Just Another Day in Paradise


As a varsity football player, Randy enjoyed the life he lead.   He was the lineback for a small school in Oklahoma.   He stood at 6'2", had blue eyes, and a well built body.   He went across town to see his girlfriend Tana.   She was only a junior while he was a senior.   Every guy in town tried to date Tana, but she was too good for everyone, except Randy.   Strong in her beliefs, Tana never wanted to lose her virginity.   Hell she didn't even want to be married.   But lately, she has gotten hornier than ever.   She made herself stop from masturbating to keep her as innocent as possible.   However, that all changed one night. Tana ran towards Randy.   "Congratulations baby!"  They had just won their first and last game of a very bad season.   "Hey honey, thanks.   So what are you going to do in a little while?""Well my parents are out of town, I was probably going to talk to some others and head home. ""Is it alright if I come over Tana?"  She was waiting for him to ask.

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    Lately she couldn't stop her self from fingerfucking her virgin pussy.   She wanted to know what it was like to have that dick in her after jacking him off through his jeans a couple of days ago. "Of course you can, but no funny business. "  As she said that, she turned away, shook that glorious ass, and looked over her shoulder and gave him a wink.   Randy ran in and showered as quickly as he could to make it to her house.   He didn't know if she was giving him some sort of sign, but he wanted to find out. About 11 o'clock, he ran Tana's door bell. "Come in," she hollered from somewhere inside.   As he opened the door, not a single light was on.   He was trying to see if he could find her, when she came up from behind him and place a hand on his ass and moved the other to his dick.   He turned to see her, completely naked. "What are you doing?" He asked. "I have wanted to fuck you since we started dating, but I was to scared.   I have been on birth control and it's time. ""Now wait a second," he told her, "are you sure you're ready?"  He too had been wanting to fuck her even before they started dating, but respected her beliefs.

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  "Would I be standing here like this if I wasn't ready?" She leaned in and kissed him while going for his jeans and sliding them off, allowing his 8 inch cock to spring free, hard as a rock.
      Immediately she dove for his cock ready to suck him dry.   "Tana, you don't have to do that so just. . . . . uhhhhhhh!"  He loved the way her mouth wrapped around his hard cock.   Despite what she had said, he wondered if Tana ever sucked cock before.   Randy then picked her up in a standing 69 position and walked to the couch and layed down, continuing to eat her out and her sucking his cock like a pro. "That's right, suck my dick. "  'Fuck he thought, I am in paradise. 'Just then, the door slammed open.   Standing there in the doorway was Tana's good friend Addie. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She asked Tana.

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        Tana hurriedly got up and tried to cover herself when Randy stopped her. "Look bitch, you have no reason to be bursting in her house like this.   You need to get the hell out!""Tana," Addie exclaimed "I thought you were going to wait until you were married!""I can't Addie, I am too horny and already started, so just leave and we'll talk later. ""Fuck you Tana!  If you're getting laid tonight, then I am too. "  With that being said, Addie began to undress right then and there. More to come?  Comment and we'll see. . . . . . . . . .

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