Jack & Donna.......& Nicole, Chapters 13 & 14


Jack & Donna……. and Nicole
Chapter 13
            The big event was planned for the following Saturday and Nicole tried to keep busy during the week and not focus on it. On Thursday she went to her best friend Sarah’s house after school to study for a history test they were having on Friday. The two girls had a close relationship and usually shared things with one another. The “photo shoot” had given them another bond and since then Nicole had kept her informed of her time with Josh. Sarah had yet to take the same steps with a boy and eagerly pressed for details.
            Even though Sarah was a close and trusted friend, Nicole was hesitant to say anything about her experiences with Jack and her Mom. She really wanted another person to talk to about it but wasn’t sure Sarah would understand or approve of the relationship. They were in Sarah’s bedroom quietly reading when Sarah spoke up, “Will you see Josh this weekend?”
            “No, this is the weekend he spends at his Dad’s. ” Josh’s parents were divorced and one weekend a month he spent with his Dad who lived an hour away.
            “That’s too bad. You guys are getting along really well. ”
            “He’s a lot of fun to be with. ”
            “Maybe we can get together. I was thinking of the fun we had with the camera. I’d love to do some more with that.

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            Nicole laughed. “That was pretty wild. Can’t believe we did the nude shots. What other things are you thinking of doing?”
            “My brother downloads a lot of porn on the computer. I kind of found it by mistake but maybe we could try to do some of the things those girls do. ”
            “Can you show me?”
            The two were alone in the house and Sarah led Nicole to the family room in the basement where the computer she shared with her older brother Nick was located. She started to open the files and show Nicole some of the pictures. They ranged from girls alone posing to more explicit shots of couples having various kinds of sex, “He’s such a pervert. I can’t believe all the stuff he downloaded. ”
            Nicole had never seen anything like this and stared at the close up shots of men’s hard cocks filling women’s mouths and pussies. The pictures definitely had her excited and she wasn’t sure what to say. “He sure has a lot of it. ”
            Sarah stopped at a series of pictures of a girl alone on a bed. She looked to be around 20 years old with blonde hair, large breasts and a completely shaved pussy. The poses had her either on her back or her knees with her legs spread exposing her pussy and ass.

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   In many of the shots her fingers spread the lips of her pussy to show everything to the camera. “We could do some like this. I think it’s sexy to see her touch herself. ”
            At first Nicole was a little embarrassed and uncomfortable to be looking at the pictures with Sarah but as it became clear that Sarah was not bothered by it Nicole began to relax and enjoy it. “They certainly show everything. ” She laughed and nudged Sarah. “Are you ready to pose like that?”
            “I’d do it. I get horny when I look at them. ”
            Nicole agreed. “I’m horny too. Show me some more where they are having sex. ”
            Sarah brought up another set of pictures. In one shot a young brunette was kneeling in front of a guy sucking on his cock and in the next she was sitting on him with a clear view of his cock inside her. Sarah shifted in the chair, “Nicole, I feel like touching myself. Is that ok?”
            Nicole could feel the wetness in her young pussy and had been thinking of rubbing herself too.

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   “These pictures are way cool and really sexy. I say we go for it. ” She looked at Sarah and they both undid their jeans, loosening them enough to slip their fingers into their bikini panties.
            Sarah sighed. “These jeans are too snug. I need a little more freedom. ” She stood up and slipped her jeans all the way off, paused, and then removed her panties too. Nicole watched as Sarah ran her fingers through the light brown patch of pubic hair and caressed her wet slit. “Oh yes, that’s it. ”
            Feeling emboldened by Sarah’s open display, Nicole stood and slipped her jeans and panties off and then sat with her in front of the computer with a hand on her pussy. After everything she had been through it did not seem too weird to be masturbating with her best friend. She relaxed and enjoyed the show as Sarah flipped through the series of photos.
            After a few minutes Sarah stopped at a scene of two young women together. They were nude, cuddled together on a couch with a blonde caressing the beautiful pussy of a redhead. As they studied the picture Sarah asked, “Ever think of doing that?”
            Nicole shrugged, “Not sure.

