Homecoming: Part 1 - Take Off


Part 1: Take Off

“You okay?” he asked.

“Ya, I’m fine,” I lied, “I just don’t like flying. ”

“Well, it’s not a long flight,” he said, “We’ll be home soon. ”

His words did nothing to comfort me. In fact, I would have preferred a much longer flight, or better yet, a cancelled
one. Ours was delayed because of snow and I spent three hours in the terminal praying for one of those once-in-a-hundred-year blizzards that no pilot could possibly navigate through. I saw myself on the phone, breaking the bad news to my family. I would not be coming home. I would be spending my Thanksgiving alone in the dorms. They would be devastated, but I would be freed from the burden of seeing them. Actually, it wasn’t seeing them that worried me; my family is awesome and I love them. It was the thought of talking to them that I dreaded.

“I want to hear everything!” would undoubtedly be my mother’s demand. My father and my sister would be sitting at her side, anxious to hear about my first semester of college and to see if three months away from home had changed me.

They had no idea.

“Would you like a blanket?” he asked, grabbing two from the overhead and offering me one.



“Sure,” I said, taking the blanket from him and throwing it over my lap, “Thanks, Mr. Ward. ”

“Call me Bill. ”

That’s one of the problems with being from a small town; everyone knows everyone. Bill Ward was my seventh grade science teacher. His wife, Laura, who was sitting directly across the isle from us, taught high school English, but I never had her for a teacher. Marcy, their daughter, was sitting on the other side of her Mom. She was two years behind me in high school, so we weren’t friends or anything, but I knew she dated my ex-boyfriend over the summer. I figured that was why she gave me the stink-eye when she saw me at the boarding gate.

I also knew that Mr. Ward slept with the Pastor’s wife at our church, and that’s why we got a new Pastor last year, and why Laura Ward started smoking again after fifteen years. She looked anxious for a cigarette, sitting next to her daughter and bouncing a copy of Eat, Pray, Love against her knee.

“Better?” Mr. Ward asked, once we were both settled with our blankets tucked around us. His attention might have seemed polite, even fatherly, if he hadn’t been staring at my tits the whole time.

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“Ya, thanks,” I told him, trying too ignore his arm brushing against mine over the armrest. I wondered if he knew his daughter had a reputation for giving great blowjobs, but that she wouldn’t put out unless she was high. I wondered what my family knew or heard about me. There are no secrets in small towns, and that was another reason I was dreading going home. I had no idea how I was going to explain the last three months of my life, but I knew there was no way I could avoid it.

Marcy pouted when the flight attendant asked her to put away her headphones during take off. She sat up and saw me looking at her, and with her Mom and Dad sitting safely between us, she threw me another dirty look. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. I couldn’t have cared less that she fucked Jason. I was the one who dumped him a month before they hooked up. I spent almost two years fucking him. It was nothing that would inspire jealousy… Pity, maybe.

Jason and I started dating the summer before my freshman year. Over the next two years, it was his singular goal to get in my pants, and my singular duty to remain pure and virtuous. Well, kind of virtuous.

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   I sucked a lot of cock to keep him pacified. He loved my mouth, but he wanted more. That is, until he got it.

I lost my cherry to Jason on my sixteenth birthday. It was incredibly sweet and romantic, and quick. I wasn’t worried, though. It was his first time, too. I figured it would get better the more we practiced. I figured wrong.

Maybe it was because he was so bad at it that he lost interest in sex the moment he lost his virginity. I don’t know, but suddenly I was the one desperate to fuck and he was the one making excuses not to. Either he had a game the next day, or he had to get to the next level on Grand Theft Auto, or God forbid, there was ultimate fighting on TV, because why would you want to fuck when you could be watching two sweaty men rolling around on the floor?

I put up with it all the way through my senior year because I thought I was in love, and because Jason was the cutest and most popular boy in our little po-dunk town. Who else was I going to fuck? Well, there were a few boys I wouldn’t mind taking for a ride, but they were either friends of Jason or scared of Jason. Plus, it’s a small town and I didn’t want to get a reputation. I was going to have to wait until I hit college to go wild.

