Memorial Day Fun. Chapter 1.


Chapter 1. Part 2. The Set up and the StoryIt was a day before Memorial Day, and my Cousin Sonny, and my uncle Bill and Wanda were supposed to come up from Bellview. Plus my Dad invited his friend, Erin and his wife and child over. I woke up at about 10 AM, after going to sleep at 3 AM the previous night, as I am a serious night owl. My mother was sitting in the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee, as was my father, at the opposite end of the table. I was very groggy, and sighed, looking up. "Hey honey, Why don't you take a shower before everyone gets here, hon'? So that way you'll look nice and all. " I sighed. "All right. . " I said. I opened the basement door, and sat on the railing, sliding on down. Our basement isn't huge having a TV and stuff. There is my uncles room, which has a TV, a recliner, a closet, a night stand and everything. But it was real small.

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   Back around the corner was the dressers and shit. And all the way in the back was the laundry room, which had a solid-as-hell concrete floor, also where an extra refrigerator and a washer and drier was. I stepped up to the dresser, as my cat, Stripes, leapt up onto it. I simply smiled and gave her a scratch on the ear as she purred. I grabbed ahold of a red Fernando Vinã #4 Jersey, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of red boxers. Next was a collection that I adored with all of my heart. I ran upstairs, and into my room and slid open my closet door. On a huge rack, was every MLB Team Fitted Cap in production. I never wore my Cardinals cap, as It was personally signed by half of the Cardinals team, including Darryl Kile when he was alive. I closed my eyes and grabbed one, ending up with a Minnesota Twins hat. I got my towels and shit, and laid my clothes out across the toilet, before exiting into the bathroom. 20 minutes or so passed, and I emerged from the bathroom, looking good. "You look good, Hon!" said my mother as my dad scoffed playfully. "Shut up, bitch. " I said to my father playfully.

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   Yes, I know. I cursed infront of my parents. My father, and 3 brothers (Who aren't at all by my current Mom, but by different moms way before I was born, and they are like 30+ years old) taught me to curse out of thinking it was cute back when I was like 5 or 6. Now I caught on, and I can't stop. I playfully slapped my dad on the arm, and he patted me back saying I looked spiffy. I grinned and pet his head, before going back in my room to watch TV for a while. Chapter 1. Part 3. Sonny, Danielle and EmilyQuite afew hours passed before my cousin Sonny and Aunt Wanda and Uncle Bill arrived. I ran out of my room and hugged Sonny, as it had been about acouple weeks since I had seen him. I patted my Uncle Bill on the back, and kissed my Aunt Wanda on the cheek, before I slapped the shit out of Sonny upside the head. "Yo. We're going biking across the street before anyone gets here" I said. He rubbed his head and punched me in the arm before agreeing. We ran through the house, and outside onto the deck.

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   I leapt over the railing, and Sonny jumped off the steps. I pulled the garage keys out of my Dads back pocket, who was starting up the Barbecue. Unlocking the door, I pulled out two Highlander Huffy bikes, and jumped on, heading across the street. We rode for about an hour or two, until my Mom called me on my cell, telling me everyone was here. I did a U turn in the parking lot, and head up the hill, with Sonny, crossing the street, back down the drive way and into the yard. In the yard, was sitting Erin, My dads friend. He is about 6'0"+ tall and well over 200 pounds, a big guy. His wife Angela is pretty big, and has serious back problems. And finally Rebecca, his daughter. 8 Years old, she was a beautiful young girl, a fuckin' hottie. I smiled, and waved, not being too talkative, as we put the bikes away, and immediately darted over to the playhouse. Wayne, Sonny's brother and my other closest cousin, stepped through the door, outside. He is well over 6 foot tall, and only 150 pounds. Lanky. He is 24, by the way.

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   He walked out with us, and sat down against the playhouse, givin' me a hug and everything. Me and Sonny fucked around for a while, before I saw something that brought one of the biggest smiles on my face all day. Danielle and Emily, my two ex girlfriends, were walking down the street, and turned into my yard, just to say Hi. I slowly trotted over, and grabbed Danielle's hand, kissing it softly, follow'd by Emily's. They blushed deep dark red, and just giggled. ` Hello, Ladies. . `` I said softly. And they just giggled more. Sonny sat off to the side, and was extremely shy. `` Hey, Jay. . `` said Danielle. I grinned. Danielle is about 5'1" or 5'2", real short, and is my Age.

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   She has really filled out since I first met her, and to tell the truth, even though I am only 12, I still think I love her. She has long dirty dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and has a retainer or braces or something of the sort, but is still extremely beautiful. Her chest has extremely filled out more, now I'd say to a B-Cup, and has one of the best bodies on a twelve year old girl I have ever seen. Emily, who is like a year younger, is BEST friends with Danielle. Her hair is so Blonde its almost white. She also has blue eyes, and is about 5'3" or so. Her body isn't as good, but its fair enough. Her chest may still be an A-Cup, but I'm not sure. I slowly leaned against the fence separating my yard from the empty neighbors yard. `` What's going' on? `` I said. I was always acting dumb or silly around them to make them laugh. We chatted for a while, and I kept prompting Sonny to come over, but he practically refused. I sighed, and turned back, where Danielle seemed to be staring somewhere. `` Ahem. .

