In the Basement


    Carrie had known him for 8 years. <br>She had been to his house countless times, her amber eyes recording every moment they spent together. <br>It was another time when he was in his basement, both of them splitting a waterbottle. <br>She was sitting next to him on the squishy blue sofa, folding her arms around one of the knitted pillows. <br>"You ever see this movie before?" He asked, opening up Ocean's Eleven. <br>She took a moment to stare at her best friend, Travis. His brilliant blue eyes stood out against his white Volcom teeshirt. His brown hair flowed down to right above the eyebrow where it naturally curled out. <br>Her eyes danced up his exposed arms, admiring his built body. <br>"Carrie?" He asked. <br>"Huh what?" She snapped out of her trance. <br>"Have you ever seen Ocean's Eleven?" He repeated. <br>"Oh uh no I haven't. Wanna watch it?" She said all too fast, trying to hide the scarlet in her cheeks. <br>"Sure, it's pretty good," he replied grabbing the DVD and walking towards the t. v.

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  <br>She watched him walk. He was pretty tall; a good 6'2" with broad shoulders. <br>Carrie herself was pretty attractive. She had gorgeous chocolate eyes and shiny brown hair that rivered down to her shoulders. Her C cup and tight stomach gave her an excellent figure. <br>At this particular moment, she had on blue jeans and a lowcut red top which showed off a decent amount of cleavage. <br>She noticed he had been avoiding looking at her chest all night. <br>"Want the lights off?" He asked once he started the movie. <br>"Yeah. Watching a movie with the lights on is no fun," she decided, brushing her glossy brown strands of hair behind her ear. <br>He sat down next to her on the sofa, and she felt his heat radiating against her. <br>They basically talked throughout the entire movie, not even paying attention to the plotline. <br>"It's cold down here. Are there any blankets?" She asked innocentally. <br>"Erm no and I'm too lazy to get one upstairs.

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   Just come closer," he said, wrapping an arm around her. She instantly warmed up, that fluttery feeling returning to her stomach. <br>She looked up at him to thank him and her eyes locked with his. Their faces were only mere inches from each other and suddenly the rest of the world got tuned out. It was almost like the movie had been on mute and all she could hear was his breathing as they both looked into each other's eyes. <br>He leaned down and kissed her passionately, his tongue slipping into her mouth. <br>She was taken back by surprise and gasped mid-kiss. She felt his hand pull her up onto his lap as they kissed. <br>The heat was building between them and the kiss never seemed to stop. <br>"Oh god I'm so sorry," he mumbled finally when he let go. "I don't know what came over me. I'm so so sorry Carrie. I hope I didn't-"<br>She leaned in and kissed him gently and whispered in his ear, "I've always liked you. Ever since I met you in 4th grade. "<br>He smiled his adorable smile and his aquatic blue eyes lit up.

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  <br>"I want you to be my first, Travis," she said quietly in the darkness. <br>"Are you sure?" He asked in a rush, clearly excited by this news. <br>She nodded and grinned flirtaciously. He began to kiss her again as she felt his hands at the end of her shirt, pulling it off quickly so she was exposed to the chilliness of the basement in her red lacy bra. <br>He broke away, admiring the view of her C cups incased in the Victora's Secret bra as his fingers unclipped the back of it, unleashing the mounds of creamy flesh that he had always fantasized about. Seeing his best friend in a completely different way, he felt his dick begin to come to life with anticipation. <br>In a moment he took one into his mouth, licking and sucking loudly on the nipple. Her sharp intake of breath aroused him and his erection grew bigger. "Oh god, Travis," she hoarsely whispered into the darkness. <br>Her hands ventured to the bottom of his white teeshirt and she quickly pulled it off, caressing his built chest and chiseled figure. <br>She felt pressure on her jeans as he began to unbutton the clasp. <br>"Are you sure you want this?" He asked as he opened the top of the jeans. <br>"Yes, of course. " She said firmly. "I love you Travis, really I do.

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  "<br>"I know. I love you too Carrie," he said affectionately as he kissed her again. She slipped out of her jeans in a moment, left in nothing but a red thong. <br>"Let's get you out of those jeans," she said, pulling off his belt. His erection bulged out of his pants and she felt the hard cock against her arm as she pulled off his jeans. She smiled, "Excited, are we?" she laughed. <br>"Just a little," he cooly replied, his arms running up and down her milky smooth thighs. <br>"Let me help you out with your little problem," she said with a wicked smile on her face. <br>She slipped off the sofa, posistioning herself inbetween his legs. Her mouth was inches from the 8 inch cock and her breathing on it softly was sending him over the edge. <br>Precariously, she licked the top of the cock, it already oozing with precum. Slowly she took it into her mouth, all of it disappearing in seconds. Her hands massaged his balls as she sucked and slurped on the rock hard dick. <br>"Oh Carrie, that feels so good. Don't stop," he cried as she deepthroated him, swallowing the cock until she nearly gagged.