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So that was my situation when my parents took me on a cruise after graduation. I was frustrated and horny, and less than thrilled to be spending my summer with my parents and my thirteen-year-old sister on a boat in the middle of the ocean. They weren’t thrilled about me going out of state for school, but they gave me their permission after I won a full-ride academic scholarship. They also offered to pay all expenses my first year so I didn’t have to work. I figured I owed them two weeks on a boat.

In the days leading up to the cruise, I masturbated myself to sleep each night imaging the cute boys I was going to meet. I saw myself sitting beside the pool in my new bikini, the one my Mom thought we shouldn’t show my Dad until we were actually on the boat. Heads would turn so fast there would be an outbreak of whiplash. I’d have my pick; a different boy every night, and every night better than the last. Once I escaped the watchful eye of my father, I’d be free to fuck, and nobody back home would ever know what a slut I was.
So much for fantasies.

Guess how many seventeen-year-olds went on cruises with their parents after graduation. Exactly one! Me! I didn’t even bother to unpack my sexy bikini. The creepy middle-aged men that filled the cruise ship, with their nagging wives and obnoxious, screaming kids in tow, didn’t need any encouragement. I suffered though two excruciatingly long weeks, until the final night of the cruise arrived.

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Mom and Dad were the hit of the boat, making friends wherever they went, despite their sulky teenage daughter. We sat at dinner and people paraded by, shaking their hands and expressing their joy at having met them. People were buying them drinks, and being the last night, they got a bit carried away. They even let me have a glass of wine and were too tipsy to notice when someone offered me a refill.

“Can I go up for the moonlight swim tonight?” I asked hopefully, taking advantage of their blurry conditions. A few nights into the cruise, I overheard someone telling my Mom how much fun they had at the moonlight swim. Apparently, people went up on the top deck after midnight to swim in the pool. I was stung when my Mom told me kids weren’t allowed.

“I’ll be eighteen in September,” I protested.

“You need to be twenty-one,” she said, “They serve alcohol. ”

“They serve alcohol at dinner,” I challenged. She wasn’t hearing any of it.

“No, Sara!” she said again on the final night of the cruise, “I don’t even think they’re having one tonight. People have to get up early tomorrow and pack. ” That settled the argument as far as my Mom was concerned, but I had just finished my second glass of wine and a plan was forming in my fuzzy brain.

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My little sister, Anna, and I had a separate cabin next door to our parents’. They came back from the bar around midnight and poked their heads in to check on us. Anna was fast asleep, but I was wide-awake, waiting silently in the dark.

I could hear them clunking around in their cabin for about fifteen minutes before they finally went to bed. I waited fifteen more minutes, and then I slipped into the bathroom and slipped on my new bikini. If the pool was going to be empty, why shouldn’t I go for a swim? It was also a chance for me to try out my sexy new bikini, even if there were no cute boys to see me.

I wrapped the big, fluffy bathrobe that came with the room around me and crept barefoot out into the hall. I listened for a moment at my parents’ door. They were asleep, so I headed off through the empty corridors.

I got on the elevator and pushed the button for the top deck. A few people got on and off again, following my parents’ lead and heading for bed early, but I had the elevator to myself when I reached the top deck. The door opened and I let out a gasp at the site in front of me.

All of the lights were off, but the full moon covered the night in a clear, silky blue light. The cool air mixed with the heated water in the pool creating a thick blanket of moonlit fog that drifted right up to the elevator door. It was like walking on clouds as I stepped out onto the deck.

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   The pool was hidden from view and gone were the deafening screams of children that normally infested the top deck. It was just me, the moonlit fog, and the gentle roar of the ocean.

And him.

“Managed to sneak away from your parents, huh?” he called out behind me, making me jump. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell on you,” he laughed, seeing the look on my face and mistaking my anger for fear.

“Go away!” was what the voice in my head was screaming. “Oh… hi,” was what grudgingly rolled off my tongue.
His name was Gary. He was one of the creepy middle-aged guys whose attention I was definitely not interested in.

I saw him the first day of the cruise by the pool with his wife and two little girls. He pretty much eye-fucked me the whole afternoon, and that was when I was wearing my conservative, one-piece bathing suit; the one my Dad approves of. I was sure Gary would cum in his pants if he saw the collection of strings I was wearing under my bathrobe. He had come up from the stairs behind me dressed in his own fluffy, white robe.

