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Well, when everyone had fallen asleep, and I was beginning to drift off too, Lester poked his head in, and asked me to come see him. He said he had something to show me, and to come quietly, and of course, I didn't deny him. I don't believe the door was even closed when we first started kissing and lightly petting. We fell onto his bed, and began to take each other's clothes off slowly, piece by piece. After I managed to get his shirt off with quite a struggle, I moved down to his pants and took them off. Before engulfing him into my mouth, I stood their kneeling on his bed, looking him over. He looked younger then I, though perfectly 20. His shoulder length brow hair, went perfectly with his jade green eyes. I lurked over his thin, but long purple prick like a hungry hawk and dove in with fury. He grabbed my head and forced himself down my throat, all my tiny little mouth could do was suck! So I did with frenzy, and before long he shot his load down my throat. I removed myself from between his legs, and glanced up into his eyes with a smile. Then he did this weird "pick up and flip" thing, laying me on the bed. He had already removed my white T-shirt and bra while I was sucking his cock. I repositioned myself to sit up and face him, naked from the waist up, when he bent between my legs and began to slowly lick through my panties. That had me so hot. He slid the panties to the side of my thigh and began to trace his tongue up and down the lips and tease me something mad! He then slid his hands up my legs and tugged my panties down around my ankles, then dove in.

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   After a few minutes of munching and licking, I had left a pretty decent sized wet spot on the middle of his bed. I pushed him over onto his back, and straddled him, lowering myself onto his cock. I worked him until my legs grew tired of pumping, then he got up and bent me over and took me from behind. This is probably one of my favorite positions! He made me cum for the second time this way, until he reached his climax and came on my back. We cuddled for a little while, until we got up cleaned ourselves with a few dirty T-shirts and then I went back to the room with Maria. She was up, and had apparently heard EVERYTHING. (I can be quite loud) I could tell that she was very turned on. She was sitting up Indian style on her bed, waiting for me to return. She was in this cute Mickey Mouse tank top with her long brown hair flowing free. She had on the sexiest pair of pink panties I ever remember seeing. She gave me this naughty look, like she knew what I had been doing with her brother in the other room. She was young, but looked so incredibly tasty like that. I crawled onto the bed and sat Indian style in front of her. I had forgotten to put my PJ bottoms back on, so all that I was wearing was an oversized, white T-shirt and a pair of flowery wet panties. I sat there and asked her what she thought was going on, trying to pass it off as her imagination, like all she heard was the TV and her brother and I were only "talking.

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  " Now that I look back on it, it was a little silly and motherly to do that . . . which kind of turns me on. She slid closer to me, looked me dead in the eye, and put her hand between my legs, barely touching me. I shivered as she said "What's this about then?" I laughed nervously, then found my courage. I looked her in the eye and said, "Well your brother has a very large penis. " I figured that would shock and horrify her. After all, she was begging for it. I mean . . . come on now! But she surprised me. She just grinned and said, "I know. ""How do you know?" I asked with a sly grin on my face, and she replied, "Well, he's done that with some of my other friends as well.

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   And one time they asked me to join them. " That just drove me nuts. I took her hand and slid it inside my panties. I reached up and grabbed her face and kissed her deeply, all but sticking my tongue down her throat. She had no problem with that, as she slid her top off with one hand. She wasn't wearing a bra, as most women don't when they go to bed, but she had the smallest cutest tits I've ever seen, so I don't think she needed one. I broke our kiss and slowly started making my way lower, dragging my tongue against her neck, down to her cute little perky nipples. I circled them for a few minutes, when she grabbed my head and pushed my mouth onto her breast, and I began to suck and nibble on them gently. She moved one hand down to grab my ass and the other to grab my tits through my shirt. I tired of tasting her breasts, so I moved down, kissing her belly until I got to the hair line of her vagina and slowly whispered my tongue across her line. I moved one hand underneath her to bring her closer to my mouth, I wasn't kidding around. I dove right in on top of her little button and sucked with all my might. I loved the way she bucked her hips against my face, and I wished it was possible just to stick my whole head in there. After she came against my lips and tongue, I stuck two fingers inside of her and fucked her until she drooled on my hand. I got up and ripped off my shirt and she pushed me down to the floor (remember we're on one of those high rise beds.

