Homecoming Night: Best Sex Ever


This is a true story that happened a few months ago. After reading these stories often I finally have built up the courage to write about the craziest, best night of my life. I’m 16 years old, about 5’3” and a little on the thick side but in an athletic way. I have 34 DD tits and a round juicy ass that boys have always loved. At school I usually wear short skirts and low cut shirts that show off my boobs and legs which gets everyone looking.   The story that I’m writing about was my first real sex experience and I decided to include every little detail because I really am proud of it and I love reliving every second.

                So here’s the story about the best night of my life. I’m a cheerleader at my high school and it was the night of our homecoming game. I had been feeling extremely horny for a few days and knew this night would be big. We had our homecoming football game and then a huge house party at one of the players house after. I’ve had sex before and a couple of boyfriends but nothing crazy, just a couple fucks here and there. Before the game I took a shower and shaved my pussy all the way down because I was hoping to get lucky at the party. I was so horny that I decided to not wear my underwear under my cheer outfit which made me feel so naughty. The game was at night and it being November it was getting chilly. I could feel the cold air run up my skirt, making my wet pussy tingle but feel amazing. I did my leg kicks as high as I could, wanting someone to realize I was pantiless but I don’t think anyone did.



                After the game, which we won, the whole cheer squad went out to dinner. All everyone was talking about was the big party and who was going to hook up with who. I had my eye on a few boys but I was open to anything, I just couldn’t wait to put my sexy dress on and get drunk. We all went home to shower and change and agreed to meet up at my house and then walk down to the party since I lived only 2 blocks away. I showered and slipped into my skin tight dress that I bought just for this. It made my tits look enormous and my ass huge. Since it was so tight around my ass and hips, I decided to not wear a thong because I didn’t want to show any panty line, but really I was just so horny and wet that I wanted to be slutty for the night.

                One by one my friends gathered at my house and we walked down. As soon as we walked in, our friends on the football team were taking shots at the kitchen table and yelled for us to join them. Without any hesitation we all went over and started to drink. After taking a few shots I was getting pretty tipsy and started to float around the party, showing off my goods and looking for a hot boy. I stopped to talk to some friends when I felt someone grab my ass which is exactly what I wanted. I turned around to see it was J. P. , the running back on the team and a total hottie.

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   He was about 6 foot, built like a rock, and I had heard a lot of stories about his large cock from other girls. We had always been friends but never hooked up and to be honest I never thought he was into me. We started talking and drinking together for a while, eventually making our way to the living room where people were dancing. He got behind me and I grinded my ass up against his cock, which I could feel getting harder and harder. I took one of his hands and put it across my chest so he could feel my tits and the other by my pussy. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and I grinded on him as if he was fucking me from behind. He started to slide his hand down my dress and when he made it to my bare thigh he put his hand on my pussy. To his surprise he felt my juicy, smooth pussy and not underwear which made him get rock solid. “we have to go upstairs”, he said, grabbing my hand and leading me up the staircase to the empty upstairs. we looked for an open room and found one that looked like the kids brothers who owned the house.

                He practically threw me on the bed where I laid on my back and spread my legs as wide as I could, revealing my dripping pussy. “get over here and give it to me” I panted as he took his shirt off, showing off his sculpted body. “take your pants off and show me what youre working with”. He undid his belt and dropped his jeans. I could see the outline of his cock through his boxers and my heart sank into my stomach.

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   It must have been at least 8 inches and it wasn’t fully hard yet. He took his boxers off and jumped onto the bed, burying his face in my pussy under my dress. “lick my wet pussy baby, lick ittttt” I moaned. He started with my clit and then spread my juicy lips open and licked the inside. I knew I was going to cum soon so I told him to put a finger in my pussy. He started finger fucking me while licking my pussy lips which made me go crazy. My back arched up which made him go harder and i screamed “IM CUMMINNNGGGGG” as I squirted juices all over his face. He moaned and licked it all up and then told me to get on top of him. My dress at this point was around my waist, my huge tits were out and my pussy and ass were showing. I got on top of him and started to suck his enormous dick. I could barely put half of it in my mouth but I knew I had to suck it up. After a few minutes of licking and sucking his cock he told me to move over so he could eat me out. I had never 69ed before so i was a little nervous but I was so drunk that I didn’t care at all. I moved my legs to either side of him and buried my pussy in his face. I could barely focus on sucking his cock because it felt so good to have a tongue up my pussy.

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   I was in complete heaven 69ing with him and before long he was licking my asshole which felt incredible. The alcohol definitely made me not care and I started to get so into it. “Lick my asshole clean baby, finger my pussy and lick my ass” I said over and over until he was practically shoving his fist inside of me.