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  ” Sarah had moved on and the redhead was between the blonde’s legs licking her shaved pussy.
            Sarah rested her hand on Nicole’s thigh. “Maybe we could try a little?”
            With the weekend’s plans on her mind, Nicole had been thinking a lot about sex all week. As Sarah moved her hand to the inside of her thigh she knew she wanted to feel her touch. She nodded and spread her legs. The initial touch caused her to jump a little and she did her best to relax. Her own hand moved over between Sarah’s legs and for the first time she found herself feeling another girl’s pussy. It was familiar but different and she tried her best to touch her the way she liked to be touched. Both girls were breathing heavy, excited by the new experience.
            When Sarah stood up, Nicole thought she had done something wrong but before she could say something Sarah was pushing her chair back and kneeling in front of her. Almost instinctively Nicole moved her hips forward in the chair as Sarah leaned closer. She looked and touched Nicole’s pussy and then licked her. Sarah looked up at Nicole’s face, “Feel good?”
            “Oh God, yes”
            Sarah licked her all over before finding her clit and flicking it with her tongue and sucking it gently. Nicole had her eyes closed, her hips were moving, and then all the sexual energy she had been feeling seemed to be released at once as she felt her orgasm begin. She cried, her body jerked, and she pulled Sarah’s head between her legs as the waves hit her.

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   As always the orgasm was short and, in this case, very intense and soon her body relaxed and she opened her eyes to see Sarah looking up, her face wet from Nicole’s pussy.
            Sarah smiled, “Wow, you really got off. ”
            Nicole smiled back, “That was incredible. Your tongue felt soooo good. Want me to do you?”
            “If you want. ” They exchanged places and Nicole found herself inches away from Sarah’s young cunt. She explored a little with her fingers as she compared Sarah to herself. The hair was lighter, softer, and there was less of it. Her inner lips were more prominent and Nicole slowly traced them with a finger. She touched her clit and Sarah sighed. Thinking it was now or never, Nicole moved closer and licked her tasting the wetness. Again it was familiar but different and soon she was doing her best to please Sarah.
            Sarah was also excited and before long she was begging Nicole to suck her clit and soon after she came with her thighs squeezing Nicole’s head. They moved to the nearby couch to relax still only half dressed. There were a few minutes of quiet before Nicole spoke, “Thank you.

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   That was really nice. Can’t believe you made me come like that. ” Without thinking she added, “You’re even better than Jack. ”
            “Jack? You mean your Mom’s boyfriend?”
            Nicole blushed when she realized what she had done. Now what? She thought for a moment and decided she had to tell Sarah everything and for the next fifteen minutes she went through the whole story. At the end she waited to see Sarah’s reaction.
            Sarah finally said, “I was pretty weirded out at first but it seems kind of ok now that you told me the whole story. I mean it’s not like he set out to take advantage of you. It sort of just happened. Are you sure you are ok with it?”
            “He’s really a great guy and I know he would not do anything to hurt me or my Mom. It was so great to watch them and then be able to be with them. I can’t wait until Saturday. ”
            “You have to promise to tell me everything. ”
            “Don’t worry. ”
Chapter 14
            In order to make Saturday as special as possible, Jack, Donna, and Nicole got dressed up and went to dinner at small restaurant near the college known for it’s elegance, service, and great food.

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   Everything was perfect from the appetizers to the after dinner cappuccino. They had talked and laughed as Jack shared more stories of life in some of the more remote parts of the world. Everyone was in a good mood when they returned to the house.
They settled into the living room and Donna went to the kitchen to get some wine. When she returned Jack and Nicole were standing and engaged in a quiet conversation. They quickly ended it and sat down smiling. Donna felt as if she had missed out on something. “Anything you want to share with me?”
Jack and Nicole exchanged looks and both spoke at once, “No. ”
When they all had wine Donna continued her questioning, “I think you two are up to something. ”
Nicole just smiled, “You’ll find out later. ”
It was a little bit awkward as they hadn’t really decided how to proceed with the plans for the evening. The wine helped everyone to relax and finally Nicole decided to take charge, “I’d like to start by taking a shower. But I don’t want to take it alone. Can we all take one together?”
            The small house had been remodeled by the previous owner and the three bedrooms upstairs had been changed to a master bedroom and a guest room. The master bedroom had its own bath with a nice sized walk-in shower.

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   Donna was a little surprised by the request but figured it was as good a place to start as anywhere. “It sounds good to me. Let’s go. ”
            The three made their way upstairs. Nicole headed for her room saying she would meet them in the bathroom. A few minutes later she entered the bathroom in a robe. Both Jack and Donna had undressed and Jack adjusted the shower temperature as Donna peed. Nicole smiled at Jack, slipped her robe off and stepped into the warm shower with him. When Donna joined a minute later Nicole said, “Mom. I know the focus tonight is about me and Jack and we don’t want you to feel left out. I am so happy you are a part of this. Jack and I want to give you some attention too.
            Jack took Donna in his arms and kissed her. Nicole hugged her from behind. Donna loved the secure feel of the two bodies next to her and pulled Jack close as they kissed.

