara. I took my seat where Brian signaled me to, beside him and in front of Kara. Brian introduced me to his wife Joyce, Kara (again) and also told me that the eldest daughter, Elizabeth would not be here today and that he would introduce her to me when she came home. The dinner was superb, the mash potatoes and hamburgers were the best I ever ate. But the cherry on top was having to sit in front of Joyce and Kara. After I stuffed myself, I began to talk to Brian.

“Oh Brian, I was meaning to tell you that the door just creaks on its own and I was sure that I had it closed but a little while later, the door was opened maybe it was the wind or something like that. ” I sneaked a peak at Kara whose face turned bright red.

“Well… I honestly I have no idea why the door would magically open.

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   It never seemed to happen before. ” Brian turned to face Kara “Because me and Joyce are going out for dinner with a friend, Kara why don’t you check it out?” My plan worked perfectly, I concealed my smile.

I could hardly wait for dinner to end. And as I went downstairs with Kara right behind me, I heard Brian shout out” Do you guys want anything because me and Karen are going out shopping after we watch the movies. ” We both replied no and with that I heard the garage door close as the parents left leaving the whole house just for the two of us. As soon as we reached my room, Kara pretended to check on the door as I sat down on my bed again. Kara pretended to see if anything was “wrong” with the door. I decided to start talking.

“So did you like what you saw?” Kara’s face turned red but she said she didn’t know what I was talking about. “I think you know I’m talking about. I saw your naked body and so you decided to look at mine. Isn’t that right?” Once again Kara stuttered her words as she stuttered to deny the truth.

I decided to go for the Hail Mary. As Kara continued to open and close the door to check for any problems, I pulled down my pants showing Kara my erect 7”. Kara didn’t notice that I took my pants off, until I walked towards her. 

   Kara gasped when she realized that I was naked. She hurriedly opened the door and ran back upstairs as fast as she could. She must have forgotten that her parents were out and now I could do whatever I wanted.

I walked upstairs to the second floor for the first time. It was very large and I had a great time going through all the rooms. Finally I came up to a room where there was light shining out from underneath the door. Slowly I opened the door and peeked in. I had to say that I enjoyed what I saw.

Kara was lying on her bed hugging a pillow. But that wasn’t the good part. She took off her pants and was finger fucking her pussy through her panties. She even had her ass pointed in my direction as if to tell me to fuck her. I watched intently not wanting to miss one moment of this glorious show.

Then I had a plan. Hurrying back downstairs, I ran back into my room and took out my secret weapon which I could use against Kara, my digital camera.

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   I ran back upstairs quietly, not wanting to be heard by Kara. I wished Kara wasn’t finished masturbating so I could record it. Luckily, when I peeked through the door, Kara was nearing climax. She was moaning very quietly but still I heard something that I needed to hear. Kara was moaning my name very quietly.

It was then that I saw the wet spot in Kara’s panties. It was clear that Kara was turned on from seeing my dick. I made sure to record the whole thing making sure to get her wet panties and Kara’s face as evidence. Then I continued to record the whole thing until Kara came, turning her light blue panties dark. As Kara was panting from exhaustion, I had to keep myself from bursting into the room and raping her. Instead I carefully walked back downstairs to the basement got my laptop and walked back up but this time making a lot of noise.

“Kara! Come on down stair I have something to show you!”

“I’ll be there soon. ” Came a response as I heard Kara shuffling upstairs. I knew she was going to find new panties because the one she wore has all wet. “Did you call?” She said as she finally came downstairs.

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By this time I had set up my laptop and moved the video onto my laptop. “I just have something to show you on my computer. It’s hilarious. I just wanted to make up for the awkwardness from before. ” Kara sat next to me on the couch but left a bit of room between us.
I showed her several viral videos in which she laughed her ass off. “I have just one more video to show. It’s something that I took by myself and I think you’ll enjoy it. Do you want to see it?”

Kara gave me a nod thinking that it was another funny video. Smiling I turned on the video. The smile on Kara’s face disappeared. Her faced turned red at the part when I zoomed into her panties. She also gave a slight gasp when she heard herself chant my name over and over again on the video. Kara watched the whole thing in silence and at the end of the clip, I turned to face her.

“I think that was an excellent video don’t you?” She gave no response.