“I had to wait for my wife to go to sleep before sneaking up here,” he said, un-phased by my less than enthusiastic greeting. “She’s not into this whole thing,” he added, nodding his head toward the cloud-covered pool.

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“Oh,” was all I could manage. He and his family were at our dinner table earlier and he heard me ask my Mom about the midnight swim. I was sure he came up in the hopes of seeing me. I wasn’t rude enough to just turn around and leave, but I started working on my escape route. I figured I’d just wait until he got in the pool, and once he was lost in the fog, I’d go back to my cabin. “I just kind of wanted to see what it was like,” I lied, trying to establish that I wasn’t there to swim and he could forget about seeing me in my itty-bitty-bikini.

“It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?” he smiled, though his eyes were clearly on me and not the moonlit pool. “It would have been if you hadn’t ruined it!” screamed the angry voice inside me. “Ya,” said, the polite me, hugging the fluffy robe tight around my body.

“I was kind of worried, coming up here by myself the first time,” he said, “but people are pretty cool about it. ” He was stepping around me and untying the belt of his robe. I was a bit confused by his statement and about to ask what he meant, when I got my second shock of the night. We were not alone.

“How’s the water?” Gary asked the couple. “Perfect,” said the woman, smiling wide.

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   “You two have fun,” added the man, giving Gary a wide grin and me a wink. They had emerged out of the moonlit mist like ghosts appearing through a wall. But it was more than their sudden appearance that left me standing there with my jaw hanging open. I turned and watched them scoop up their robes from a table and didn’t look away until they descended the stairs and were out of sight.

“They were naked,” I cried out stupidly. Gary laughed.

“Ya,” he grinned, “I kind of wondered if you knew. People swim naked up here at night. ”

“Oh my God!” I gasped, and looking around, I noticed for the first time, fluffy white bathrobes slung across deck chairs, lots and lots of robes. “There are naked people in there?” I stammered, trying to pear through the thick mist that I thought was hiding an empty pool.

“Ya,” Gary laughed.

“How many?” I cried, once again scanning the many robes that were lying about.

“Probably about twenty or thirty,” he said, also giving the robes a once over, “They’re mostly couples. ”

“What are they doing in there?” I asked even more stupidly, but unable to stop myself.

“Well…” Gary said with a do-I-really-need-to-explain roll of his eyes.

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“Oh my God!” I gasped, suddenly realizing something, “My Mom and Dad have been coming up here!” Gary was still smiling, but he stopped laughing. He slipped his feet out of his sandals and pushed them under a chair.

“So, I’m guessing they don’t know you’re up here now?” he asked, turning back to me. I didn’t answer him. I just stood there staring at the blanket of fog, my heart pounding in my chest. “It’s not that big of a deal,” he said, “It’s just people having fun. You should give it a try. ” I looked at him. He was trying not to sound pushy, but I couldn’t help but feel a little nudge in his voice. “You don’t have to swim nude. You can keep your bathing suit on. It’s up to you. ” He had untied his robe now and was holding the front closed with his hands. I could see his hairy chest peeking out. “If you want, we can go in together,” he added with a shrug of his shoulders.



“Uh,” I stammered and stepped back from him.

“Hey…” he said, trying to sound hurt, “I’m a forty-two-year-old married man with two kids. I wouldn’t dream for a second that a gorgeous young thing like you would be interested in an old fart like me. ” As he said those last words, “…an old fart like me,” he pulled his robe off and threw it on the table behind him. He was standing three feet away from me, and although his eyes never left mine, and even though he managed to control his expression, I could almost hear the little voice inside his head saying, “That’s right!”

He was naked under the robe, of course. That did not surprise me. It was the tree trunk hanging between his thighs that did it. “Um… I don’t… think so,” I stuttered, unable to hide my amazement, “T-thanks. ”

He just stood there for a moment, trying to tempt me or torture me, I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t meet his eyes, nor could I tear mine away from his enormous cock. Finally, he stepped past me toward the pool. “Well, I’m going for a dip,” he smiled, “Maybe I’ll see you in there, if you change your mind. ” I watched him vanish into the fog, his giant prick bouncing from thigh to thigh with each step.

Okay, so here’s the thing: My Dad has a really big… Well, you know… Thing. It’s hard to say cock when you’re talking about your Dad’s thing.


