I dare you ...


Topic: I dare you . . .   Hi, I'm Tami and I turned 16 last week. I'm petite with short brown hair, a cute little ass, blue eyes and a pretty smile.

My school holidays started last month and on the last day of term we were allowed to leave school early, so at 1pm me and my best friend Genie ran out of the school gates to the freedom of the rest of the day.

We went for a wander up to the shops and spent our time messing around, giggling and laughing at the vacant looks on the boys and men who we caught looking at us. You wouldn't catch us wasting time with boyfriends. Fair enough, there were some cute looking ones, but the idea of actually spending any length of time with one of them was just not something we would contemplate and if we were approached we would just run off laughing.

Anyway, this time we ended up looking through a couple of fashion magazines in the local shop and pointing at the things we liked and taking the mickey out of the things we didn't, when Genie looked around and took a magazine off the top shelf.

She opened it and we looked inside at the pictures. I couldn't believe what I was seeing – there were naked women posing with their legs open showing off their bits and on all fours with their bums in the air so you could see little wisps of pubic hair and a whole lot else besides.

We started doing impersonations of the faces of the models and collapsed in fits of giggles and then I whispered “hey lets take it”.

Genie didn't need any convincing, so while I went up to buy some sweets she quickly stuffed the magazine into her school bag. We scarpered with butterflies in our stomachs and walked as quick as we could without arousing suspicion back round the corner to my house.

I let us in with my key and saw that, as expected, no one else was home yet.

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   We took off our coats and dropped our bags by the door, but only after Genie had taken the magazine out and then we raced upstairs to my room where we wouldn't be caught if someone came home.

We threw some cushions on the floor and sat down to peruse our trophy. We were looking through the pictures and were imitating the poses of the models and in fits of giggles when Genie said:

“imagine what it would be like to do this in real life – you know – actually taking off all your clothes in front of a camera-man, posing naked and showing off your privates like that. ”

to which I replied:

“I wonder what the money's like” …

… next thing you know, we've found an ad at the back of the mag stating how to get in touch if you are interested in modelling for the company, who own a whole range of different magazines. There are thumbnails of the different magazine covers and one of them shows a naked girl posing on a sofa with a guy in a suit leaning over her. Her legs are open and her pussy is totally exposed to him and their eyes are locked together …

“I dare you to do a shoot”, said Genie, and I came back to reality with a red face, but was not going to let Genie make me out to be a wimp so I grinned and said “I'll do it if you will”.

So it was that I arrived at a photographers studios in town one morning at 10am sharp to pose naked for the first time in front of a cameraman. We had already had an interview and the guy had said that he would like me to do a shoot today but he wanted to keep Genie on file for another time. Genie said that if I didn't do it I was a wuss, so I read the contract and signed it there and then. I was getting £500 per hour and in return I was agreeing to pose nude for one of his magazines. I showed him my fake ID and the deal was done.

On the morning of the shoot, I got a call from Genie saying that she wasn't well and wouldn't be able to come with me. I was disappointed that my buddy wasn't going to be there, but I had signed the contract and couldn't turn back now. I promised her that I'd show her the pics as soon as I got them back. She wished me luck and off I went.

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The studio door opened and the guy who had done the interview welcomed me in and said how beautiful I looked. He asked me how I felt and showed me through to my changing room. He told me that my modelling clothes were already in there. Inside, on a dresser with a mirror, there was a skimpy pale yellow vest, a thong and a pair of low cut hipster jeans shorts. I got undressed and put on the clothes they had left for me and left the room to see if there was anyone around to tell me what I needed to do next.

I went barefoot down the corridor and came to the studio door which I opened and peered my head around. Inside a large room with a high roof, there was a single bed covered in soft toys and surrounded by lights with a screen wall behind it painted white and covered in posters.

A woman with a clipboard saw me and came running over with a big smile on her face and asked me my name. I said I was Tami and she ticked my name on a list and got me to sign where she had ticked, before smiling a big smile at me and saying that I looked really pretty.

