Jen & Sophie


As my dick pounded in and out of Jen’s pussy I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. Here I was, fucking one of the hottest girls on campus against the wall of my dorm, whilst her mate was sandwiching me against her, her hands all over my body.  
Imagine the sexiest girl you know. A firm body, good skin, cracking tits and a face so beautiful you could stare at it all day. Now imagine two of them! Sophie and Jen had a reputation. They were absolutely smoking, they knew it and exploited it to their own benefit. They were always together, always holding hands, kissing and touching each other in public. They got off on driving every bloke (and some of the girls) around wild with desire, and there were all kinds of rumours about them. How they had a threesome with their tutor so they would get top marks for the year, how they’d made out in front of the residence officer so they got the best rooms. They couldn’t be described as sluts, they were too classy for that. Everyone desired them but there were few who’d actually had the pleasure of tasting them.    
So why were they with me? Simply because they wanted something. It was the end of term and they had no money left for the end of year ball. I’d shagged Sophie last year, before she’d become attached to Jen, so she knew that my parents were loaded and I had buckets of cash. They turned up at my room with a proposition, they’d have sex with each other and let me watch and Id give them 100 quid. I didn’t need much persuasion, as soon as I’d opened the door their intoxicating scent had filled my nostrils I was undressing them with my eyes.

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   I was horny as hell and I invited them in!
Watching these two 19 year old sirens fuck each other in the flesh was exactly what I imagine heaven to be. They didn’t tease, didn’t mess around, they got naked straight away and went wild right in front of my eyes. Breast against breast, lips frantically devouring each others faces, their arms and legs entwined as their soft shapely bodies wrapped around each other. Sophie was blonde, a curvy figure with tits you could grab a proper hold of. Jen had darker hair, slightly darker skin, generally more petite. She was unchartered territory for me, her figure drove me crazy and I was desperate to fuck her. They obviously knew how to get each other off. Their fingers disappeared into each others pussys (immaculately trimmed of course), they got in a 69 position and their tongues sucked at each others clits; they moaned like whores when they came.
I had decided to up the ante. 100 quid wasn’t gonna go very far at the ball and I figured If I put enough cash on the table they’d do pretty much anything.
‘For an extra 50 quid’ I had said, ‘I want you both to suck my cock and I want to come on you. ’ They thought about it but agreed. I stood at the end of my bed and I had never been so hard in my life! First Jen dragged her lips across my head, then Sophie began to lick my shaft. I was glad I’d had a few beers else Id have shot my load right then! As Jen managed to get my cock all the way down her throat and Sophie lay beneath her sucking my balls, I could see their legs rubbing against each other’s cunts. Even now they were getting each other off!
I grabbed a hold of their heads and repositioned their mouths on either side of my dick, thrusting myself between their lips.

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   As I pulled back their tongues danced over my head. To look down and see these beautiful faces going to work on my cock was too much. I shoved them back onto the bed just as I began to erupt and came all over both of them. I never knew I had so much spunk in me it was everywhere! All over their tight stomachs, splattered across their pert breasts and some had even landed on Sophie’s face. I squeezed the last drop out and it dribbled onto Jen’s cunt.
‘Clean each other up,’ I had said, taking another 20 out of my wallet. Without hesitating they embraced, smearing each other in my come, before they proceeded to lick each other clean. I had become the star and director of my very own porno!
To get where I was had cost another 200 quid, but it was worth it to have Jen’s sensual form wrapped around my cock! At first they had refused. They both sat on my bed with their legs crossed and laughed in my face as I offered them 50 quid. I think Jen had figured by this point I was desperate to fuck her from the way I was staring at her, and I was beginning to get the impression she was the dominant one in the relationship.
‘If you give me 50 quid, I might let you eat my pussy’ she said bluntly. I flashed 100 quid and Sophie opened her legs. Jen stared into my eyes, ‘Im worth twice as much as that slut. ’ Her words made Sophie moan, I was putty in her hands and didn’t even think about it! To see Jen’s legs open was like a beautiful flower open before my eyes. She had the cutest little pussy Id ever seen, and she was already wet for me.

