Matthew was 16 he was tall nice build and a young lad who lived in a flat next to sum high rise flats. Many of his mates called him Fozzi. He had short blonde hair and blue youngs an ordinary lad.
Ding, Dong. . " what the Fuck" fozzi gets out of bed , it was 10,00 in the morning and he sees his mate Rich at the front door, "what u want Rich".
" well fozzi you see i was bored and in around an hour me and hannah and Emma are going to smakoe sum spliffs doen the back of the empty  youth comunity centre, if you give us a tenna i will cut u in .
" Shit!" fozzi ha donly just got up and rich was throwing a chance to get stoned and maybe laid in an hour. " of cousre am gonna go u prick"
He got dressed and shit and went with rich down the road to meet Hannah and emma at the chippy. He couldnt wait to light it up and get ready to fuck hannah, she seemed fit , she smoked weed too , known to do anythink when stoned.
Before he knew it there they all were, smoke everywhere and he started to prta about. he tryin for around 30 minutes to drop hints that he wanted to fuck hannah.
" Fozzi!!! you know what give us a burn on ya spliff and i will fuck you right here right now"
Fozzi choked on his smoke as he blew it out of his nose. within secs he was up against the wall with his large cock out moaning as hannah smoked and sucked with her red blood shot eyes. he didnt care what rich was doin at this moment and took another drag.
he grabbed hannah and threw her on the flood as his pumbing cock rammed staright along side her skirt and up her pussy.

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Hannah let out the loudest scream tou ever heard. Fozzi was a big lad and stoned and horney. he was a great fuck he picked up a pace and all you could see was a lareg bloke fucking a girl in the grass at the back of the centre. within minutes fozzi pulled out his cock and sprayed his cum in her mouth as he neevr had a condom and would rather buy beer and get weed that surport a child. hannah got up took her half of the weed and left leaving fozzi with his panst down and pussy drenched pants. He felt great, a blow job, weed, a fuck . what more could a 16 year old lad want.