Molly, Our Babysitter


My wife Jill and I met while I was in the Air Force in California. She was an ER nurse and I was a Firefighter/Paramedic. I always said it was love at first site. . . it as surely love the first time we had sex. . . We both enjoyed a wonderful sex life together. We had three kids, and she is still a nurse and I am still a firefighter. We still are very much in love but the sex life went south after the last baby. My wife had some problems, and we could not have any more kids. I got a vasectomy so our sex life could continue without the fear of her having another high risk pregnancy, but her troubles got worse. She ended up having a complete hysterectomy. After that she totally lost her sex drive and it killed both of us. She understood my needs and she would have sex with me and give me those fantastic blowjobs, but it was never the same.

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   I so much loved giving her pleasure but that was gone. We both felt bad and it put a strain on our marriage.

We were still in love and set about raising our kids and enjoying life in our lakefront house in small town USA. Molly was our babysitter. She started with us when she was in 7th grade. The kids loved her. We loved her too and because of our crazy shifts at work, Molly grew up with us. She had a shitty home life and loved being at our house. When she got in high school she excelled in sports and we did not see her as much during the school year…only on weekends. She watched our kid’s full time in the summer and grew up from a little redheaded girl to a beautiful woman right before our eyes. By now, she was almost 6 feet tall, very cute, and real jock in three sports. Because she was jock and was so tall, she scared the shit out of the boys her age. She did not have a boyfriend and my wife said she did not want one. I felt bad for her until one night right before her senior year started.

Jill and I had gone out that night, one of the few nights when our jobs allowed us to do so.

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   We had dinner and few drinks and got home about 11. Jill had to work the early shift the next day and I was off so I drew the job of taking Molly to her friends place on the lake where she was house sitting. Jill kissed the kids and went to bed and I walked Molly to the car for the ride around the lake. We got into the car and Molly asked me "Mr. Carson. . . do you think I am pretty?' I said, "Christ Molly, call me Rick and yes I think you are one of the most beautiful young women I know. " Molly smiled at me and said, " Rick you don't think I am too tall?" "Molly I am 6' 3" you would be perfect for me" I said. "Molly you are lucky I am not younger or I would be chasing you around myself wanting to be your boyfriend. " Molly looked at me and said "really Rick?"

I was enjoying flirting with her and she was blushing with all the attention I was paying her. She leaned over put her hand on mine and kissed me on the cheek. I almost drove off the road. . .

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  it was my turn to blush. She then dropped the biggest bombshell of my life on me. "Rick I have always thought about you and I together. . . you said if you were younger you would be my boyfriend. . . we would be a perfect fit together. . . well I don't care how old you are. . . would you make love to me?" I was stunned.


   I loved Jill but suddenly I wanted this girl as bad as anything in my life I dearly wanted to please a woman again. We pulled into the place on the lake and she told me no one would be home for another week. She asked me again if I would make love to her. I told her I was married and she should be with boys her own age. That is when she hit me hard again. She said she hated the boys her age and she wanted to make love to a real man. She also said that she knew that Jill and I were not having sex much any more that Jill had told her about our troubles and Jill said I was a fantastic lover but she did not enjoy it anymore. She asked me again if I would be her first lover. How could I say no? She was beautiful, tall, sexy, and she wanted me.

We walked into the house, and as the door shut, she turned to face me. She said she knew a little about making love from reading Cosmo and I should tell her if she was doing something wrong. I laughed to myself. . . fucking Cosmo.

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   She told me she was not a virgin, that her freshman year at volleyball camp all the girls broke their cherries with a dildo one of the girls snuck into camp…but she had never had a real boyfriend.

With that, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me with as much passion as any woman had ever kissed me with. Our tongues met and danced in her mouth then she started sucking on my tongue while my hands slowly cupped her full c-cup breasts. She was not wearing a bra and she opened her eyes wide and smiled at me. She started to unbutton my shirt as she kissed and licked my neck and chest. I was dumbfounded by her talents. . . . fucking Cosmo?