I felt a bit self conscious in my outfit as the top was really light and the shorts were a size too small and felt really tight around my waist. I asked the woman how she thought I looked. She grinned and told me to do a little turn so she could see and said that I looked really cute which made me feel a little better about myself.

I followed her over to the other side of the studio where there was a sofa with two men sitting on it. One of them was obviously the photographer, dressed in combats and surrounded by camera accessories. But as I got closer I realized that the other guy was wearing nothing.

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The two of them were engrossed in conversation and leafing through some pics when I came over and I wished Genie could have been there to see this guy, with a his muscular body and dark hair, sitting naked on the sofa as if that was just how he normally dressed. They looked up at me and both smiled at me. The naked guy was really good looking and his eyes were both piercing and friendly so that I completely locked on to them and couldn't help smiling back.

“Wow” he said as he looked down at my body.

“are you a new model?” and keeping his eyes on me said “damn she's cute” to the photographer.

I suddenly remembered what I was wearing and felt myself blushing self consciously, but he looked me in the eye again and in a softer voice said “no – I mean it you look lovely” which somehow made me feel really comfortable.

The photographer informed him that I was Tami and that I was here for a solo shoot, to which he responded by extending his hand to shake mine.
“I'm a model here too, I'm just waiting for another girl to come so we can finish off a shoot we started yesterday, but she's running late. - is it ok if I watch you do your shoot?”

Not wanting to seem like an amateur I casually said “yeah sure” and smiled back at him. In my mind I couldn't get the image of the magazine cover with the girl and the guy in the suit from my head and I blurted out “I didn't realize that guys posed nude too”.

He laughed in a good natured way and said that he'd been photographed naked loads of times with loads of different women. “so you pose with women then” I said, to which he smiled a cheeky kind of smile and nodded, replying “yes you could say I have”

The photographer asked me if I was ready and I said I sure was, so we went over to the little bed and he told me to go and sit on it while he switched on the lights. Everything was set up to look like the inside of a teenage girls bedroom and it felt a bit weird being surrounded by lights in a big room, unable to see beyond the cameras.

He asked me to lie on my stomach and pretend to read one of the books that were on the bed. I lay on my front and opened one, and he started to take pictures of me from all angles.

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   He asked me to look at the camera and smile, so I did.

I was asked to lie on my back, to kneel facing the camera, to turn my back to the camera and stick my bum out and all sorts of other positions while photos were taken of me and then he said he needed me to undo the button on my shorts and unzip the fly. It dawned on me that this was it and my clothes were coming off and I was suddenly aware that I was going to be naked in front of everyone in the room, including the cute naked model on the sofa.

I felt a little shiver of excitement run through me and as I removed my shorts and the silky top I was wearing, and began to pose in nothing but a thong, I began to glance casually in the direction of the sofa to see if he was there.

At one point, I was sitting with my back against the pillows of the bed, my legs wide apart, and the photographer asked me to put my hand inside the front of my knickers. This I did and my hand brushed against my pubic hair and gently rested on my pussy.

I didn't want anyone to think I was weird, but the sensation of my fingers touching my pussy was lovely and I wanted to make it last, so I left them there for a second. I glanced towards the sofa again to see that the naked guy was standing just inside the ring of lights and that he was watching me.

I looked back to the camera, but was burning at the thought of this cute looking naked man watching me and my hidden fingers touching my swelling pussy lips. The photographer asked me to stay in the same position, but to move the thong to one side so that my pussy was visible and asked me to be sure that I made it as visible as possible for the cameras. I spread my legs wide and did as I was asked and felt the breeze on me, and then felt my lips part with a subtle pop, like the sound of a little kiss.

I could feel the coolness of the air inside me and I was being asked to push my breasts upwards with my hands, so I lay back, prone and vulnerable, massaging my own breasts, my pussy open and available and beginning to emit a sweet smell as I felt a little trickle leaking out from between my pussy lips.

I wanted to look like I was just posing and tried not to let it show that I was so fixated on the sensations I was feeling, yet at the same time, I wanted them to carry on. My heart was already beating ten to the dozen, and my breath was getting a bit heavier and I could feel my cheeks flushing hot under the bright lights.

Suddenly the mood was broken.