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Now here she was, covered in sweat, her dark little nipples glistening in the light as I pinned her against the wall. Sophie had moved to the bed, she was sitting up, watching us, eagerly thrusting her fingers in and out of her pussy. She wasn’t getting away that easily! With my dick still inside Jen I lay her between Sophie’s legs. Sophie couldn’t resist touching her girlfriend,
’Sophie play with my tits’ said Jen as my feet found the end of the bed frame, enabling me to fuck her harder. Sophie did as she was told, as I pounded into her lover, she was playing with Jen’s tits, holding her, licking her neck, completely ignoring me! I didn’t really give a shit it was hot to watch these two girls playing with each other as I fucked them. Jen was gone, lost in sexual ecstasy. As Sophie began to rub Jen’s clit she screamed in pleasure, her tight cunt clamped down on my dick and she squirted all over me! Man I’d never been with a squirter before it was fucking incredible!
I pulled out of Jen and she lay panting, her chest red with orgasm, her face flushed. My dick was still hard, and I slumped down to catch my breath. Sophie however, had other ideas. Her lips immediately wrapped around my cock and she furiously started blowing me. I don’t know if she wanted to satisfy me or just taste Jen’s come, frankly I didn’t care. Her hands were on my body, and she kissed up my torso to my lips. My hands explored her body, grabbing her breasts and caressing her curves.
Jen had come around, she grabbed Sophie’s hair and pulled her off me. She turned her around and they made out as Jen guided Sophie onto my dick.

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   Her snatch was drenched already and I easily slipped all the way inside her. She tossed her hair back and I just lay there as she started to ride me.
‘Yeah baby, ride his cock, take him inside you. ’ Jen was saying, and just as Sophie had held her whilst I made her scream my name she now pressed her body against Sophie, guiding her up and down my dick. Jen looked at me over Sophie’s shoulder, ‘Is she nice and wet for you, does her pussy feel good around your cock?’ She said as she spanked Sophie’s ass. ‘Fuck her hard, fuck her deep, use her like the slut that she is and dump that spunk in her. ’
I couldn’t believe the filth that was coming out Jen’s mouth, and just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better I felt my balls being sucked into Jen’s hot little mouth. Her tongue licked the shaft of my cock as her hands pulled on Sophie’s nipples. As she set to work on Sophie’s clit I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.
I propped myself up and Sophie leaned back against me. I looked down over her shoulder and I could see my dick disappearing into her pussy as Jen pleasured us both with her tongue. Sophie’s body went rigid and she arched her back, she spasmed and moaned loudly. A flood of her juices poured over my dick and it was just too much; my cock began twitching uncontrollably, I thrust deep into her and came inside her.
Sophie removed herself from my knob and lay panting on the bed. Jen got up and arrogantly removed another 50 quid from my wallet.

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‘Watch carefully, I promise this’ll be worth it’ she said. My spunk was slowly starting to leak out of Sophie’s cunt, trickling down her thigh, and Jen positioned herself between Sophie’s legs. ‘That’s it baby, feed my his come. ’ She caught my come on her tongue, licking the length of Sophie’s slit. She started to suck hard at her pussy, drawing my sperm from her girlfriend’s womb. There was spunk all around Jen’s mouth as she kissed Sophie fully on the lips. Jen ran her fingers through Sophie’s hair and let me see her tongue enter her mouth as she snowballed my come into her face. Some dribbled down Sophie’s cheek until Jen reclaimed it. I wasn’t sure who swallowed it, but it went down somebody’s throat!
After our marathon fucking session we were exhausted and passed out. When I woke in the morning I savoured the moment. Under one arm I had Jen, under the other I had Sophie. I had just nailed the two hottest girls on campus and they were both naked and sprawled all over me, Sophie with dried come on her thighs. There was nothing left in my wallet but to be frank I really didn’t care! I’d text my mate who was waiting outside with a camera. As soon as these two walked out of door, their clothes a mess, their hair all over the place, stinking of my sex, I’d be the one with the reputation!  

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