Jessica: Sex and the School


“What would you want to do?” I asked in a manner I hoped was innocent. “I mean. . . how far would you wanna go?” Eek, maybe that last line was too much, I thought, but to my relief she took it in stride. “You wanna know how far?” She asked seductively as she got up and walked across the hall to a door. “Come on. ” She said, motioning that I, Takeshi, should go with her. . . Into that room, and. . . God knows what! It was a hell of a turn around from the way she had been acting, all sweet and innocent. . .

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   Not that I minded. . . But should I do it? I mean, what if she’s making a stupid decision like Annie did? I don’t want to put anyone else in that position. . . All this and some more was running through my mind as she opened the door to the “alumni room” and slid inside, beckoning me to follow. As soon as she was out of sight, the onslaught of “what to do” thoughts only got worse. But in the end, after nearly seven seconds of consideration, instinct once again beat out reason, and I headed for the door. The alumni room is basically an oversized closet. With no windows and a terribly inconvenient location, no one uses it for anything besides storage, so there were tables, chairs, and some cabinets lining the walls. The room was big enough, however, to accommodate two people sprawled out on the floor in the middle of the mess. And further more, it had dimmer lights in the ceiling, adding to its appeal as the place for on-campus messing around. As I timidly walked in, my heart doubled its already quickened pace. Jessica was standing there in the dim light, the two sides of her button-down shirt detached from the others.

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   I jumped a little as the door closed behind me, and started to say something, but she beat me to it. “I’ve decided. . . ” She began, still being seductive as hell, “that since we can’t go out anywhere, we’ll just have to make do with what we have here. ” She slowly approached me, and I stared at the line of skin between the sides of her shirt, covered only by a little strip of white where her bra was showing. Before now, I had never even seen so much as her belly button, so I had a lot to take in. She kept walking closer until she was right in front of me, her belly button touching my waist. She put her arms around me, clasping them behind my neck, and then she said the words that I would hear over and over again in my head that night as I relived it: “So, wanna have some fun?” Yes please! “You are too much. ” I said, and though it may sound like a line, it was the truth. At that moment, she was too much for my mind to process. Then, she leaned in and kissed me, and my mind stopped trying. Her kiss was sweet, with a passionate sense of desperation that could only have come from waiting too long for this moment. I felt exactly the same way, except I expressed it in the more traditional “sexual frenzy” style. As we kissed, my hands slid up and down her back, going under her shirt, then around to the front.

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   I took my time letting them slide over her firm, supple breasts, then headed up and took off her shirt. She had the kind of body I could just stare at all day. Her curves were beautiful and natural, but also unique, not like a model or a porn star. Her stomach was smooth and flat, but it didn’t look like she had been starving herself. I suppose you could say it was pretty much perfect. Her shirt crumpled on the floor as we continued kissing, her tongue wrapping around mine and almost tickling me. She started working on the buttons of my shirt as I let my hands roam over her warm smooth body. As she undid the last button, I had begun fondling and massaging her breasts in earnest, the feeling reminding me of how long it had been since I had before. I reached around and unclasped her bra as my shirt joined hers on the carpet. She finally settled down a little as I slid the straps from her shoulders, and she let the bra fall to the floor, just staring up at me. Her beautifully shaped breasts with their pert pink nipples now stood before me. They were just the right size for one-handed massaging, but moreover, they screamed a youth and innocence that her devilishly sexy act had covered up. Underneath, she too was a sweet, young, inexperienced girl, and realizing this, I lost any hope for holding back. She became more attractive to me then, in that minute, than she could have in a million years with that sexy smile and tempting charm, awesome as they were. She giggled a little, probably at my stunned expression, but at that point I could care less.

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   “So what do you wanna do?” She asked, still looking into my soul with her incredible brown eyes. I just slowly shook my head; words failed me. “I uhh. . . ” I started, not intending to finish the thought. She laughed again, then, to my surprise, lay down on the floor and looked up at me. “Well, when you think of something, I’m all yours. ” She said, putting her hands behind her head. And I thought she was a tempting package before. I shook my head to try and clear it. “Well. . . ” I said, “I’ve got a few ideas.

