Matt and Suze... and Kerry: Part 2


You may want to dig up the golden oldie part 1: Matt, Suze. . . and Kerry before you read be jealous, Sweetie,” said Suze.   “We’re in this together now. ”
Susan Martin and I had just made love for the first time.   We were lying naked on some towels in the back of her parents’ SUV.  Me and Suze… and Suze’s 13 year old sister Kerry.   My hard-on was still buried deep in Suze, and Kerry’s hand was between us and loosely wrapped around my member.
“That was awesome!” said Kerry.   “When you stopped pushing, I could feel you shooting your stuff, Matt!”
“Oh, God,” I said.   “I’m going to Hell. ”  I carefully pulled out of Suze, gently pulled Kerry’s hand from my penis, and rolled onto my back between the two girls.
Suze chuckled, threw an arm around me, and nuzzled her face into my neck.   “It WAS pretty awesome, Matt.   Okay, so the educational portion of the evening went a little further than I thought it would, but I guarantee you that Kerry is really good at keeping a secret.

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  ”  Suze ran her hand over my chest and abs.   “Nobody’s forcing her to watch us, and she’ll be doing this herself in just a few years anyway, so it’s really no big deal. ”
Lost as I was in post-coital bliss, her argument made perfect sense to me.   I concentrated on the feel of her hand as it moved lower and over my dick.
“My God, you’re still hard, Matt!” said Suze.   “You’re some kind of machine!”
“Like I said: it’s my first time, and you’re so beautiful, and I’ve wanted you for so long… and you’re touching me,” I said.  
Suze sighed and kissed me deeply, passionately, one hand in my hair and the other stroking my manhood.
“Are you going to fuck again?” said Kerry.
“Kerry,” said Suze, “We didn’t… do that.   We made love. ”
“What’s the difference?”
“Maybe we’ll show you. ”
“Can you do that sucking thing again first?”
“Sure, if it’s okay with Matt.   Is it?”
“Are you kidding?” I said.
Suze kissed her way down my body until, without preamble, her lips encircled my shaft and her mouth and throat engulfed all of me, down to the root.   I groaned.

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“How do you do that?” said Kerry.   Her face was inches away from Suze’s as she watched her big sister deep throat me.   “It’s too big to all fit in your mouth, isn’t it?”
Suze pulled away from me.   A little string of her saliva trailed from her lips to the tip of my cock.   Her hand kept jacking me as she answered.   “Well, yeah, it’s too big to all fit in my mouth.   I sort of open my throat and take him all the way in. ”
Kerry’s mouth hung open.   “In your throat?  How do you do that?  Why don’t you gag?  Does he shoot his stuff down your throat?”
“No, when he’s ready to come I’ll back off a little so that he comes in my mouth.   That way, I can taste him. ”
“Ugh, I remember seeing that,” said Kerry.   But she didn’t look disgusted.   She looked fascinated.
“Do you want to try kissing it?” said Suze.
“Sure, I guess,” said Kerry
Oh, man.

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    I was hot for Suze, not her little sister.   On the other hand, the idea of a little girl sucking me off… 
A little girl.   “Uh, Suze…” I said.
“Education, remember Matt?  Okay, Kerry, first wrap your hand around his dick and jack him off, like I’m doing here. ”  I watched as Suze removed her hand and Kerry took over.
“Like this?” Kerry asked.   Her little hand flew up and down my erect shaft, and I moaned.
“Slower,” said Suze.   Kerry’s hand movement slowed and became gentler and more. . . loving.   “That’s better.   Now, when you’re ready, use your mouth and tongue.   Careful not to bite.

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As I watched, Kerry lowered her head and I felt her hot breath on the tip of my dick while her hand continued to slowly masturbate me.   She gave my penis a little girl kiss, then tentatively stuck her tongue out and licked the sensitive underside of my shaft.   My whole body shivered, and I said, “Ungh. ”
“Cool,” said Kerry.
“See,” Suze said.   “He likes it.   Do it some more. ”
Kerry looked up into my eyes as she once again ran her tongue up and down the underside of my hard-on.   I moaned, and my hands went of their own accord to the back of her head, urging her on.
“Take him into your mouth, if you’re ready,” said Suze.
Still looking at me, Kerry opened her mouth and wrapped her little lips around the head of my penis.   She sort of stayed that way, with the tip in her mouth and her hand still moving over the shaft.
“Good!  Now take as much of him as you can into your mouth, and make some suction, like it’s a big candy cane. ”  Kerry did.   “Now keep sucking while you pull your mouth almost all the way off, and start moving your hand again as your mouth uncovers his dick.

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    And keep doing that: mouth, hand, mouth, hand.   And use your tongue as much as you want. ”
Kerry was a fast learner, and she was really getting into it.   I started moaning and wriggling around, and when she realized that it was her mouth and hand that were causing it, she started going faster.
“Unnh.   Unnh.   Oh.   My.   God.   Kerry, you’re making me come.   I’m going to come!”
Kerry pulled her mouth off of me, but her hand kept going.   “What should I do, Suze?”
Suze smiled.   “That depends, Sweetie.   Do you want him to come in your mouth like he did with me?”
“I don’t know,” said Kerry.   Her hand kept jerking me off, and my moans were getting more intense.

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    “I want to try, but I’m afraid I won’t like it. ”
 “It’s starting,” I gasped.   “I’m starting to come!”
“Why don’t you let him come in your mouth, and if you like it you can swallow it, and if you don’t like it you can spit it out.   How’s that?”
“Okay,” said Kerry.   She took a deep breath, put her mouth around my dick again, and started suctioning me hard.   And that was all it took.
“Oh God, Oh God, OH GOD!” I yelled out as my balls tightened, my body started bucking, and my hot sperm shot into little Kerry’s mouth.   Waves of pleasure overtook me, so strong that I thought I might pass out.   But I had to know.   With supreme effort, and in the midst of my orgasm, I raised my head up to see what Kerry would do.
The little girl was swallowing my come as fast as she could.   As I watched she pulled her head back, and consequently took the last couple of spurts on her face.   She immediately stuck out her tongue, lapped up the come dripping onto her upper lip, and swirled it around in her mouth.   “Mmmm!” she said.   “I like it!”
Suze laughed.

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    “Me, too, Sweetie!”  She leaned over and licked another drip from Kerry’s face, then licked Kerry’s lips, and then, to my surprise, gave Kerry a long, deep kiss.   Kerry’s eyes opened wide, then closed as she got into the kiss.   Then Suze pulled back.
“Well, Matt” she said, “you’re finally getting soft!”  As she played with my penis, a drop of come squeezed out of the tip.   Suze dipped down to lick it up.
“Hey!” said Kerry.   She reached over and squeezed another drop out and licked it up herself.    Then, before I knew it, both girls had their heads in my crotch and were squeezing my dick and licking the tip and shaft.
“Oh, I never thought I’d say these words, but please stop licking my dick!” I said.   “It’s too sensitive!”
Both of them said “Sorry, Matt,” making it sound like stereo.   They let go and moved up to lay along side me.   I hugged them both and, just because I could, moved until I had a hand cupping one breast on each girl.   I sighed.
“I really am going to Hell, I think,” I said.   “I just had sex with a 12 year old girl.

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“No, you didn’t,” said Suze.   “You helped teach my sister how to give a blowjob.   No big deal.   What you and I did… now THAT was sex!  You rocked my world. ”
“Can Matt and I have sex?” said Kerry.
Suze looked at me and grinned.
I am, without a doubt, going straight to Hell.