                After a few minutes I took his 9 inch dick out of my mouth and demanded that he fuck me. “get by the edge of the bed and lay down” he demanded, which I did immediately. He spread my legs wide and told me to hold my legs back. My thick pussy was spread wide, dripping wet and ready to be ripped apart. J. P. took his cock and slowly pressed the head onto my pussy lips which made me tingle, he slowly inserted it in, one inch at a time. I moaned louder and louder with every inch he put in. before him the biggest dick I took was probably no more than 6 inches and skinny and now I was taking at least 9 inches and it was the opposite of skinny. He started really slow which made me get used to his giant penis but after a minute or two he was pounding my pussy. I couldn’t believe I was taking the whole thing and I knew I was because I could hear him slapping up against my pussy lips. “FUCK ME FUCK ME, HARDERR” I screamed repeatedly until I came all over his dick which didn’t slow him down at all.

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   “IM CUMMING IM CUMMING” I said as his cock drove deep into my pussy. After I came he flipped me over and told me to get on my knees. I loved doggy style, I put my head on the bed and spread my ass cheeks with one hand, opening myself up for him. Before he stuck his dick in he licked my pussy and ass which made me go crazy, I begged him to fuck me. He put his dick in me and on the first thrust my dripping wet pussy decided to tell him how much he loved it.
    I pussy farted so loud for the first minute or so which would normally embarrass me but I didn’t give a fuck at this point. he helped my telling me he loved it and started to take his dick in and out all the way to make it queef more.   After pounding me from behind for probably ten minutes, he took his dick out and slid it up by my asshole. I knew what he wanted and I was so nervous, his cock was huge and I had never had anal sex before. I had been fingered in my ass a few times and that hurt but I decided to let him do it. “Go slow and just put the tip in first” I said, moving my ass up higher for him. He pressed firmly against my butthole, getting the tip in when I remembered the giant dinner we had all eaten just before the party. “OMG wait, I have to poop before we do this, is that okay?” I said, drunk but still embarrassed. “Of course baby go ahead ill wait here”. I shot up, pulled my dress back on and went to the bathroom in the next room.

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       I squatted over the toilet and prayed I could do this quick because I wanted that dick back in me. Thankfully I started to poop, thrusting hard to get it all out when J. P. came in the bathroom. “what are you doing in here, im pooping!” I screamed, secretly excited to see him again. He came toward me, pulled his boxers down and shoved his dick in my mouth. I started to suck his dick while shitting which felt so good. “I want that pussy again babe” he said while getting sucked. “let me move down so you can fuck me while I poop” I said. I adjusted myself on the toilet so my pussy was showing. I was still kind of pooping which was getting messy but I wanted to get fucked so bad I didn’t care. It was awkward but he still managed to get about 6 inches in and out of me while I went which was the greatest sensation I have ever felt.

                    I finished up, wiped my ass, and went back to the bedroom with J. P. We went to open the door and it was locked! I panicked because my shoes were in there and half of his clothes.

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       I knocked on the door and pressed my ear up against it and heard people in there, probably doing the same thing as us. They yelled “just a minute!” and opened the door after a 30 second pause. It was my friend Lauren and some boy, clearly they were about to fuck. We laughed and hugged and decided to just go back in with all of us. I went back on the bed and lied down, pulling my dress up to expose my pussy and ass and Lauren did the same. “wow girl, have you done this before?!” she said to me, I smiled at her and grabbed her hand. The boys came up to us and started fucking us both on the end of the bed. Lauren looked at J. P. ’s cock and her eyes almost bulged out of her head, “OMG are you seriously taking that cock?!, its HUGE!” she yelled, the boy she brought up blushed as he only had about a 5 inch dick. “You want him to fuck you?” I said, moaning as J. P. fucked the shit out of me. He took his dick out of me and pulled me closer to him, put my legs in the air behind my head and told me to hold them there. I knew what was coming, he wanted to buttfuck me.

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       I asked Lauren to come to me for support as he put his giant cock in my asshole. I was still on my back, legs high in the air and about half of J. P’s cock in my ass. Lauren held my hand and rubbed my pussy with her other as I screamed, half pleasure half pain. “FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME” I screamed “DON’T STOP BABY GET IT IN THERE DEEP”. I didn’t even know what iw as saying at this point, I just didn’t want him to stop. After a few minutes I started cumming uncontrollably, making me shake all over. “IM GOING TO CUM TOO BABY, WHERE DO YOU WANT ME TO CUM” J. P. yelled. “CUM IN MY ASS, GET IT ALL IN THERE!!!” I screamed back. He shot his hot load into my ass and pulled his dick out slowly. His cum started oozing out of me, all over my legs and asscheeks. I pushed out a little bit which made me fart some of his cum. “wow babe, that was an amazing fuck” he said.

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       I laid there for a minute while J. P rubbed my clit, calming me down.

                    We went back down to the party, leaving lauren and her boy there to have fun. It was single handedly the best night of my life. I know it was dirty and raunchy but I didn’t want to lie and leave anything out. J. P. and I have been dating ever since that night and still relive that night from time to time. .

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