   So, anyway, I suppose I’ve always known that about my Dad, I mean, I used to shower with him when I was a little girl and I’ve seen him sometimes in the morning crossing from the bedroom to the bathroom naked. But when I was a little girl, my Dad’s thing was the only one I’d ever seen, so I didn’t know if it was big or not. And the few times I saw him when I was older… Well, he’s my Dad. I just never thought of his thing being the same as my boyfriend, Jason’s.

Anyway, that all changed last Christmas Eve. I woke up that night around one in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Figuring everyone else was in bed, I decided to bring a few presents I bought for my parents and sister downstairs to stick under the tree.

As it turned out, not everyone was in bed.

I watched, open mouthed and wide eyed from the kitchen. My Dad was naked, except for a goofy Santa hat on his head, and he was fucking my Mom from behind over the back of the couch. Up until that moment, I thought of my parents as kind of boring, stuffy old people. But oh my God! Did they know how to fuck!

The sounds my mother was making were driving me crazy. They were the sounds of a woman in a state of total ecstasy, and I understood why when my Dad pulled his cock from her pussy. Holy fuck! It looked more like a weapon than part of his anatomy.

I stood in the kitchen for almost an hour, watching my mother twist and moan under the influence of my Dad’s intoxicating prick.

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   I rubbed my pussy to three orgasms by the time they were finished, and I realized that what Jason and I were doing didn’t even qualify as fucking compared to what I had just seen. That’s when I made up my mind that I was done with Jason.

I made another discovery that night. It was after my second orgasm and before my Mom started riding my Dad’s cock like a slutty cowgirl. Until then, I hadn’t noticed the camera set up on a tripod next to the Christmas tree, but I couldn’t miss it when my Dad went handheld and got a close up of my prim and proper mother sucking her cum from his massive cock.

I found the video two days later, hidden in a locked drawer of his desk. I found the key in the cup of an old track trophy he kept on the shelf. While they were at work, I watched it through from beginning to end, using a cucumber I nabbed from the kitchen to fuck myself to orgasm. That video, as well as older ones I found and newer ones they made, became my substitutes for real sex, along with various fruits and vegetables from the kitchen.

What I saw in those videos was the kind of sex I was supposed to be having. I wanted to get fucked the way my Mom was getting fucked. I wanted to make the kinds of sounds she made with my Dad’s huge cock buried inside her. I waited until after prom to dump Jason, but I was still waiting to experience what my mother was getting on a regular basis when we went on the cruise.

You’re just going for a swim, I told myself. I was standing there, staring into the fog, unable to move.

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It’s full of creepy middle-aged men, I reminded myself.

I’m keeping my swimsuit on, and besides, the fog is so thick, no one will even notice me, I argued.

What if someone does notice me, and they tell my Mom and Dad?

I wouldn’t be doing anything they haven’t already done.

I thought of my parents coming up here to the top deck and disappearing under the blanket of fog, free to explore without the fear of prying eyes. No one back home would ever find out.

My warm, fuzzy bathrobe slipped from my shoulders and the cool night air kissed my bare skin. I kept my bikini on, but considering the scant amount of fabric that comprised the top and bottoms, it didn’t make a whole lot of difference. I stood there for another minute, shivering in the mist and moonlight, when I heard a woman’s voice over the sound of the ocean waves. It was low and filled with emotion. It washed over me like a warm breeze and I felt my legs carrying me to the edge of the pool.

The water slipped around my young body, its heat penetrating and inviting. I waded in, deeper and deeper, until the water was lapping at my tits and the edge of the pool had dissolved into the mist. It was like being in one of those snow-globes. I couldn’t see more than a few feet in any direction. The roar of the ocean was still there, but the further in I went, the more I could hear the soft whisper of voices drifting through the fog.

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   The heat from the pool had warmed by body, but I was still shivering and my pulse was racing.

Dark figures formed in the mist. I was treading water, drifting aimlessly through a sea of silhouettes. Naked shadows twisted together, shrouded in dense moonlit fog. Faceless bodies were all around me, splashing and moaning. It was exhilarating. I sank below the surface and kicked out until I felt my hand at the edge of the pool.