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   A mobile phone went off, and then someone swore: “What the fuck do you mean you can't do it today … for fucks sake!!”

I came back to reality as the photographer went over to the guy who had interviewed me and they had a short conversation about the female model who was supposed to be doing the combined shoot with the naked guy. Apparently she wasn't going to be coming in to work and this pissed them off no end.

I sat up and looked over, to see that the male model I had been talking to was still watching me. He had a towel around his waist and his eyes were gleaming and then he looked away and said “I guess I should go home then” to which the interview guy said “I'm really sorry John, it looks like you've wasted your time”.

I was on my back on the bed, propped up on my elbows with my legs apart and my pussy visible for all to see. I looked down at my body and felt so sexy lying there like that. I forgot about them for a second and seeing that my nipples were standing out, I tweaked one between my thumb and forefinger. I felt a tingle in my pussy and my legs fell apart more and I wanted to lie back again, but looked up instead in case anyone had seen me do it and thought I was a perv.

John the model was looking at me again and had that same excited and slightly hungry look in his eye and looked like he was about to head for the changing rooms when I suddenly called out “Hey – why doesn't he pose with me, then it won't be a day wasted . . . ”.

John looked back at me and seemed to be staring straight at my exposed pussy and said : “wow – that would really help me out – are you sure?”

I said “hey – its no difference to me and I reckon you could use the money”. . .

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I tried to seem casual and helpful, but the idea of posing with a naked man in front of a camera was filling my whole body with butterflies and I was enjoying the feeling of being swept along by circumstances. Thinking about his naked body posing alongside mine was also making my pussy pulsate and I was loving the tender sensitivity I was feeling down there.

John turned to the photographer and the interview guy and said “what do you guys think?”

They were standing with looks of total surprise on their faces and for a split second seemed lost for words until both suddenly said “sure – why not – ok – John you go over and sit on the bed with Tami”

I moved over a bit to make room for him and he came and sat next to me, his eyes full of purpose and looking me up and down from my eyes to my tits and my pussy.

My heart was pounding in my chest and I was finding it hard not to breath too fast or too heavily and for some reason, when his eyes glanced downwards I felt my legs fall apart again as if of their own accord. My naked body wanted him to be looking at it and when he looked up at me and smiled, I gasped involuntarily.

The photographer called out “are you guys ready?” and John said “yeah – one second” and he removed his towel. It was then that I saw his penis for the first time. It was fully erect and it bounced out as he threw the towel to one side.

I had never seen a man's penis before and hadn't noticed his earlier, probably because he wasn't aroused then. And I twigged that if he had an erection then he was feeling horny, and the only thing around here to make him feel that way was the sight of me naked, which meant he was hard for me.

Every instinct in me was craving for me to reach out and touch his dick, or at least to touch his body, but I didn't want to let this show for fear of seeming unprofessional so I kept my hands to myself and said “cool – I wasn't expecting to be posing with someone else today. ” My mouth was dry and I was light headed and very aware of my nakedness and his proximity.

The photographer asked us to lie next to each other on the bed as if we were just having a chat and I turned and looked at John. Our eyes met and I gasped very slightly again as I watched his eyes roaming my body. He was on his side and his dick was pointing straight at me.

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   There was a tiny bead of moisture on the end that moved slowly down over the head of his dick, making it glisten in the light.

The photographer began to give us instructions and we started to pose in different positions, first with my hand on his waist, then with his hand on my tummy, then we were asked to kiss for the camera and I felt his breath on my lips as he leaned in and his lips gently touching mine.

I was still trying to pose and not to let anyone see that I was so sensitive to each touch, but it was difficult not to kiss back and I wanted to get lost in him. Then he was kissing me and I felt his tongue entering my mouth and meeting my own tongue.

His hand was on my tummy still and moving down slightly and the photographer called out that he wanted me to open my legs more so he could photograph my pussy. Then he asked John to put his hand on my pussy.

I began to lose control of my breathing in the split second before he touched me and when he did I heard myself letting out a little moan as the heat of his fingers met the hypersensitivity of my tender swollen pussy lips. My hips jerked slightly and I felt that I wanted to let them gyrate, which they started to do anyway so I just let them.

