Little miss innocent sugar me


Shane was walking up towards his dorm room, it was just another day. It was around 9:30 and he just got out of his philosophy class, which was at an odd hour on Wednesdays. Normally he would go out but his roommate was out at his girlfriends so he decided to take advantage of the quiet and get part of his paper done for English. Once he reached his door he heard music, if he guessed correctly it was Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me”. Shane walked into his room and there stood the sexiest woman he had ever seen leaning against wall. Her brown hair was in large curls and her side bangs covered on eye, she had red lipstick and the tiniest purple dress that barely came to middle of her thighs showing off her gorgeous long legs and a pair of silver stiletto heels. She walked towards him seductively swaying her hips, running her fingers along her cleavage with a “who me” innocent look on her face. She stopped just in front of him while still swaying her hips. Shane swallowed hard and she continued her sexy dance running her hands up and down him. This was Babe, he knew her from a couple of his classes and she was one of the most innocent girls he had ever met, and yet this was one of the same girl grinding up against his now hard cock. Babe was dam gorgeous and he always had a thing for her but she seemed so innocent that he never thought she’d go for anything but apparently he was dam wrong. And at this point he didn’t dam well care what caused the change in her personality to make her so bold, but he was enjoying it. The music continued play and she now facing away from him and her tight little ass was rubbing against his dick. He suddenly knew why she picked this song and leaned in against her ear he growled, “ Little miss innocent sugar me,” she giggled, he knew she’d like that. Babe circled him and sat him in a chair she found by his desk. Once he was seated she straddled him and she started her lap dance, the song continued Crazy little woman in a one man show, she grinded her hips against his and her black laced thong was up against his pressing jeans.

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   As her hips continued with the music her hands traveled up her sides to her breasts and she began toying with herself, Shane’s hands went to her thighs and he started to massage her upper thighs and she leaned back and started moaning. She came back up and leaned in and kissed with hunger and passion while keeping her hips in time with the song. Shane’s hand moved upward to meet her already wet panties and began to rub over the black thong, she moaned in his mouth and he became harder than before. Her hands went into his hair and she lightly pulled, dam she wanted him inside her now. “Shane I want your cock in me” she whispered into his ear.
The fact that this normally innocent sweet girl was now talking dirty to him was probably the most arousing and erotic thing that had ever happened to him. “Pleeease” she moaned
And now she was begging, that was it he almost came on the spot. He didn’t know what he did to deserve this gorgeous girl to beg for him but dam he hoped he’d do it again. With that he hiked up her dress and pulled it over her head, she returned by pulling up his shirt. As he started to kiss her neck and suck in one of her breasts her hands went down to unbutton his jeans, Shane was so dam happy he forgot to put on underwear and lifted his hips while sucking on her nipple so that she could slide down his jeans. He had a decent sized 8 inches but it was enough to make Babe go wide eyed and “ Your so big I can’t wait to have you inside me,” and she began pump his cock with her hands. Shane groaned, “Uh dam Babe”
She giggled once again, “No one’s ever made me as hot as you have, I’ve never wanted anyone’s dick this bad,” she “Well baby its all yours”
Shane lifted her up so he pull her thong down but suddenly was overcome by the urge to just rip her panties in half, so as she was standing above him he took the strap of her thong and tore it and watched as it fell to her ankle. Babe braced her hands onto his shoulders and lowered herself onto him, and his tip just barely entering her, she decided to play since she was the once in control. She allowed him to enter a little bit before raising out reach, she lowered and let him enter her a little more before raising. This time as she was about to exit him again his arm came around her waist and forced her down on top of him so he could fill her completely and she gasped and moaned by the sudden take of his He thrusted inside of her while she bobbed up and down, one hand fondling her boob and the other entangled in her hair, dam she looked like a crazy cowgirl going crazy for him, and she moaned and moaned.

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       She place her hands back on his shoulders and allowed him to fill her completely before she leaned back  circling her hips while him still inside of her, the continued their grind, while his balls where up against her ass before she came back up and started bobbing up and down “Oh yeah Shane, I love your big cock inside me” And he loved her moaning for him. He pulled her down into a deep kiss so he could eat her moans while he thrusted deep inside of her. The pressure was building up and they could both feel themselves climaxing but Shane was going to let her go first, he reached down between their conjoined bodies and started massaging her “Uhhh…. OOhh, Oh my god Shane!” she screamed, “ Oh Fuck I’m gonna cum!”
    She came with and explosion, and continued to thrust till he felt his orgasm and he shot his load, it was on the most powerful orgasms he’d ever had. She collapsed onto his chest and they laid there panting trying to catch their breath. “Sweet Jesus, you trying to kill me” Shane chuckled.
    Babe grinned and looked up at him and then kissed him, “That was the most amazing sex I’ve ever “Ha, I never knew you were that kinda girl “I’m normally not, but like I said I’ve never wanted anyone’s cock as much as “How about we make it I’m the only cock you’ll ever want,”
    Babe quirked a brow, “What are you saying”
    Shane grinned, “I’m saying little miss innocent only sugars me from now on”

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