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   Nicole announced it was time for a massage and the two of them then began to soap and massage Donna’s body. Jack started on her front and was soon running his soapy hands over her breasts. Her nipples responded to his touch and she moaned as he gently pinched them with his fingers. His hands made their way to her bush and her now soapy, slippery slit.
Meanwhile Nicole worked her way down her back. It seemed surprising natural to be massaging her Mom’s naked body and she continued to run her hands down over the cheeks of her butt. She once again hugged her from behind and her hands cupped her Mom’s full breasts from behind. Nicole wanted to continue her exploration and she moved a finger slowly up between her soft ass cheeks. She stopped at the rosebud ass and massaged her as Jack fondled her clit from the front.
Donna loved the attention and the sensations the two were giving her. She closed her eyes and caressed her nipples. The simultaneous stimulation of nipples, clit and ass was new, different, and soon had her close to orgasm. As Nicole’s finger slipped into her wet, soapy ass she came, the waves of pleasure flowing over her as she repeated, “Yes, yes, yes. ”
            The three left the shower and laughed and joked while they stood in the bathroom drying off. Donna thanked the two for the special attention, “I guess I had nothing to be nervous about when I saw you two whispering.

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   That was wonderful. Nicole, what gave you the idea to touch my butt like that?”
            “I have to give the credit to Jack. I wasn’t sure but he said you would like it. ”
            Donna smiled and gave Jack a slap on his ass, “Is this what you’re teaching my girl?”
            “Guilty as charged. What’s my punishment?”
            Donna rolled her towel and announced. “Twenty lashes!” She chased Jack into the bedroom followed by Nicole and the three fell into the bed. Nicole ended up in the middle on her back with Jack and Donna on either side facing her. Each of them began to caress one of Nicole’s small breasts. They first run their fingers over her small hardened nipples and then they leaned closer and sucked it into their mouths. Nicole leaned back and moaned.
            Jack and Donna slid down the bed and took turns touching Nicole’s young pussy. Donna told Jack, “We want to make sure she is ready to take you. ” Donna wet her fingers with saliva and caressed her soft lips and clit. She then moved between Nicole’s slender legs and began to lick her. Jack just sat and watched as the Mother pleasured the 15-year old Daughter.


   Nicole just moved her hips with the tongue and ran her fingers through Donna’s hair.
            Donna sat up and directed Jack to lie down. His hard, fully erect cock stood tall and Donna couldn’t resist taking it in her mouth for a quick suck. She then took a condom and showed Nicole how to apply it properly. She added a little KY to make sure it would enter Nicole’s tight hole as easily as possible. Nicole climbed onto Jack and positioned her pussy over his cock. She took it in her hand and placed rubbed it on her slit before placing the head at the entrance. She looked at her Mom and said, “This is it. ”
            Jack had his hands on her hips helping to guide her onto him. “You are so beautiful. Take it slow. ”
            As the cock started to push inside her Nicole’s breathing increased and she kept repeating, “Oh God, it is so big. Oh God. ”
            Jack was keeping still to let Nicole control the movement. She was tight and urge to just pull her down on top of him was strong but he resisted.

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   He looked at Donna rubbing her back and encouraging her and then looked down to see her lower herself completely on him.
            Nicole could feel the cock filling her young pussy. “Don’t move, don’t move”, she asked Jack as she breathed in and out and adjusted to the new sensation. Her Mom was rubbing her back and encouraging her and almost without thinking Nicole began to move on the hard cock. Slowly she moved up and down, her eyes closed, all her senses focused on the feeling of the cock inside her.
            Jack just watched and held Nicole as she took him in and out of herself. The sensation was very different than he experienced with Donna. Nicole’s body was so light and her pussy so tight. He began to move a little with her pushing back as she lowered herself on him. She saw Donna looking at Nicole smiling and whispering words of encouragement.
            As Nicole grew more comfortable she moved faster and felt Jack move under her. His cock was sliding easily in and out now and she the loved the feeling of him completely inside, filling and stretching her cunt. She knew she was going to cum and she leaned forward. Jack took her into his arms and held her as they moved together. Donna could see his beautiful cock inside her and she rubbed herself as she watched.

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            Jack felt Nicole shake and he pushed himself into her faster telling her to cum for him. She cried and her body was shaking as he exploded inside her. He continued to pump himself as she slowed and finally lay quietly on top of him. Her heart was racing and her mind was a crazy mix of emotions. Nicole rolled off and three lay there holding one another.
            Nicole spoke first, “I can’t believe how that felt. ”
            Donna caressed her with her hand, “Baby, you were wonderful. Is everything ok?”
            “I’m fine. Thank you so much. ”
            Jack responded, “No, thank you Nicole. Even more incredible than the first night we were together. ”