I figured I had better bring my A-game for this young beauty. I started working her tits and rubbing her nipples through her top. She responded by taking my shirt off and undoing my belt. She felt the bulge in my pants and then cupped my balls. She next unbuttoned my Dockers, and dropped them to the floor. I kicked my shoes and pants off in one motion and then pulled her top off to expose the most perfect set of breasts I have ever seen.

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   She asked me if I liked them. I told her that she was absolutely gorgeous.

She said know it was her turn to look at me. She dropped my shorts and my thick, nine-inch cock sprang to attention. Her jaw dropped as she stared at it. She looked up at me and said holy shit Rick, is this going to work? Honey, we will make it work. I pressed her into the wall and started working her nipples as I kissed her deeply. She dropped her hand down and found my stiff prick. I dropped my hand down to hers and started moving her hand up and down my shaft. She picked up a slow rhythm right away and I moaned my approval. I broke off our kiss and kissed and licked my way down to her nipples. She groaned as I inhaled one into my mouth. I pushed her boobs together and inhaled both of her nips into my mouth at the same time. Her legs buckled and she started pumping my cock faster.

I pulled away from her and I told her it was time for her to get naked.

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   I slid her jeans off and then that sexy thong and took the first look at that sweet pussy. It was neatly shaved with just a thin strip of red hair. Her lips were full and puffy and very wet and oh that sweet musty smell of a woman! I told her “Molly that is just gorgeous!” I sat her on one of the padded bar stools at the bar and knelt before her. I scooted her ass so that I had total access to her pussy. Then I stood up and I started with her nipples again sucking them both into my mouth at the same time. I cupped her tits with my big warm hands and flicked my tongue back and forth across her nipples making them stand up like erasers on a pencil. She gasped with pleasure. Then she watched me kiss my way down her tight belly to her pussy.

I knelt down before her and spread open her pussy with my thumbs to expose her inner lips and clit. “Rick are you going to eat my pussy she asked”. . . ”yes Molly and you are really going to enjoy this,” I said. I started licking at the bottom of her slit and worked my way up to her clit then stopped. She threw her head back and let out a lusty moan.

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   I repeated this several more times and then licked her clit directly. She gasped and grabbed my hair. I inserted my tongue into her and began flicking it from the bottom up to her clit. When I got to her clit and started flicking, kissing and licking it she pulled my hair again.

By this time, she was really wet so I inserted my long middle finger into her. Her legs started to shake with passion. I could tell she was real close to her first oral orgasm. I worked my finger deeper into her tight pussy looking for her g-spot as I keep up my work on her clit. I started to push up with my middle finger and draw it back out with a come-here motion. Suddenly I found her sweet spot and stopped. She started moaning and calling my name then cussing as I flicked her clit with my tongue and tickled her g-spot.

She started bucking her hips and her long lovely legs were shaking in passion as I took her over the top. She reached out and extended both of her arms on the padding of the bar to keep from falling off the bar stool as her hips danced with the pleasure of her orgasm. Her juices poured out of her onto my hand and face and of course the bar stool. She shook with abandon and I enjoyed the fact that I had given her so much pleasure.

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After her senses returned I stood up and held her tightly, She gave me a bear hug and said Rick I never dreamed it could be like that. I told her that it is going to only get better when I fuck you honey. Really? I don't know if I can handle anything better than that.

She knelt down before me and took my cock with both hands. She turned it, stood it up, and looked it over from bottom to top. She asked me what that clear sticky stuff was on the head. I explained to her that it was pre cum, and what that was. She laughed and said I would not need any help making her pussy wetter.

She took me in her mouth like a pro slowly taking as much in her mouth as she could. When I moaned my approval, she went back down on it taking more of it each time. On one stroke down my shaft, she gagged. She looked up at me with a hurt look in her eyes. . . Rick I don't think I can get it all in my mouth.