My hands were all over his body and I felt his muscles tensing up as I ran my hands over them. I felt that I wanted to wrap my legs around him as I nuzzled into his musky scent and kissed his skin.

I was dying to touch his cock and was trying to think of an excuse to do so when I was saved the trouble by the photographer telling me to reach down and hold it in my hand.

I wrapped my fingers around Johns dick and he grunted under his breath. It felt hot in my hand and it was pulsing and moving as John seemed to have the same trouble with his hips moving involuntarily.

I was on my back, with my legs apart, posing for a camera with my pussy wide open and feeling very wet, whilst kissing a naked man who had a finger touching my little bud and sending little spasms of pleasure through my body, while my hand held onto his dick.

The photographer said “OK – now I need you to sit astride John please”

We disengaged and John lay on his back on the bed, his dick standing up like a mast on a ship.

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   I sat up and straddled his stomach and felt the warmth of his body on my inner thighs and felt the skin of his tummy on my pussy lips. I found myself wanting to grind against him and was trying to restrain myself when his hands reached up and started squeezing my breasts as his thumbs rubbed over my nipples.

I involuntarily pushed my ass backwards and felt his dick bump into my ass cheeks, and felt a little wet spot on me where the tip had touched me. The photographer asked me to lean forward to kiss John again and to try and stick my ass up in the air at the same time, and I found myself with my tummy pressed against his, kissing his lips, with my pussy exposed once more to the camera.

I was still gently pushing forwards and backwards with my hips when the biggest surprise of the day came. I pushed back and felt the weight of Johns dick bump against my little mound and suddenly I was fixated by the thought of how this must look to the camera.

This was a step further than the pictures I had seen of women exposing themselves to be photographed, this time it was my pussy that was there for all to see and it had a big horny dick resting against it.

Once again, I didn't want them to think I was perverted or anything, but the sensation of that big lump of meat touching my engorged and swollen pudenda was totally compelling and I guessed this was how it felt for people having sex.

The thought that we were only a centimetre or two away from having sex ourselves was in my head now and made me feel all the more like I wanted to wrap this guy up in my arms and legs, but I was here to pose for a photographer and I was being paid so I didn't want to weird them out and lose the job.

Still, at the same time, I didn't want to stop the feeling of that hot pulsing dick bumping against my little punani, so I tried to prolong the moment as much as possible.

At this point the photographer asked me to reach back without moving from that position and hold Johns dick again and I did exactly as he said, seeing that this might mean a few more seconds at least of this exquisite feeling before the shoot came to an end.

I couldn't reach it from the side, so I lifted myself up a bit and reached under myself to take hold of that beautiful erection.

As I did so, his dick fell upwards off my ass and the tip swept across my pussy lips. The sensation was incredible and as I took his cock in my hand I “accidentally” pressed the tip against my pussy lips again whilst trying to make it seem like I was just trying to get a grip on it.

John groaned again and I could feel his stomach muscles tensing under my body and I felt myself wanting to rub this dick on my pussy some more.

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Slowly, and in a way that I thought wouldn't look intentional, I allowed the tip of his dick to rub against my pussy lips. I could feel that I was really wet and the head of his cock glided easily along the crack between my pussy lips.

It was then that I remembered that it wasn't just me in the equation as john's hips began to push and the head of his dick began to part my pussy lips and pushed up between them slightly.

I honestly expected at this point that the photographer would ask us to move to a different pose, or just ask us to take a break or something, but he said nothing and instead I found Johns hands holding my hips and holding them steady as he gently pushed upwards with his hips.

I found myself instinctively opening my ass out behind me and pushing back towards the cameras and I felt the head of his dick pushing my pussy lips further apart, and stretching them outwards.

His muscles jerked again and his hips thrust upwards and his dick popped between my pussy lips and then suddenly the tip was inside me and the heat of it was burning my insides with an icy cold warmth that filled my whole body.

We stayed like that for a second and didn't move except for a slight rotation of my hips and his, which felt amazing and had the effect of widening the gap between my wet swollen pussy lips.

