Hot Party


My brother always enjoyed throwing huge parties when my parents left. We were only in high school but we had been sexually active since the age of about 13, but we never experimented by ourselves. I always wanted to, and one day I got the chance to not only be fucked by my gorgeous brother, but his two friends that I had already fucked multiple times. This is my story. . .
My brother had invited quite a few people over for the weekend after our parents had left for Chicago. I had been trying to tune them out while I slipped in a hot and messy porn disc into my DVD player. My brother hadn't told me when the party would be over, but I told him not to bug me. I knew the music would drown out th moans and the sound of my vibrator, but I locked the door anyway. I plugged my headphones in and dove the huge black dildo into my surprisingly tight pussy. I groaned angrily and punded myself. I was so engrossed by the pleasure that was consuming me that I never noticed my brother enter my room. I was climaxing and as I let out a scream I opened my eyes to see my brother and a few friends standing there with huge tents in the front of their pants. Before I could say anything they all started undoing their pants to reveal cocks that surpassed any I had seen before. I gasped as one brave meber of the gang walked over.

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   He grinned and said "Hey Lucy, nice show. If you want to you can practice on me. " and shoved his cock in my face. I gasped and he said "Go ahead, suck it Lucy, put it in that pretty little mouth of yours. " I took it in my hands and I giggled. "It's nice. I would love to suck it for you. " as I licked and teased his head. He moaned and I giggled again. "What about us?" another boy piped up. "I can make room for you too. " I winked and beckoned, cock still in my *WORK IN PROGRESS UPDATE SOON*