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Molly its ok if you don't you are doing a great job. I fact if you keep that up I am going to shoot my load all over you! She laughed and said I hope so! Then she settled on a steady rhythm and started to play with my balls squeezing them and drawing her fingernails across my sack. I started to feel the first hint of an orgasm coming on as she sucked my cock-head like an expert. “My God Molly honey, where did you learn how to do that?” “The girls at volleyball camp always have blow job contests with the dildo…and I read Cosmo!” Holy shit Cosmo again…I had not shot a load in months so I knew what we were in for.

Molly honey it is time to stop. . . I want to fuck you honey. But Rick, I want you to cum in my mouth she protested. Don't worry honey we are just getting started, there will be plenty of time for that. I pulled her up and sat her on the bar stool again. It was the perfect height for me to enter her pretty pussy. Rick are you going to fuck me now? Yes baby we are going to fuck each other. . .


  we are going to make love honey.

I leaned her back on the bar stool with her arms again spread out holding the padded rail for balance. I started kissing those wonderful breasts and licking her stiff nipples to get her motor running. She pulled my head up and started kissing me with abandon. I pulled back and asked her if she was ready for me. She said she had never been more ready for anything in her life.

I dropped my hand down and started to brush my thumb back and forth across her clit. Her juices were flowing again. I took my cock in my other hand and started to rub it up and down her sweet slit. When I would stop and push the head in she would moan with pleasure. I told her that this may hurt a bit at first and she told me nothing I have done to her has hurt yet. . . Rick please fuck me! I pushed the head into her tight sweet pussy very slowly. .

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  . when it was in a few inches I stopped and pulled it back. Did you like that baby? She said nooo I loved it put more of it in me! I pushed more of it in. . . it was so fucking tight I thought I would blow my load before I got it all in her.

I started to give her some short strokes and she was loving it. With each stroke, I would give her a little more. I was holding her hips and ass with both hands. . . my two thumbs still had her outer pussy lips spread open and she had those long tanned legs bent back holding her herself behind her knees with her ankles resting on my shoulders. I looked down to see my cock better than half way into her hot cunt. It was shinning from her love juices.

As I started fucking her deeper, she began to moan with lust and pleasure.

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   She looked down and saw the same wonderful sight that I was looking at. Oh my God Rick. . . OOOOhhh my God Rick look at that…that is fucking hot…she kept saying to me. Please give it all to me. . . honey give me all of that wonderful cock of yours. . . . oh shit. . .

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  . baby I want your cock to fill me up!

I had slowly worked it all in and when I hit bottom and my balls slapped her ass we both about went crazy. I was cussing in lust, she was moaning and groaning and when I hit bottom she let out a loud grunt and when she felt my balls starting to slap her ass she started shaking again. I knew what that meant and I was not far behind her. Rick I'm cuming again baby please fuck me harder, honey fuck me faster she cried.

I started to fuck her hard and deep and with little regard for her feelings. My balls were begging me to let it go but I was enjoying this too much for it to stop. Her legs were shaking and then her pussy started to twitch and jerk around my rock hard cock. She was biting and sucking on my neck and that was what put me over the edge. I heard her say holy fucking Christ…is this fucking good, as the first blast of my hot cum hit the back of her pussy. I was yelling as my cock was being squeezed in time by her wonderful tight pussy.

My cock was throbbing and she had to feel that as well. It was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. I thought I might pass out it was so good. It went on forever.


   I looked down and my cum mixed with her juices were dripping onto the floor in huge globs. She was watching it too. I kept thrusting into her sweet pussy and kissing her neck and ears and finally her cheeks and mouth. She kissed me back until I slowed my thrusts into her, and returned to the long smooth thrusts, and her legs and hips quit dancing.

After a while, she purred into my ear that sex with me was everything she had ever dreamed it would be…and so much more. She said she had been in love with me for years and she had been giving herself orgasms since she was a freshman dreaming of the day we would make love. Then she asked me how are we going to top this? I told her…Molly honey we are just getting started. You should have seen the look on her sweet face! That was just the start of this true love story…want to hear more?
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