He withdrew about half a centimetre and then gently pushed again and then he was inside me.

I was naked in a photographers studio, my bare ass up in the air for all to see, with a camera taking pictures of my little naked pussy with a dick inside it belonging to a really cute guy who, by the way he was acting, appeared to be as horny as hell.

His hips began thrusting and withdrawing and I felt his dick sliding in and out of me. The sensation was unbelievable and I could feel it building in me and I hoped he wouldn't stop doing this as it felt so awesome.

He didn't seem in much of a hurry to pull out though and he suddenly sat up and turned me over.

He knelt back for a second and I watched him look hungrily at my body and at my poor swollen pussy in particular. I lay on my back and wanted him to see as much of it as I could show him so I spread my legs out as wide as they could go. He nuzzled his dick up against my pussy lips again and pushed it back in before leaning over me and resting on his elbows over me.

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He is kissing me now and I am wrapping my legs around his back as I have been wanting to do all this time. His dick is slowly thrusting in and out of me and he is grunting heavily and saying to me how good it feels and warning me that he doesn't know how long he will last.

My heart is beating like a drum and my breathing is heavy and noisy, being interspersed with gasps and moans. As he quickens his rhythm, pumping into me with his hot hard cock, I feel the sensation in me growing in intensity and I have to cry out “yes … oh … yes . . . ” and still he is pumping and pumping …

finally the sensation becomes so powerful that I cant breathe and I have to freeze. My whole body relaxes for a split second and then I feel every muscle in me contract and the sensation is all over me, but mostly inside me where thee heat of his dick is …

… he gasps “I'm nearly there baby, what do you want me to do” …

I can feel the sensation building again and I say “keep doing this . . . it feels so good”

He gasps again and says “do you want me to pull out or do you want it in you?”

Not knowing what he means, I just want the sensation to continue, and his convulsing muscles and awestruck face and the feeling of his dick seeming to grow bigger and hotter inside me is making me want another climax, so I say “I love it in me”

I feel his hips jerk hard as he grinds his pubic bone against me, and he curls up like he has been shot in the stomach, and I feel the same intensity of sensation taking me over again as his dick, seemingly harder and hotter pumps into me and then just as I am swept away by sensation I feel something else – hot liquid being pumped into me from his dick.

He can hardly move and he has moved his hands onto my ass cheeks and is grinding into me, his hot dick pulsing and jerking inside me, pumping jet after jet of hot come into my wet swollen and thoroughly used little pussy. I feel my muscles contracting around him again just as I realize what has just happened and I come on his dick with hungry lust as I imagine that he has just emptied a load of sperm inside me.

We stay locked in this embrace for a good thirty seconds before he relaxes and begins to move again. I feel his dick beginning to soften inside me and he kneels backwards, letting his dick slip out of me, flopping down over my ass, as it goes, and followed straight away by the sensation of a river of his cum pouring out of my little cunny and spilling down over my anus and down onto the bed.



He stands up and says “how was that?” to the photographer who replies “great – if we need to redo any bits I'll let you know. ”

John gets off the bed, picks up his towel and wipes his dick with it before wrapping it around himself.

I am lying on a bed in a photographers studio, completely naked, my legs wide open, my swollen tender pussy there for everyone to see, my pussy lips open with a stream of hot white cum pouring out from between them. I am in a trance like state and feeling waves of pleasure rushing around my body and feeling the warmth of Johns cum pooling inside my hot gaping pussy.

I have one hand on my breast and the other is rubbing my sloppy pussy lips while a photographer is standing over me taking pictures. I am not really aware of him as I am enjoying the feeling and the thought of what has just happened to me, and I allow him to photograph me from all angles so that all of my naked and abuse body can be photographed.

And now he is asking me “did that feel good?” and I am saying “mmmm … you bet” and he is putting his camera down, and unzipping his trousers to reveal another hard and horny dick, and thee interview guy is there too and he is pointing his dick at my mouth and I am taking it in my hand and wrapping my kips around it, while the photographer nuzzles the tip of his dick against me …

and I am theirs and hungry for their attention . . .