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  . . that hurt a bit). She kissed me deeply while her hands roamed between my legs. She slowly began to tease my clit, as I moved my hips in her direction. She moved down over my breasts, skipping them completely which kinda ticked me off, because I love that. She kissed her way to my belly button, dragging her tongue around my belly button and went straight for my thighs. She nibbled on the inside of my thighs, right near my entrance but nowhere near close enough. She stuck one finger inside me, not moving it at all, keeping still always. I rocked against her finger, but she wouldn't have it. Every time I moved, she pulled her finger out until I stayed still. Then she'd put it back inside me, when I settled down. She began to move her finger slowly out, and then rammed it into me fast. She kept her finger going until the mood struck her, and then she pulled it out and dove downwards. She cupped my pussy with her mouth, my hips immediately rose to meet her face.

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   Her tongue darted on and off my clit and in and out of my hole. It was so erratic and so insane, it felt like a tease. When she finally decided she was gonna let me cum, so that we could go eventually fall sleep, she locked onto me with what felt like a vacuum cleaner of a mouth, until I came on her face. We laid there for a few minutes until we got up and decided that it would be best to be woken up in the morning by her parents *WITH* our clothes on. A few days later, back at my place, I met Douglas. I had just gotten home from school. I was tired, hot and lazy. No one was home and I was bored out of my mind. All of a sudden my door bell rang and I went downstairs to see who was there. It was Douglas, standing there look rather good, He was tall and rugged, darker then his brother in complexion -- though Lester was the better looking brother. I asked him if he was looking for my brother, who was still at school. he said "No . . . actually I'm looking for you.

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  " I said, "Oh really?" with a little naughty tone of voice. He said, "Can I come in. " I looked around and said, "Sure, why not," with a smirk. He followed me up the stairs to my room, and we stood in the hallway talking about bullshit for a while. Then he turned to me and bluntly said, "So I heard you fucked my brother?" In shock, I replied, "And so what? Is that any of your business?" He looked at me kinda sad, and I said "I'm sorry . . . but why do you care?" "Well, I hoped that I could get in your pants too. " I couldn't help but laugh. I grabbed him by the hand, and said, "Just for that . . . " and dragged him into my bedroom. I locked the door behind me, just in case my mother or brother came home. Then I turned to him, and said, "So what would you do if you got in my pants?" He stepped closer to me and moved his hands up my shirt, cupped my breasts and kissed me deeply.

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   He then broke the kiss and said, "What do you want me to do to the contents inside your pants?" I pushed him to the floor, and stood above him, and started unbuttoning my pants, though not taking them off just yet. I then moved to my top, deciding that I should start there first. I pulled it over my head and threw it on him, then stood there in only my bra and jeans. I turned around, and slid my hands to the waist band of my jeans and threw them down. As I slid them down, I bent over, making sure he could get a good view of both my ass and my pussy through the panties I was wearing. I then stood up, and stepped out of my jeans and kicked them over to the side. I turned around and put my hands behind my back as he started to move into a sitting position. I lurked above him, trying to get my bra undone. I put my leg up on his chest and pushed lightly so he would know I wanted him laying down. I finally got the damn thing undone and threw it over his head. I stood over his face. He reached up as if he wanted to pull me down, but I wasn't ready for that yet. I slid my panties VERY slowly down so that I could tease his eyes, and stepped out of them one leg at a time so I wouldn't trip over him and fall on my face. Didn't want to ruin the mood, you know. I then said "This is what I want you to do," and slowly lowered myself onto his face.

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   His hands roamed up to my ass, holding me steady over his face, as he ate me out with great fury. I didn't take long to cum, and then he lifted me up and over, my hands were on the bed holding me steady, so he could enter me from behind. He whispered in my ear, "My brother told me you like it like this. " And then he rammed his thick cock into me hard and slow. He pulled out just a bit each time to meet my incoming hips. Then all of a sudden he fell out. And men, bad with directions as they are, accidentally mistook my asshole for my pussy and rammed it right in there. I immediately jumped and shrieked out of surprise and loads of pain. That was the first and only time a man was ever in my ass. I said "If you don't get your cock out of my ass now, I'm going to kill you!"He said "Why? I like it here . . . it won't hurt for long. You'll enjoy it, you'll see. " I shouted, "I'm serious!" And he pulled out of my ass and found my cunt again.

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   He pumped my cunt with just the same fury as before our mishap until he, too, came on my back and ass. I laid beside him out of breath, and whispered in his ear "Get out now," and he left. I never saw those three friends again, but they sure left me with some pretty hot memories!.