I was standing again, the surface of the water kissing my tummy. I pushed wet hair back over my head and opened my eyes. Sitting just feet from me on the edge of the pool was a man I recognized from our dinner table. His name was Don. Don was leaning back on his hands, his legs spread out in front of him with his feet dangling in the water. I recognized the woman between his legs, though I could only see the back of her head. It was his wife, Stacy, and her mouth was pushed to the base of his cock. She was oblivious to my presence, but his eyes were firmly set on my young body.

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I froze. This was no indistinct silhouette. I was looking straight into the eyes of this man I barely knew while his wife sucked his cock. He didn’t say a word. His shocked expression at my sudden appearance had given way to a nervous grin. He silently mouthed, hello. I offered a tiny smile and my gaze fell to his wife’s loving task. He followed my eyes and seemed disappointed to find that his wife was still there. He turned back to me with an almost apologetic look on his face.

My heart was racing and I was struck with an impulse. Staring into his hungry eyes, I reached behind me and pulled at the string between my shoulder blades. The straps of my top loosened and the cups fell away from my breasts. His jaw dropped open and he drew in a quick breath. He devoured my naked tits with his eyes, and I just stood there, adrenaline rushing through me.

“I want to fuck you,” he mouthed over the top of his wife’s bobbing head, and with out a thought, I nodded my head, yes.

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   “Oooh fuck!” he cried out. He grabbed a fistful of his wife’s hair and thrust his cock deep into her mouth. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, “Aaaaagh!”

I was gone before he could open his eyes again. My pulse was racing and I gasped for air rising up out of the water. I made my way to the other side of the pool and clung to the edge. When he said he wanted to fuck me and I nodded yes, I meant it, and that terrified me. I took deep steadying breaths and tried to calm myself.

“Oh ya, Baby, suck it like that. ” The deep, slow voice was close by, and when a slight breeze pulled back the corners of the mist, it revealed another man I recognized, but whose name I didn’t know. He was a tall, athletic looking black man, in his late forties, I guessed. Like Don he was leaning back on his hands with his spread legs dangling over the edge of the pool. But unlike Don, the woman sucking his cock was clearly not his wife. Nor was the man fucking her from behind her husband.

They did not see me floating there in the dark, and so I relaxed and watched. The man fucking her was taking his time with deep, slow thrusts of his cock.

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   She was also in no hurry, moving her tongue from base to tip with deliberate strokes. I pushed my fingers down over my bikini-clad cunny and exhaled in frustration.

The breeze shifted and a familiar smell wafted over me. The man sitting on the ledge picked up a joint from an ashtray at his side. He took a long drag, and then handed it to the man doing the fucking. He took a hit and passed it to the woman. She took a break from the cock in her mouth and inhaled deeply. I lifted my nose and drew in the scented air.

My bikini bottoms were suddenly feeling tight and restrictive. I gripped the strings holding them at my hips and tugged. My pussy purred when I pulled the tiny piece of fabric from between my thighs. I dropped it at the side of the pool with my top.

“Well, hello there,” said the slow, heavy voice of the black man sitting on the ledge. My movement had caught his eye and now all three of them were looking at me.

“Hi,” I answered, my voice quiet and unusually shy.

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   The woman smiled and held the joint out towards me. “Wanna take a turn?” she asked. Her eyes were deeply stoned and inviting. I waded forward and accepted the joint. I brought it to my lips, and at the same time, felt a large hand cup and squeeze my breast. I did not protest. I sucked the smoke into my lungs and held it there. My body relaxed and my fear slipped away.

“Gorgeous, Baby,” said the man on the wall in admiration, pinching my nipple and kneading my tit. I smiled and offered him the joint.

“Uuuuung!” grunted the man at her ass. He tore his cock from inside her and I watched thick ropes of creamy white pearls shooting out over her back.

“Mmm,” moaned the woman, pulling away from the cock at her mouth and tipping its fat head toward me. “You wanna take over for me, Honey?” she asked, offering me his dick. I reached forward, scooped his thick black meat into my tiny hand, and took her place between his thighs.

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“Is that okay with you?” I asked, smiling up at him.

“Oh, fuck ya, Girl,” he said, and he lifted his hand from my tit and guided my mouth down over his hard, black cock. I sucked him deep inside me, my tongue sliding over the veins and ridges. The pot was circulating through my brain, stimulating all my pleasure centers, and I was determined to suck every ounce of pleasure I could out of his cock.