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   “I wonder what your parents would say if they saw this. The colour from Kara’s face disappeared.
    “I also wonder what your friend’s would say if they saw this?” That made Kara really scared.

    “Please don’t do that. Please, anything but that. My friends would think I’m a slut. ”

    “You should have thought of that before you masturbated didn’t you. ” Kara gave a small nod. Then I stood up and pulled my pants down in front of her again. “You should know what I want. Right?”

    Kara hesitated for a moment before accepting her loss and opened her mouth to my dick. At first she blowjobs weren’t satisfactory but after a while, she began to use her tongue and began to give me an actual blowjob. I reached around her head and began to push her head down all the way making her gag a bit on my dick. After a while, Kara was going all the way down my dick by herself.

    “God Kara you are a slut aren’t you? How many guys did you suck off so far?” Kara shook her head to signal that it was her first blowjob.

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       Reaching down I felt for her maturely developed tits. Groping her right tit with one hand, I used my other hand to pull out both of her tits from her shirt.

    Kara seemed busy eating my dick to care. The whole house could come crashing down and Kara still didn’t seem like she’d care. Now I pushed Kara away from my dick and stood behind her so she couldn’t blow me anymore. Then from behind I began to caress her tits with one hand and reached down to her pussy with the other. I wasn’t letting Kara have my dick to own. She was going to be owned by me. Now I began to play with her tits even more than before trying to make her as wet as possible.

    “Please stop teasing me… I’m getting so wet down there. ” Kara began to whine.

    “So do you want me to help your ‘wetness’?”

    “Yes…please. ”

    “Whatever you like” and with that I pushed Kara’s upper body making her bend forward. Then with a clear entrance, I pushed my dick into her pussy. I began to pound her pussy as hard as I could, pushing my dick all the way in.


       As I pulled my cock out, from Kara’s cunt, I found it covered in blood. Tears went down’s Kara’s cheek and it was obvious that she was in a lot of pain and so I took my time in fucking her. Slowly Kara’s cries of pain turned to moans of joy. Her moans were ringing throughout the whole house. Then right there without any notice, I came inside her. Kara seemed to be in such bliss that she didn’t even seem to care. Now I pushed her down on the couch and lifted her legs towards her tits and began to fuck her pussy again.

    Kara seemed to have enjoyed getting fucked by a guy she just met that day, cuz soon she wrapped her legs around my hip so that I couldn’t do anything else than fuck her brains out. However, it was when me and Kara were fucking like rabbits, and when I came like 2 or 3 times in her pussy. We both heard a rumbling sound… It was the garage door opening! We should have just booked it but we were transfixed.

    Unable to move, we just stayed there with my dick in Kara’s pussy. Finally I realized that if the parents saw me having sex with their daughter, things wouldn’t look good for me. So, even though I didn’t want to, I took my dick out of Kara’s pussy and grabbed my pants and hurriedly wore it as fast as possible. Looking at Kara, I handed her, her clothes told her to go change upstairs and to have a nice sleep for there was going to be more fuck time tomorrow.

    As Kara left, I gave her ass cheek a squeeze and told her that now she is mine for the taking.

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       Kara nodded and ran upstairs. I just put on my pants and turned the video clip of Kara masturbating off, when Brian and Joyce walked in.

    “Tyson! How are you, you cute mother fucker!” Brian’s face was beet red and it seemed like he had drunk a bit too much. Looking at Joyce, I popped another boner. She was wearing a one piece dress but the good thing about her dress was that you could almost see her nipples.

    I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 11:30 p. m. Using the excuse that I was going to help Joyce help Brian to his bed, I took enjoyed sneaking peeks at Joyce’s cleavage At one point when Joyce was leaning over to cover Brian’s body with a blanket, I got the pleasure of seeing Joyce’s tits. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath the dress.

    As soon as Brian was in his bed, I went downstairs. As soon as I went into my room, I flung off all my clothing and sat on my bed. I just couldn’t take the picture of Joyce’s cleavage out of my mind so I decided to shoot off some steam by jacking off to Joyce. This time my cum hit the wall on the other side of the room again. After jacking off, I went right to sleep.

    I was too tired to notice that the door was opened again and that in just that one day, two different people peaked in my room to watch me jack off.

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