Love Thy Neighbor


One warm spring night she had delivered some candy for her latest fund-raiser and I was writing her a check. She was talking about school and other things as usual (that part never changed), but when I gave the check to her she gave me a big hug, kissed my cheek, and told me how much she appreciated my supporting the things that she was doing. I was very surprised, but being hugged and kissed (even on the cheek) by a nice-looking, sweet-smelling girl produced just the reaction that you might expect. I had to pull back a little so that she wouldn't feel my stiffening dick. I mumbled some sort of nice thing and sent her on her way, but my dick stayed hard long after she was gone. I must admit, I masturbate frequently, but it hadn't been that hard in a long time. I really enjoyed the feeling, while telling myself that it was really silly to let her affect me that way. She was back only a week or so later, selling something (I don't know what and don't care). As she was showing me the brochure and explaining everything, she moved close and her tits pressed against my arm. I'm surprised that my cock didn't tear its way out of my pants right then, but it tried. And when I gave her my order she hugged and thanked me again, but this time pressed herself against me so that I was certain that she felt my erection. It was all very "innocent" but I was sure that she had done it intentionally. A couple of weeks later she came and said that she wanted to ask me some questions about applying for college, since I had taught for many years. We were talking about that and other things when she asked, "Jeff (she had always used my first name, even when she was little), do you think I'm pretty?" Typical female trick, bringing in a new subject out of left field. "Yes, I do, Kelly, but why do you ask?" I answered. "Well, I dunno.

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   I don't date much, and boys don't talk to me much. I guess maybe that's because I'm so shy around them. I can't ever think of anything to say. But I wondered if it's just because I'm not pretty enough. ""Kelly," I said, "I can assure you, you are a very pretty girl. And I love talking with you. Maybe sometimes you have trouble talking to boys because they don't have much to say, either. ""Well, maybe," she answered, "but that doesn't help much. I still don't get many dates, and would you believe it, I have never even been kissed. " She was silent for a moment, then said, "Would you kiss me?" I thought about it a moment and couldn't see how that was a problem, so I held her shoulders gently and gave her a kiss. She laughed. "Not that kind, silly, I've had that kind. I mean a real kiss. You know what I mean. " I was afraid that I did know what she meant.

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   And I was afraid that I could never stop with just one kiss. She's a pretty and very sweet girl and I was a very horny guy. "Come on, Jeff, a girl's got to have her first kiss sometime, and we've been friends for a long time. I'd much rather learn from you than from some boy who might not know how to do it right. Come on, please?" And before I knew it she crushed her body to mine and began her "real kiss. " She was right, she really didn't know how, but my reflexes took over, and before I knew it our tongues were dueling and we were exploring each other with wild abandon. She began breathing very hard, and speaking of hard, I was soon making a huge tent in the light running shorts that I was wearing. Finally I ended it and pulled back. "Wow," she said, "that was a hundred, a thousand times nicer than I thought it would be. Can we do it again?" I hesitated and she looked down meaningfully at the lump in my pants. "I know that you enjoyed it, too. Can we do it again?" she repeated. A warning bell went off in my head. "Kelly, we shouldn't be doing this. You are too young and your parents would have a fit if they found out.

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   And it could lead to things that you aren't ready for yet. ""Oh, they won't find out," she told me. "They are out of town for the week and it's just me and my brother. And he is out all of the time and couldn't care less when I come in, if at all. And I know exactly where things can lead. What do you think happens in a lot of those dreams that I have told you about? I'm ready to become a woman and I want you to teach me. " Omigod. Jailbait city and here I am with a hardon and resolve that is disappearing quickly. She stepped up to me, took me in her arms, and proceeded to kiss me again, showing what she had learned, with interesting and exciting variations. In a few seconds we were devouring each other like old lovers newly reunited. I was tasting and enjoying every part of her mouth and wishing that it could be mine forever. And I could feel that a damp spot was growing on the front of my shorts as pre-cum made its way out in an ever-increasing stream. But every kiss has to end sometime and finally we broke the kiss but remained in each other's arms. We were both breathing fast and wanting more and wondering what it would be like. Somehow I dredged up a tiny grain of sanity.

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   "Kelly," I told her, "I'll make a deal with you. I want very much to make love to you, and I want it to be an experience that you will remember and cherish forever. But I also want you to be utterly sure that it is really what you want, too. So today let's just do some things that will feel really nice, and in a few days, if you still want to "become a woman" I'll take care of that, too. Is that Ok?"She nodded. "What should I do, undress now?" Yes, she was eager. "No, sweetheart, I'd like to do that for you. You just relax and enjoy it. " I led her over to the couch and had her lie back. I kissed her again, very gently this time, then kissed the tip of her nose just as gently, then her forehead, her lips again, the hollow of her throat, and both earlobes, taking plenty of time. As I did all of this I very slowly began to undo the buttons of the light summer blouse that she was wearing. I knew that she wasn't wearing a bra and I wanted the experience to be as sensual as possible for her. When the last button was undone I started to slide the blouse off her shoulders, kissing each area of her body as it was exposed. She began to tremble a little and breathe even faster. As the blouse came off I kissed each nipple and licked it lightly, cupping the breast in my hands.