Someone’s hand was on my ass and fingers were prying apart my naked pussy from behind. I spread my legs and gave them access, moaning my approval around the cock in my mouth.

“Suck that fat, black dick, Honey?” the woman whispered in my ear. Her lips kissed my neck and I could feel her large tits pressing into my back. It was the first time I had ever been touched by a woman. The cock in my mouth was also the first cock I had sucked that wasn’t Jason’s. Spurred on by the woman’s skilled fingers, I lifted my self up and pressed my tits around it, loving the sharp contrast between his ebony skin and my creamy white tits.

“Oh ya, Girl!” he gasped, thrusting his cock up between my cleavage. I opened my mouth and felt his hot jizz splash against my lips and tongue. He fucked my tits until the final drops of cum dribbled out over my chest. Then the woman was there, her soft hands and wet tongue lapping up his jizz.

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   When she had licked me clean, she turned her attention back to his cock. I slipped under water and kicked out away from the wall.

There was a crowd of people huddled at the opposite side of the pool where I reemerged. Naked men were standing with their arms around their naked wives, and naked wives were absentmindedly stroking their husband’s erect cocks. One woman clutched the wall with her ass pushed out behind her. Her husband slowly fucked her, but no one was paying attention to them. All eyes in the little group were focused on something just beyond the edge of the pool.

I swam closer, finding a spot off to the side where I could just make out the scene through the dense mist. I recognized another couple we shared a dinner table with on the third night of the cruise, Michael and Tina. They were probably the youngest couple on board, in their mid-twenties, and definitely the hottest. She was dark and exotic. He was tall and seductive. I’d had more than one fantasy about them during the trip.

I also recognized the two girls with them. They weren’t guests but worked as cocktail waitresses in the lounge.


   They were both blonde and bubbly with petite bodies and amazing asses. They were probably the only girls on the ship close to my age.

The other couple I couldn’t make out. The man was lying on his back on a deck lounger. The tiny blonde waitress was grinding her pussy down over his mouth and her thighs obscured his face. Her own mouth was locked in a tight kiss with Tina, the exotic wife, whose hips were bouncing hard over the man’s cock. The other little blond was on her back with her legs spread wide. The woman Michael was fucking from behind had her face buried in her pussy.

It was an intensely hot scene and I could see why they had the attention of so many people. I slipped my hand between my legs and tickled my clit while I watched, envious of the women around me who had cocks to play with, and even more envious of Tina, who looked like she was having the ride of her life on what, even from a distance, looked like a huge cock.

The taste of cum was still strong in my mouth. It mixed well with the heady flavor of the weed, and together the two were like an aphrodisiac, giving me a reckless courage and confidence that I was struggling to resist. I wanted to climb out of the pool, out of the audience, and join the actors on stage. I was sure they would welcome me. I had an ass to rival both of the blonde girls and my tits were as full and firm as Tina’s.


   I’d turned every man’s head on this boat, and I knew if I climbed up out of the water, and offered my young body to them, they would accept me.
But I was also sure that if I became the new star of their show, word would get back to my parents, who were so popular among their fellow passengers. I looked around at the faces in the crowd. So many of them were familiar. So many of them sat at our dinner table, or bought drinks for my parents that very night. I had to show some restraint.

But even as I made up my mind to stay hidden in the crowd, I watched the mesmerized faces watching the group of people fuck, and I realized how hot it would be, not just to be a part of the intense fucking, but to be watched. To have hundred of eyes feasting on me as I feasted on cock after cock. The full thrust of the idea hit me just as Tina screamed in ecstasy, her sexy body twisting and trembling, rocked by orgasms too extreme to imagine. It was too much. I gripped the edge of the pool and pulled myself up.

But before I was half way out of the warm water, I caught a glimpse of the man whose cock had devastated Tina. He had flipped over and was now feeding his monster into the hungry blonde’s pussy. She gripped the sides of the lounge chair and cried out, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” as my father pounded her tiny pussy like a jackhammer.

“Daddy!” I gasped out-loud.

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   The woman next to me turned and gave me a quizzical look, then turned and whispered something to her husband. I didn’t care. My attention was locked on my father, and then my mother, who, at the sound of the tortured blonde’s cries, lifted her head from the other blonde’s pussy and beamed with pride at her husband’s obvious prowess.