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  ” I got down on the floor and lay over her, bracing myself on my hands and knees. Our faces were just a few inches apart now, and I kissed her gently on the lips. Then, kissing her as sweetly as I could, I made my way down her neck to her breasts which I began to kiss and suck as I massaged them with my hands. She let out a couple soft moans, and I realized then that everything I might do to her would be her first. Better make it memorable then. I sucked on her for a while, then brought my head up to see how she was doing. Her eyes were closed and her lips slightly apart. “How is it?” I asked quietly, almost afraid to disturb her. “Oh God. . . ” She said, between breaths, “don’t stop, it feels so good. . . ” I went back to it for a while, then started making my way further south until I reached her skirt.

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       I slid my hands up her soft smooth legs, the temperature getting hotter as I went, until I reached her panties. I wrapped my hands around her hips as she reached down and unfastened the skirt. I slid it down her legs, and it joined the growing pile of clothes beside us. Now staring up at me were a pair of starry brown eyes and a set of soft blue panties. I looked her in the eyes and smiled as my hands paid attention to the latter, rubbing up and down on the fabric between her legs. “Oh Jesus. . . ” She whispered, her fingers digging into the carpet. My hand was getting warmer and wetter by the second, as the other one was busy undoing my pants and tossing them on the heap of clothes. She grabbed my hand from between her legs and pulled her head up to look at me. I looked down at my boxers, then at her little blue panties, and thought about what might transpire next. “Wait. . .

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      ” She said breathing harder than before now. My hand found touching nothing to be unacceptable, and so I had started to massage her thigh. “You’re not ready for this. . . ” I said. “I understand. ” “I am, but. . . ” She began, biting her lower lip. “I think we should save some things for later, don’t you?” No!“I suppose so. ” I said, not too thrilled with the idea. But, after a little more talk, we took a detour around sex and continued just messing around. I had a plan, though, and it ended up working pretty well.

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       I pulled myself back towards her and began kissing her again, propped up on my elbows as my hands massaged her chest. I let myself down further then, and began rubbing against her through our underwear. “Mmm!” She said mid-kiss, and her eyes shot open. “Ooh. . . God. . . ” She said as I pulled back from her lips. She stared at the ceiling, looking a little conflicted, so I kept going. After a minute of this, and with her becoming more and more aroused, she looked back at me. “Oh hell with it. ” She said, shaking her head with resignation. “Let’s do it.

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      ” And with that, she sat up and slipped her panties down, and I slid my boxers onto the floor. We sat there for a moment, staring at each other. For her, it was her first; and for me, well, it might as well have been mine too. There was just a little trail of hair running down to her slit, but not with the sharp cutoffs that shaved bushes have, not much hair had grown there at all. Past that, there was glistening pink, and my mind got blurry taking it all in. She was pretty small, so sweet, and as she lay back and I slid forward, I found that she was pretty tight too. Very tight, in fact, but the amount of wetness made it a great deal easier. Her eyes closed tight as I went in, and I hoped she wasn’t in pain. But soon enough, her expression of pain faded to one of disbelief, surprise, excitement, and pure beauty. She glowed with warmth, and the feeling of it. . . It was unreal. She was so tight, but she got so wet, it was like having every part of me stimulated at once. And on her end, her expression once again changed, now to the look of someone on the verge of something.

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       I went faster and faster, and I watched her face; I could see her getting closer. Her little breasts bounced up and down with each stroke, and then. . . “Ohh!! Oh God yes, oh Jesus. . . . ” I slowed, then stopped, as she just lay there, her eyes closed, her mouth open, eyebrows raised. Slowly her expression returned to normal, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. We just looked into each other’s eyes for a while without saying anything. The feeling we had was definitely mutual, and the understanding that it was mutual was also mutual. There was nothing to say really, but we both relished in the experience until I finally rolled over and lay down beside her. We leaned in and kissed, and the rest is history. .


      . The EndFor the rest of Jessica's story, and more from the Diary of me, Takeshi, come to http://www. geocities. com/heikintakeshi. Thanks!.