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   I kissed her passionately again, now alternately circling her nipples and pinching and twisting them a bit. As I did this, nature began to take over and she instinctively reached down to caress my cock. I moved her hands over it to show her what felt good. "Are you ready for the next step, sweetheart?" I asked as I touched the top of her shorts. I wasn't sure she could even talk now, but she whispered, "I'm ready. "My lips left a trail of moist kisses down her body as I slowly removed her shorts. Long before they came off, though, I caught the scent of a highly aroused woman-child, sweet and fresh and tangy. Now I couldn't wait, and quickly finished removing her shorts and panties. Her pussy was everything that I could ever have dreamed about, warm and moist and inviting, very lightly furred, and I could no longer wait to taste it. My tongue touched all around the outer lips, flicking into the slit sometimes, pushing lightly against her vagina occasionally. She was mumbling a constant monologue now. "Omigod, it feels so good. Oh, oh, oh, I can't take any more, no, I can't take it. Oh, please don't stop. No more.

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  " I'm sure she didn't know that she was contradicting herself, and didn't care. I kept teasing her, flicking my tongue close to her clit but not touching. Her juices were flowing freely now, and I was lapping up every drop and wishing for more. How can a girl taste so good? I had promised not to fuck her today, but I couldn't resist giving her an energetic tongue-fuck. Her pussy was just as tight as I'd expected and even sweeter inside. The taste is always a little different inside. As I moved my tongue in and out and around inside her cunt she began bouncing and trying to force it deeper and deeper. I could feel her hymen, just sitting there waiting for some lucky guy. And smelling and tasting her had gotten my dick so hard that I thought it would split. Finally I sensed that she had reached her peak and truly needed to cum. Now I moved to her clit, alternately flicking it back and forth, sucking on it, ringing it with my tongue, and sucking on it some more. It had peeked well out from its little sheath and raised up as if pleading for attention. In only a few minutes she raised her hips as high as she could and screamed something totally incoherent. I've never heard a woman cum quite that way before. It was almost an animal sound.

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   I don't think I could ever have an orgasm that intense. The scream lasted several seconds as she pressed her pussy tightly against my mouth. When she finally collapsed to the couch I moved up beside her and just held her, lightly caressing her body with my free hand. She laid her head on my shoulder and sobbed. I almost thought that she was crying, but she was smiling a little and it was just the extreme emotion of the moment, gradually dissipating in my arms. I held her a long time, until her body was quiet and relaxed again, giving her occasional soft kisses. I couldn't help stroking her tits over and over again. They are so beautiful and tender and innocent. If you have never had anyone so sweet and innocent in your arms, I just can't tell you how it feels. "I love you," she whispered. "I love you, too, sweetheart," I told her. "You are a very special girl and you deserve to be loved. " No, she didn't mean forever, and neither did I, but she probably felt more loved in that moment than ever before. Finally she raised up, smiled gently as she motioned toward my still-rigid erection and said, "Your turn. " I hadn't even taken off my clothes up to this point, but we tore them off quickly and as I lay back she began to masturbate me slowly.


   She experimented a bit and soon learned what to do to give me the most pleasure. Her hands were caressing my dick as if it were her most prized possession. "It felt really good when you used your tongue on me. Would you like it if I did that to you?" she asked. "Oh yes, sweetheart, it would be wonderful," I gasped. She was a little hesitant, but she put out her tongue and licked the head, then rimmed it and put her lips around it and licked the hole, as if checking the taste. Suddenly she seemed to make a decision and engulfed it in her warm mouth, swirling her tongue, sipping, sucking, moving up and down, caressing my balls, all of the things that guys wish girls would do. I feel certain that she had never done that to any male before, but I believe that she had thought about it (and maybe read about it) and decided how she wanted to do it. It felt incredibly good when she moved her mouth up and down while sliding her tongue along my shaft, sucking in little bursts. And occasionally she would pull her mouth off and just kiss the head while continuing to masturbate me. Wow, I thought, if she does this well the first time, how will it be when she gets some practice?Finally I had to tell her, "Sweetheart, I'm almost ready to cum. Do you think you can keep doing that while I do?" I had finally found her limit for the day, though. She looked up at me and almost seemed ready to cry. "I . .

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  . I don't think I'm ready for that yet. " And I did see tears in her eyes. "It's OK, sweetheart, just keep doing what you are doing then, and I'll warn you. " And I did, so that she could pull her mouth off and squirt the cum on my chest. And it just kept coming and coming. I don't believe I ever came that hard, even when I was 20. Finally, as the spurts slowed down, she put her mouth over my cock again and carefully sucked out the last couple, and continued to suck gently until all of the spasms had ceased. Then she looked up, smiled, and told me, "That wasn't so bad. I think I can do it all next time. ""It was wonderful, babydoll, you did great. Come here. " I pulled her up onto the couch with me again, and we held each other and kissed and caressed for a long time as the sexual glow died. Eventually I became hard again and introduced her to 69, and she proved that indeed she could do it all. I responded by giving her an encore of my tongue, with some variations that she enjoyed.

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  That was 3 days ago, and her parents are home again now, so it may be a while before I find out whether she really wants me to "make her a woman. " I don't mind. I really do want her to think it over carefully. It's a big step in her life. And whatever her decision is, I know that I made her feel really loved and cherished for a little while. But I also know that I will never be able to turn her down. She made me feel loved, too. .
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