“They’ve been the stars of the show every night up here, your parents,” whispered a familiar voice at my ear. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the scene, but I didn’t need to turnaround to know it was Gary. He was standing very close to me and I could feel his cock brush against my ass.

“Did you fuck my Mom?” I asked him, not turning around but staring with a slightly numb expression at my mother. Michael had sprayed his cum across her ass and another man simply appeared from the crowd to take his place at her pussy.

“Yes,” Gary answered. His voice was soft, almost fatherly. “Are you okay?” he asked, sounding truly concerned. I felt his hand on my hip. My mother was pushing her cunt back onto the new cock, and yet another man climbed from the pool and stationed himself in front of her. She took his cock in her mouth while my father ravaged the little blonde girl with his huge cock.

I reached behind me and grabbed hold of Gary’s cock.

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   It was not hard but it jumped in my hand and swelled rapidly as I stroked it. “Do you want to fuck me?” I asked him, the tone of my voice was flat, my eyes still locked on my parents.

“Yes,” he answered, pushing his body up against mine.

“Then take me somewhere and fuck me,” I told him. He turned me around and lifted me. I circled my arms around his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his hips. He reached under me and pulled his hard cock down so I was sitting on it, like a hobbyhorse. He kissed me and I opened my mouth and licked his tongue.

“Let’s go,” I said, and I squeezed him tight with my arms and legs. He carried me away from the crowd, but from over his shoulder, I could see that several people had decided to follow us, including Don, who seemed to have given his wife the slip.

“No, just fuck me,” I said when Gary sat me down on the edge of the pool and tried to bury his face in my pussy. I turned over and pushed my naked ass at him. He had carried me to a shallow end of the pool where the water hit me at about mid-thigh. I gripped the side of the pool, arched my back, and waited for him.

“Aaaaagh!” I gasped when he finally penetrated me.

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   I had never had anything so big inside my pussy. It was as if he had discovered an entirely new set of nerves deep inside me.

“How’s that feel?” he teased, pressing his hips to my ass and wiggling back and forth. I was already cumming. “Oh my God!” I cried.

“Your Mom liked it, too,” he whispered in my ear, hunching over me and reaching round to squeeze my tits.

“Fuck me!” I gasped. I didn’t want to be teased. He laughed, gripped my ass, pulled his cock back, and slammed it hard into my cunt. “Aaaaaagh!” I screamed.

“Like that?”


He did it again, and again.

“Fuck me!” I pleaded. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and a handful of my ass. “Alright, Baby,” he growled, “Here it comes. ”

“Uuuuuuungh!” I cried, arching my back and holding on for dear life.

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   He fucked me hard and fast, his massive prick plowing through my insides, and at last, I was making the sounds my mother made that night by the Christmas tree.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I barked with each thrust of his amazing cock. A crowd of people circled around us, and through hazy eyes, I saw Don standing closest at my side. With some effort and concentration, I slid one hand from the edge of the pool and groped around until I caught a handful Don’s cock.

“One’s not enough, huh?” Gary laughed behind me, “You’re a good little slut, just like your mother. ” His words stung and thrilled me at the same time. I guided Don to the edge of the pool where I could reach his cock with my mouth. “Mmmm,” came my muffled cry around his cock, and he filled my mouth with cum just as Gary dowsed my lower back with his hot seed.

“I think this little girl is ready for another,” Gary laughed. He lifted me up on the edge of the pool, and a man I didn’t know climbed between my legs. I laid back and let him fuck me. I no longer cared that they were creepy, middle-aged men. I only cared that their cocks were hard.

Gary stood over me, then knelt down and straddled my chest. His cock was slick with my cum and he used it to fuck my tits and mouth.

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   The man fucking me came inside my pussy and another man I couldn’t see took his place before Gary unleashed another load down my throat.

It was nearly 3 am before I snuck back up to my room. I had no idea if my parents had gone to bed yet, but Anna was still sound asleep. I slipped into bed and stretched my aching, exhausted body out beneath the cool sheets. At the start of the night, I had only ever known one cock - Jason’s. By the time I crawled out of the pool, I had fucked six different men and sucked at least a dozen cocks. My jaw ached and my pussy was sore, but I had no regrets. The cloud-covered pool had literally felt like heaven.

More to cum. . . .

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