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As for my business, it's been pretty clean cut. Not doing to shabby. Making enormous sales. Now, the next step is to get it dirty. Make my business be unstoppable. How? Connections. I drink and smoke every weekend with top spenders at luxury bars and hotels. I got them in my palm, yet i can't grasp the dirty fuckers into connecting with my business and making a deal. I sit in my library everyday pondering over what that one thing I have to have to reel them in is. Something every guy wants. Poor or rich men. That is. . . fresh young pussy. The exact thing I myself was looking for.

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   Katherine has been nagging at me about how she is so upset that the last kid is "leaving the nest". I am about to shit my pants with delight as soon as Tiffany is gone. Katherine has shoved adoption forms, foster parent forms and even pregnancy tests in my face for months. A light bulb went on in my head. If we adopted some young teen girl, I could coax her into being my little naughty business catch. Make sense. . . Maybe. I went downstairs to where Katherine was making tea. I pulled out the chair and sat beside her. Trying to be as loving as I could pretend, I told her how I was feeling upset cause I want another little daddy's girl again. She burst into tears and was smiling with joy. The very next day she sent me out in search of adoption agencies. It was a gloomy day out.

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   Drizzle was sprinkling onto my window. I was driving down some back ally short cut into the main streets of LA When I happened to see a young blonde hair, cute girl dressed in a tight little mini skirt with a pink push up bra on and a over coat, covering very little of her young body. She was damp from the light rain and looked like she'd been here for awhile as she stared at the ground. She was just sitting on some old tomato box behind Big Jacks all Italian Buffet. I slowed my newly special designed Escalade to a hault next to her and rolled down the window. "Do you need a ride?" I asked. "No, I'm Fine, Why do I LOOK like I need a ride from you!" She said with a snap of her eyes. "It was just a question. " I shot back at her. "And before you ask how much I cost for one night, I'll answer you. I'm not for sale!" She said as she grinned. "I see, actually, I have a proposition for you dear, if you get in. " I said. She gave me a sly look, but with out hesitation she jumped off the box and wiggled her tight ass around to the passenger door. I opened it for her letting her slip into the seat beside me and we drove away.

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   As I pulled on the busy streets in LA I asked how old she was. "I'm almost 17, and yes I'm a runaway. But not from here. From New Jersey. I always wanted to live here. My parents didn't want me anyhow. " She spouted out. I about swiped off the road when the idea hit me. I could tell my wife that this is our new daughter. Yes I'd have to bullshit paper work and files, but this could work. A new child in the house, and a new lay and business increase by my new little girl. "Now, This is going to sound completely fucked up, but, my name is James Caulfield. I own a rising company, and I'm stuck at the level I'm at. If I had you as my personal fuck buddie and my personal business slut for all my deal droppers, and at the same time my daughter. This could all work out for you and me.

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  " I said trying to explain in detail yet short. "Wait, hold up, You mean, I'd be your daughter to everyone, yet sleep with you when you want me to and sleep with men you need to deal with and yet give me a home and food?" She said trying to take it all in. "Yes, not many girls get this treatment, I'll treat you like my goddess. I have 3 kids, one is close to your age, but she won't bother you. Also, there is my wife. She will love you and want to teach you stuff. You will go to a private school and be raised as a rich, sufisticated young lady. At the same time, no one will know our dirty little secret. " I spouted out. Her eyes looked at me with shock. I didn't know what more to say. She totally understood the situation though. "Well, I like the idea. Okay, I never thought I would give into anything like this so fast. But I'm all yours Daddy.

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  " She said with a huge cocky smile on her face. "Perfect my doll. " As I ran my hand over her damp thigh and up her skirt a little. We headed to a hotel I am personally good friends with. They lead us up to the suit number 1. It was my special room for me and my special guest. We causally walked in. She started giggling like a little child. "I have never even been in a place this nice, I wonder what your house will be like!" She said with excitement. I told her to come to me. And she did. I started to kiss her perfect lips. I could tell she had done this a few times. She started to explore my mouth, while I ran my hands up the middle of her back. I asked her if I could get a taste of what was in store for me for years to come.

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   She gladly seemed ready. I didn't have to tell her much. She was undressing herself with her back to me. I noticed on her lower back it said M A G G Y . It hit me that I never asked her what her name was. So I figured it was Maggy. I decided to ask her to turn around. I used the name maggy and she flipped around and I got a look of her C size full grown tits of hers. I about melted. She started to unzip her skirt and wiggled it off. Finally she was standing there in the nude in front of me. I felt my man begin to grow in my pants. I told her I wanted her to lay down. I was ready for some young tight cunt. .

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