I Hope Everyone is This Nice


Tony headed down what seemed to be the main road he figured that he couldn’t get lost hell all he would have to do is turn around. There was a little store on the road so he decided to stop in and get a bottle of pop. When he had gotten up to the counter he had asked the clerk if there was a skate park or anywhere that he could skateboard legally. “As a matter of fact young fella” the old man behind the counter said. ” there is a skate park here if you can believe it. You just go down thata way and then give yerself a turn to the left and you cant miss it but you should be careful there are some people there that aren’t very nice. ”“whatever. ” tony snickered. Tony skated down the road a little way more and to his surprised the old man was right. “Damn. I’m so glad that here is somewhere to skate. ” He thought to himself. As he approached he had seen that this seemed to be the place to hang out and maybe he could meet a few new people. As he got to the entrance he turned his head to check out the skate park but he happened to stop as this one chick was hanging out on one of the picnic tables. He thought to himself, “Hell what’s the harm of asking what’s up. ”“Hey.

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  ” he said. “Sup. ” she saidTony said in a sly tone, “Chillin. Just moved into this town tryin to find a place to kick it. What’s your name if you don’t mind me askin?”“My names Rebecca. ” she said with a smirk on her face. “So what’s in this town to do beside sit around and veg?” He asked. “That’s about it. Hey I got an idea hold on one sec let me go find something out don’t go no where. ” she said as she walked to the other side of the park to another picnic table where a few more girl were hanging out. “You up for a party. I know you don’t know your way around town yet but ill be more than happy to show ya around town and then if you don’t have anything planned we can head to a party don’t worry about not knowing anyone I’ll introduce you to everyone. ” Rebecca said. “Nah I really wasn’t planning on unpacking until tomorrow anyways it pisses my mom off to no end. ” Tony said.


   “Cool I’ll meet you here at lets say 5. I’ll drive. ” Tony said. “Well it’s about 3:30 now yea that’s cool ill cya in an hour and a half. ” Rebecca gave him a smile and a wink and was on her way. Tony skated the whole way home without stopping he had to get himself ready for the night. Tony grabbed his car keys and headed out the door. “Hey where the hell are ya heading off to holy christ you’re here one minute and your gone the next. How about learning to pick your damn phone up to…” His mother rabbled on. “Yea Ma I’m leaving. I’ll be back tonight sometime. ” He said as he was waling out the door. “Love ya Ma. ”He arrived at the park about 4:45 and Rebecca was sitting there waiting for him on a picnic table smoking she put it out and headed over to his car. As she approached Tony realized now that before she couldn’t see through her baggy jeans and her hoody that she had a gorgeous body.

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   He estimated her to be about 5’7”, 120 lbs, 36C chest and a great ass, she had shoulder length brown hair and the deepest blue eyes that he had ever seen. “Hey your early. ” she said with a smartass tone. Tony replied, “Hey I don’t want to hear about being early God only knows how long you’ve been here waiting. You know you can smoke in my car I don’t mind it and I kind of hoped you didn’t mind it either because I’ve been smoking for a long while. ”The both had a laugh and Tony opened the door for his passenger. “Well isn’t that sweet of you not to many boys do that for me. Maybe I’ll do something nice for you later. ” Rebecca said. As the night rolled along Rebecca had showed Tony all around the town that they lived in and even the surrounding towns. You know the places you need to know of. The mall, the clubs, and Wal-mart. “Ya hungry?” tony asked. He added “I’m buying”“Your too sweet you don’t have to do that for me. ” Rebecca said.

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  “ I must oblige. You’ve been so nice to me I mean holy shit you’ve practically been the only person, besides the guy in the store, that I’ve talked to today and you offered to show me around and take me to a party. What more of a welcome can anyone asked for. ” tony said“Well to tell ya the truth I cant help being nice but most people take advantage of me when I get to nice but I figured that you were new here and you wouldn’t know that. ” Rebecca said with a swelling tear in her eye. “Trust me I wouldn’t do that to anyone unless they wanted me to. ” tony said as he leaned over and kissed her. Tony was shocked when she kissed him back he opened his mouth to allow her tongue to explore his molars. “I know the best place to show you and where we can have more fun. ” Rebecca proclaimed. “It the lake its to pretty this time of year. ”Hell tony didn’t have to be told twice all he heard was that there was going more than what happened. As the drove to the lake Rebecca had her hand on his thigh and was rubbing his leg. “Unless you plan on continuing what your doing when we get to the lake I suggest you stop now. Tony said.

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  Rebecca didn’t stop. She continued to rub his leg she got bolder and started to unzip his jeans. With the zipper down tony adjusted himself so that she could pull his cock out of the cotton prison it was confined in. she pulled his cock out and started rubbing his cock. As he pulled into the parking lot she pointed out there was a parking spot in the back where no one would be able to see them he backed in and turned off his lights. When he turned the car off Rebecca’s head was on the tip of his cock and without warning she plunged her head down on his cock. Tony hasn’t met to many girls who were able to give a good blow job where he used to live but it seemed as if she was a pro the sound of her slurping almost sent him over the edge. Rebecca looked at him sensuously and said, “Would you like to return the favor?” In what seemed to be a flash tony had the backseat of his explorer down and Rebecca’s skirt off. Tony could feel the heat cascading off of her pussy. He noticed that she was wearing the sexiest thong but he didn’t want to take it off. No not yet. He pulled it to the side and licked the lips of her pussy. This drove Rebecca wild. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head closer to her pussy. As tony worked on sucking on her clit he inserted two finger into her pussy and hit her G-spot.

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   Rebecca couldn’t contain herself, an orgasm exploded through her entire body. Gushing her hot woman juice into Tony’s mouth. He lapped up ever last drop. Rebecca was extremely wet and ready for Tony’s man pole. She told tony to lay on his back and let her repay him for that extreme orgasm she had just given him. Once again she continued that mouth exercise that she had perfected on Tony’s meat once again. Watching her go to town on his cock drove him wild and he was getting close to his climax. Rebecca noticed that tony was close so with that she raised herself and hovered her dripping wet hole above Tony’s hard cock. She let her legs go out from underneath her and impaled herself with Tony’s 8 inch cock. It felt like she was getting stabbed in the stomach but she didn’t care there was nothing else like hot wild pig sex. “YESSS! YESSS! OH FUCK YESSSS! OH MY GOD YOUR COCK IS SO BIG! OH OH OH IM GONNA CUM! TONY IM GOING TO CUM ALL OVER YOUR COCK!” Rebecca screamed“Your not the only one. ” Tony saidWith that her second orgasm hit her like a ton or bricks and Tony could feel it because her pussy muscles contracted and pulled and tugged on his cock which sent him over the edge with just a grunt he exploded inside of her pussy. He pulled his cock out and there was a mixture of pussy juice and his cum everywhere. He reached up in the glove box to grab some napkins and cleaned themselves up. After that Rebecca was spent that wild pig sex left her limp and exhausted in the back of his explorer.

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  “Wow is that all you got?” Tony asked. “Oh no I was just getting started. I need a rest. How about we head to that party my friends would love to meet you” Rebecca sheepishly said. Be gentle its my first any pointers and insite is well wanted.

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