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   Is that a cell phone in your pocket? `` She chimed in, grinning deviously. I looked up inquisitively, and wittily said, still acting like an idiot. `` Yes. . It is. . But uh. . Why in the blue hell are you looking at my pockets, babe? ``She blushed the deepest darkest red that I have ever seen in my life, and busted out laughing with Emily. She paused. `` Don't you realize its more than just your pockets I've been looking at all this time? `` She licked her lips, and immediately, I got hard. `` Mreow. . `` I grinned, and they giggled at each other. I slowly stepped back as they follow'd.

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  `` You two wanna come over to the brush with me? ``There was a severe wood-like area next to my house, and there was a clearing where I took girls who I wanted private time with. My parents were distracted, and I headed off to the brush with Danielle and Emily, while Sonny was talking to Wayne. Immediately, I pulled Danielle into me, deeply kissing her on the lips. We had fooled around before, where I had massaged her clit until she had orgasm'd. But this was like 2 years ago. I slowly backed into a tree, as Danielle got to her knees on the dirt. She unbuckled my belt, and quickly jerked down my pants and boxers, revealing my oversized 7 1/2 inch cock, stiff as a rock. Emily slowly laid down under Danielle, pulling off her shorts and blue cotton panties, softly running her tongue up and down her lips, as Danielle wrapped her full, juicy lips around my head, softly pushing into it, moaning lightly as Emily began to finger her clit. I softly pushed into her sucking, as both of her hands were placed onto my thighs for extra support. Suddenly, a loud moan was vibrating against my cock, as Emily darted her tongue into Dani's pussy. I let out a moan of my own, but had to stay relatively quiet, not wanting anyone to hear. I quickly grasped onto Dani's long beautiful hair, closing my eyes as Emily shoved a finger into Danielle. `` Mmmm. . `` was the sound against my cock as Dani began to suck harder, prompting me as she took her right hand and began to massage my sac.

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   I let out a gasp, and slowly pushed forward, whispering down towards her. `` Oh fuck Dani. . I'm gonna cum, baby. . `` She began to suck harder, as Emily sucked deep on Dani's clit. I shoved my cock further down Dani's throat, and Emily began to suck harder, while Dani almost began to bounce onto Em's face. My balls tightened in her hand, as hot, sticky, jet streams of cum bursted into Danielle's mouth. Dani came at the same time, pouring cum down into Emily's mouth. After sucking me clean, Danielle kinda wiped her mouth with a grin, and sighed in bliss. I slowly pulled my jeans up, wrapping both arms around their waist, as Dani got redressed. We snuck back over near the exit of the yard, and talked abit more, before the girls finally had to go. I gave Dani and Em' a kiss on the cheek before they left, and yelled Bye. Chapter 1. Part 4.

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   Rebecca. Sonny walked over, and shoved me playfully, and I took off after him in a chase. I leapt at him, and missed, taking a tumble forwards, I shook my head as Rebecca giggled from afar. I smiled at her, and took back off after Sonny. After an hour or so, we got bored, and decided to play alil' catch/hit game. Me and Sonny started off tossing the ball back and forth, Me wearing my Tan, Woody Williams signed glove, and Sonny, a huge baseball fan himself, having as many caps and jerseys as I have, wearing his Ken Griffey Junior glove, Mariners backwards cap, and a Mike Cameron jersey. He loved Seattle. After a while, Wayne, another huge Baseball fan jumped in. It was a pure baseball family. There were three of us, all wearing Baseball memorabilia. Wayne was a hard-core Mets fan. He was wearing a Piazza Jersey, and a Mets cap frontwards. I ran inside and grabbed my bat, as we just took turns cracking the ball with the bat. After a while we got bored again, and Wayne went inside to play video games. Sonny and I kept playing catch, before Rebecca started to be a lil bitch and steal the ball.

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   I warned her to give it back and she said No. I snarled, and took it forcefully, as we proceeded to play. Rebecca was a little bitch the whole time from then on, as I was starting to get pissed, always stealing the ball and everything. I patted Sonny on the back, telling him I'd take care of her. I found out that Rebecca and Sonny would be spending the night, and that's when I got happy. I looked to Sonny, and slowly nodded at him, telling him the plan. He smirked, as we played some more catch, and finally, ate dinner. Me and Sonny headed back outside while it was still light, and this time, we decided to play some soccer, even though I hate the sport. I ended up winning 1-2, and he speared me down playfully, but barely, due to him being so small and me so big. Rebecca ran out now, and stole the ball, and that was the final straw. I gave Sonny a nod, signaling that the plan would go down tonight as planned. He smiled, as we slowly stood up, and walked off to our secret spot. Which was the completely empty neighbors house, which had no furniture or nothing in it, as the owner had died 2 years before. We headed downstairs into the basement, where we had set up our own little hangout spot. We knew no one would buy the house, as it was not for sale.


  . And from there, we worked out our plan. . Hahaha. . To Be Continued. .