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After Kristy had gotten showered and dressed, she walked to the Coach's office. "Kristy, I don't want to say this, but I'm going to make it fast. You are a good player, but you have no focus! So I have no choice but to kick you off the team. Show me you have more focus next year, and I'll let you come back. " Kristy stood there. Frozen. So this is why the coach had been so worried about through practice. A tear rolled down her cheeck, and she wiped it away hurriedly. She wasn't the type of girl that cried openly. "But. . but you can't just kick me off the team!" she cried in a raised and angry voice. "I'm afraid so Kristy. " the Coach replied. For him the matter was done. Kristy plopped down into a chair.

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   She was crying now, and her sobbs seemed uncontrollable. Kristy was not really crying. As I have already explained, she does not cry in public. But the coach was fooled. "Kristy, baby, don't cry. " he said as he put an arm around her. Kristy's blue eyes stared into his green ones. Coach Conner was in his early thirties,and had a very nice build, being a gym teacher and all. There was an odd moment of silence, and suddenly, Kristy did something unexpected. She kissed the Coach right on the lips. Coach Conner was off guard, and kissed back, but quickly pulling away after he realised what was going on. "Kristy, what on earth!?" He sputtered. "Oh c'mon coach. I've seen the way you stare at me. " Kristy said in a playful tone.

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   This was true. Coach Conner did realise that Kristy was very attractive. She had glossy light brown hair, very blue eyes, and stood about 5'4 tall. She was only fifteen, but her breasts were a respectable c size. Coach Conner just stared. Kristy once again kissed him, and this time he kissed back full force. Their tongues were entwined, as they kissed deeply. Kristy then got up, and began to unbutton her shirt. Kristy was quite experienced, her old boyfriend was very fond of girls stripping for him. "Why you little slut. " Coach Conner grinned as he saw what she was doing. God she looked sexy. The top of her black braw was showing, as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, and let it drop to the floor. She took her hair out of her pony-tail, and it hung losely around her shoulders, as she began pulling off her pants. Now, wearing only a black thong and bra, Kristy got into Coach Conners lap.

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   His lips went dry as she began to take off his shirt. She could clearly feel a buldge in his pants, as she guided his hands to her bra strap. He unsnapped it, and let lose her beuatiful brasts. Her pink nipples were like hard little erasers. Coach Conner set Kristy on his desk, and got up to remove his pants. His 9 in cock was almost fully errect, as Kristy bent down to suck it. She rubed over it with her hand, and lightly began to lick it. It abrubtly became even harder, and the coach let out a low moan. His hand went down to her thong, and slowly pulled it down over her knees. He ran his finger over her almost hairless pussy, and found that Kristy was very wet. Coach Conner slowly slid his middle finger inside her wet hole, causing Kristy to moan.
    She spread her legs wide, so that the coach had a better view. Her pink pussy was glistening with moisture, and Coach Conner's cock was throbing. Kristy positioned the head to the entrance of her pussy, and the coach lightly pushed in. Kristy was biting her lip, as the coach's cock slid into her.

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       It was spreading her wide, and she had never had her pussy stretched like that. It felt so good. Once the coach had pushed it all the way in, he slowly began thrusting his hips. He was breathing heavy, and Kristy sighed and moaned louder, the faster he got. Kristy's pussy was popping loudly as Coach Conner's cock rammed in harder and harder. Her tits were jumping everytime the coach thrust in, causing her body to shudder. "Oh good I'm cuuuummmming!" she screamed as a tremendous oragasm tore through her body. Kristy's spasming pussy drove the coach over the edge, and before he could pull out, he shot his load of hot cum deep inside of her. But he didn't care, and neither did Kristy. The coach was happy to have found himself a little slut, and Kristy was always satisfied. They fucked the rest of the night, and Kristy stayed on the team. .