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I'd seen this man several times before. The same routine occurring just about each time he walked in to get coffee. He'd spot me at my table, I at his, and we'd engage in an unbreakable chain of eye contact. I could only imagine what would be running through his mind at these moments, for I know what had been running through mine.
   The thought of yet another secret lust relationship with an older man excites me. I've been in several before, and the chemistry I seemed to have with this man was simply astounding. The idea of exposing my nipples to his tongue and watch them harden upon his lips was nothing short of delicious.
So when we finally started to talk and he rejected me for my age I almost fell off my seat. It's hard for me to take rejection. I know I'm only 16, but that hasn't stopped my sexual goings on for longer than a month at a time.  I admit I'm quite the little slut. . . my finger always in my pussy, and I love it.  The erotic moment's I've enjoyed shock many in fact; such is the case for one time back when I was 14. .

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I'd gone for a walk early that morning. Sticky and hot it was, I was dressed in my tight little pj shorts leaving little to the imagination of my rather curvy ass. I had on a faded white jersey of my boyfriend's favorite soccer team, and even though it was warm, you could see the outline of my large coffee brown nipples at the base of my 36DD tits.
After walking for a while I'd come across a parking lot half set up for a carnival. All the workers seemed to be asleep. I sat on the pave ment rubbing my freshly shaved tan legs. "BEEP!" My heart jumped and I looked up to see a husky, wind weathered man sitting behind the wheel of a mobile home. He hollered for me to come to him
Thinking nothing of it I got closer. "Hey there, I saw you over there and I figured you must be homeless or something," he said in a southern drawl. Already I could feel a slight pulsing around my clit. Automatic reaction to any male attention. "Haha, No I'm just out for a walk. "
We chatted for a while and he got out of the trailer. We talked about everything from our ages, (he was 30, I was 14), to places we'd been.

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   After about 2 hours, he began to repeat the line, "I should be ashamed for what I'm thinkin'" The heat between my legs grew substantially. When would he ask me into the trailer.
"You know, I've always wondered what it'd be like with a younger girl, But I'm kinda afraid. "
me: "well, I dont mind older guys. I love them better actually. "
After about 20 min of discussing this, He finally let me into the trailer. It was the coziest thing I'd ever seen actually. I sat in one of the leather chairs and folded up my legs. His eyes widened and he had quite a smirk. All of a sudden, his cell phone alarmed. "Well, this is the start of my day. " He rose from the bench. "And I think I'll start this day off. . .

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   with a kiss"
He bent down to my face and our lips met. My pussy was so hot now, I'd been waiting for this. His tongue ravaged against mine, his mouth was hot.
I stood up, pushing him down to the seat in front of me. He pulled my waist between his legs and we began to kiss heavier. "You're so young and. . . oh so sweet. " He lifted my pj shirt up, exposing my 16 year old big breasts and erect nipples. His eyes got wide and feverishly began sucking on one, circling the tip with his tongue, while alternating squeezing the other as well as my ass. "Oh god. . . that feels soo good, mmm.

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  " I kissed his neck and reached for his hand. He stood up and led me to the bedroom.
I leaned back on the bed and gave him the best come hither look I could for 14. He sat in front of me and reached into the leg of my shorts. He began to rub the hot moist outside of my red snoopy panties, pushing in slightly in the indentation my pussy made. "Shit, you're sooo wet. " He moaned with desire. "Do you want it?"
In response I  reached under me and slid off my shorts and soaked panties. I spread my legs wide so he could see my shiny pink slit. Hell yes I wanted it.
He moaned once again and stood up. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his massive cock, the largest I had ever seen, even to this day. It must have been 10 inches at least and almost as thick as my wrist. I heaved a sexually charged sigh and began furiously working on my clit, though I didn't need to get any wetter. This point was proven once he mounted me; He gently guided the base of his dick to my tight wet hole, and rubbed into it so my pussy lips swallowed the head of his cock.

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   "Ohh yes, please go in I need you"
With 3 slow thrusts  he was already more than halfway inside me (see how wet I was). "Oh fuck. . . you are so tight. " I couldn't even respond. All I could think of was how incredibly full he was filling me up, how deep inside he was in my 14 year old cunt. How supposedly forbidden this was, being fucked in a trailer by a 30 year old stranger. It only made me wrap my legs around him and pull him deeper.
I turned my head slightly when he kissed my neck, it was then I saw all the mirrors. They were lined along the walls and If I flipped my head all the way back, I could see this erotic experience unfold, upside down. I was so close to cumming. He noticed.
"So you like my mirrors," he murmured, "look at yourself, look how I'm on top of you, inside you. " This combined with the rhythmic friction of his cock sliding against my dripping pink walls was making me painfully close.

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   "Fuck me, Fuck me harder please, I need to cum. " He obeyed, and his thrusts impaled, bringing a twinge of pain along with the awesome pleasure, I couldn't hold back and neither could he.
"Oh god baby, I'm gonna cum, ohh yess!" He let out a deep throaty groan and I felt the spasms of his dick as it unloaded his creamy white seed into my cunt. My pussy joined his cock in its feverish spasms and I moaned and drove my fingers into his back. I came hard. "MMM ohhhh yea,"
Afterwards we layed for a moment, him still inside me. He chuckled, "Damn. . . I always knew it would be good with a young girl. "
I laughed too and wriggled out from under him. I looked at the clock in a haze, But suddenly I sobered up fast from my sexual high, I had been out for almost 4 hours, I needed to get home. "Ugh! I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to go, thanks again!" I ran out the door and down the block to my house.
I walked in to find my dad in the living room reading a magazine. "What have you been up to?" he said
"Nothing dad, just out for a morning walk.

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