Chris\' 7 inch, black cock throbbed in his jeans as his best friend, Brooke slid her tongue around his neck, nibbling slightly. Chris moaned with pleasure and his deep moans only seemed to turn Brooke on more. She allowed him to remove her white tank top and bra, revealing her firm 34 B cup breasts. He bit his bottom lip at the sight of her perky breasts and he gently rubbed on her pink, erect nipples causing her to squirm and moan seductively. Brooke then removed his shirt, and let her hands travel down to his belt buckle. Their breathing was heavy and both of them were going crazy for one another.
"Chris, take it all off. Everything. Off. " Brooke whispered.
Chris lifted her off of him and placed her gently on the bed as he stripped slowly from his clothes, watching her do the same on his bed. "I\'m all yours sexy. "
Chris climbed on top of her and he quickly proceeded to tease her with his throbbing 7 inch cock. He used the head of his erect cock to firmly stroke her clit. The feeling of her clit was so enticing that he didn\'t know if he could help from cuming all over her tight, juicy pussy. He decided he wouldn\'t wait any longer, which didn\'t matter because she was practically screaming for him to fuck her.

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   Chris gently shoved his fully erect cock into her tight little pussy and began thrusting.
"Oh God, baby. Fuck me, Chris, fuck me!" Brooke yelled as Chris continued to thrust his cock into her.
"Bite me baby. " Chris groaned. "Lick my neck, bite my lips. Work your pussy right baby. "
Brooke bit his neck hard and with each bite, Chris fucked her harder. "Baby let me ride you with my nice, wet pussy. Let me fuck you better than before baby. Let me on top. "
Chris got on his back and pick her up, placing her pussy right above his big black cock. "Ready?"
She bit her bottom lip and nodded. "Yes baby please, I\'m ready!"
Chris crushed her pussy hard on his dick and she yelped out in slight pain, but enjoying his cock nonetheless. He let Brooke take control and she straddled him like she was a natural cowgirl.

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   She loved the way his dick felt all over her pussy. As she rode him, he aligned his thumb with her clit and rubbed it in circles. Brooke fucked faster and in an instant Chris cumed inside of her pussy.
 "Mmm baby. " Brooke moaned, lifting herself off of him and trailing down to lick the cum off his cock.
"You know I\'m the only one that can fuck you live that baby. " Chris smirked. "Your man can\'t even compare. "
Brooke smiled as she bit her lip. "I still want more baby. "
"More of this big black cock?" He teased.
She nodded. "My pussy won\'t stop throbbing baby. You get me so horny. "
Chris\' cock sprung up again and this time he shoved it into her tight, pink butthole.


  . . ; the moans continuing on until the sun came shining up.