K sex stories-Jonathon and Brittney


brittney torres was my really good friends and i always wanted to take things to the next level with here but didnt want to ruin the friend ship. Brittney was a 4 foot gilr with a hot body that anybody could fantises about. Shoot i even fantisised about her at times When i got bored in my room. She had C cup boobs and a nice firm ass that i would like to fuck any day. the best part was she was a virgin
My names Jonathon(last name not giving) im about 5'3 ft tall and an average good looking body. I had braces and little blue eyes. my cock was about 7 and a half and i new girls wanted me because they would always stare at me. except for brittney well thats wat i thought
I was in my after school football practice and britney would be there with her friends and i never could really focuz when she came to my practice especially when shes in her short shorts and tank top. I was in the middle of a play when i looked over to brittney and saw her bend over and saw her perfect ass i was so distracted i ftripped in a pot hole. She went straight up after and started laughing because when i look up i was hard and it was really noticable. i got relly red and went along wit practice.
After Practice i waited till everyone was done with their showerso i could go in and jak off. About 20 minutes later everyone left and i was last and was still hard and just wrinsed off and started jaking offthinking about fucking britneys nice ass. i cummed alot I finished up 15 minutes later and walked out with my towel around my waist up to my locker and put my little boxer briefs on than all of a sudden i herd someone breathing hard on the other side of the locker and walked around and saw the best thing ever i found britney rubbing her pussy over her tight shorts and was really wet. i couldnt believe wat i saw one of my sex fantasies wer coming true i got hard again and was leaking precum she didnt see me
so i walked up to her and started rubbing her thighs.
She gasped and looked at me"you have no idea how long ive been waiting for this' she said and began kissing me.

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   At first i thought she was going to stop but put her tounge in my mouth and went along wit it. I cant believe i was on a locker room bench makingout wit the hottest girl i noe inher wet short shorts and me in my boxer briefs. She started rubbing my cock AND IT WAS ROCK HARD and i fell on my bak on the bench and she started going lower she slowly took off my boxer briefs and massaging my balls and my cock flew out of my boxers and it was the best feeling ever. Finally when i was rock har she put the whole thing in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down it was so amazing i put my hand on her head and made her suck it all i started moaning a little and finally i reached my point "IM GOING TO COME' and she went faster than she staarted and was licking my shaft and was jaking it off
"AHHHHH' and i cum seven shots in her mouth and she ate it all. She was really good for her first time.
i started to sit bak up and layed her down and was sqeezing her boobs and she was letting out soft moan. i took her tank top off and luckily ther was no braw and started sucking on her right boob while taking off her shorts.
When they were finally off istarted fingering her wet pussy while sucking on her right boob "AHH IMA CUM' and boy did she come. she was breahing so hard
'I want you in me" she said. i was so happy we went down on the floor so itll be easier to fucker. I never did anything like this. The most ive done was get a blow job from my neighbor but thats it. they werent that great but they still excited me, but man britney made my day I put her legs around my waste and put the head of my cock at her wet pussy"R U READY"
"PUT IT ALL IN I WANT YOU IN ME" she didnt have to say anything else i put about 3 inches in and man it was tight she was moaning louder than ever.
"Faster plz and harder"
after that i put it all in and it hurt but it started to feel so good and i ploughed her so fast and hard"
" DO IT IM ON THE PILL' i cumed like 11 shots and man we wer both moaning louder than we started i fucked her for about 6 minutes i pulled out of her and she was brethless
i lifted her legs and put them on my shoulders and placed my still hard cock at her ass hole and pushed all the way in she was in total ecstacy for ten minutes. and i filled her ass with hot cumm

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We got our clothes and left to wat was the best practice of my life

hope you like therll be more to come in this series the next story will be gay but hot coment good or bad i dont care
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