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   But she took it like a pro, rolling her tongue over the tip. <br>His hands rested on the side of her head, helping her move her head back and forth on the huge dick. <br>"Carrie, I'm gonna explode," he warned, the warm wetness being too sensational for him to hold onto. <br>She didn't pull off his cock and let him burst in his mouth, sending rope after rope down her throat. He was moaning the entire time, his cock not getting any softer as he spewed the cum into the back of her throat. <br>Once he was finished, she pulled off him, a little bit of cum dripping onto her lip which she quickly licked off. <br>"Oh god, that was amazing Carrie," he said as he hoisted her up onto his lap and kissed his deeply, tasting some of his own cum. <br>"I want you in me, Travis," she begged him. <br>He laid her down on the sofa, her long legs spread out just for him. <br>He stopped and just stared at the goddess in front of him, every inch of her was beautiful. <br>Gently he moved forward asking, "Are you sure?"<br>"Yes, please take me," she pleaded again, waiting for the entrance of him eagerly. <br>Carefully he posistioned his hard 8 inch cock at her entrance which no one but himself had ever touched before. <br>The feeling was overwhelming as his cock entered the tight hole. <br"Oh god, you are so big Travis. It hurts but don't stop.

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   Please don't stop," she was now muttering as a sweat began to break out on her forehead. <br>"Jesus christ Carrie you are so tight. It feels amazing," he said as the warm pussy nursed his aching cock. She was moaning in either pain or pleasure, he couldn't tell but he soon came to a resistance. <br>Wanting to do it quickly, he suddenly thrusted hard, breaking through her cherry causing her to yelp in pain and her beautiful amber eyes to begin to tear. <br>"Owwww," she wined softly. "Don't pull out. Not now. Just let it pass. "<br>He kissed her tenderly for a moment, waiting for her to adjust until the tears went away and a glazed look of bliss surfaced. <br>Slowly he began to pump faster, her pussy clamping down on his dick sending jolts of pleasure all over his body. <br>"Oh god, Travis that feels so fucking good. Fuck me harder!" She cried out as heat engulfed her completely. <br>"OH TRAVIS! AHHH! TRAVIS!" Her moans and cries made him harder as he continued to fuck her fast and hard. He felt her juices all over his cock and felt his own orgasm building.

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  <br>"Ohhhh fuck Carrie. You are so fucking tight. It feels so gooood. . . ah, I'm gonna cum soon. WHere do you want it?" He asked, panting between the thrusts. <br>"Cum in me. I'm on the pill," she moaned as she climaxed, sending more juices slushing against his cock. <br>That sent him over the edge as he exploded in her, sending cum all over her pussy. <br>He continued to pump her hard, her moans and cries never stopping. <br>Her breasts jiggled with every thrust making him hard yet again. His mouth devoured one of her huge breasts as he hungrily nibbled at the nipple. <br>"God you are so amazing Carrie," he said quickly caressing her ass and rubbing all over. <br>"Travis, fuck me wherever you want.

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   Whatever hole I don't care. Just make love to me," she moaned, still horny and wanting more. <br>He flipped her over on the sofa, spreading her asscheeks. "Oh god, I don't know if you'll fit in there," she sighed, the tingling feeling still present. <br>"We'll find out," he said as he shoved hard into her, making her cry out. <br>Her ass was twice as tight as her pussy which was driving him nuts. His dick was already lubricated from her pussy so he slid in easily, but Carrie was crying out in pain from it. <br>"It hurts so bad Travis," she cried. His fingers traveled down to her pussy as he fingered her and fucked her in the ass at the same time. She was soon moaning and bucking her hips along to his thrusts. As he felt his 2nd climax building, he pulled out and Carrie took him into her mouth, letting him cum yards of goo into her mouth. She ate it up in an instant, the pain completely gone from her ass. <br>The two lovers laid there in the dark, his fingers stroking her brilliant shiny brown hair as the movie came to an end. <br>The credits rolled and they fell asleep together, in each other's arms. .

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