Mr Baker and Me. Part Four


I woke up at around 12:00. I was on the opposite side of the bed from last night. I lay there thinking how this would be our last day spent together, as he was going home tonight. I rolled over and saw a big empty space. I sat up wondering where Jim was. I was half asleep and could barely keep my eyes open. I wiped my eyes and saw Jim standing in the doorway with some toast, orange juice and some strawberries that were left over from last night.  

"Hey sleepyhead," he said as he sat down beside me.  

"Hey. What's all this?," I replied still waking up.  

"Its just my way of saying thanks. " I smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. We lay beside each other eating and drinking. When we had finished he put the tray on the bed side table and wrapped his arms around me.  

"Well that was nice," he broke the silence.  

"Yeah but I can think of a better way to say thanks.

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   " I looked at him and he looked directly into my eyes. I pulled myself up and started to kiss him. I was enjoying every moment with him. I think I was falling in love with him. I started to rub his chest when I broke our kiss.  

"Oh my goodness," I burst out.  

"What?! What's wrong?"

"I completely forgot I asked my friend to come over today and help me with some work. Shit"

"When is she coming over?"

"I dunno. Hang on I'll go text her. " I got up and walked over to my dresser and lifted my phone and started pressing the buttons. I paced along the room until she finally text back. I looked dissapointed. I walked over to Jim and lay on top of him and put my head in his chest.  

"Whats wrong? What time is she coming at?" you could hear the nervousness and dissapointment in his voice. I lifted the phone up to him so he could see the text.

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   He read it, took the phone out of my hand and put it on the table.  

"I hate you," he said while laughing. He started to tickle me.  

"No stop," I said while laughing. He rolled me over on my back while tickling me. We were both laughing so much. He stop tickling me and started to move the hair from my face. He smiled at me.  

"Your so beautiful,"he whispered as he came in to kiss me. I closed my eyes as he kissed me softly. I brought my hands up to his head and started running my fingers through his longish ginger hair. I held his head down on mine and kissed him so passionately. We slowed down the pace of our kiss and slowly broke apart. He started to kiss my cheek. Then my neck.

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   I ran my fingers through his hair, I couldn't stop thinking about what was happening. My teacher who I have adored for so long is here on my bed kissing my neck. I rolled over causing me to lay on top of him.  

In between kisses I said to him. "I know…she's not coming today… but it's already one we should get up. "

"OK," he said after kissing me. I got up first and walked over to my chair to get Jims hoody from his bag and put it on. I walked back over to the bed and sat on the edge beside Jim.  

"It looks better on you," he said while rubbing my back.  

"Thanks," I smiled and bent down to him and kissed him. As I went to sit up he pulled the hood over my head covering my eyes. I sat there looking at him and then pulled the hood down. I stood up with a pillow.  

"Come on, get up," and I threw the pillow at him.  

I walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice.

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   I put some bread in the toaster and waited for it to pop. As I was standing there, Jim came up behind me hugged me and kissed the top of my head.  

"Decided to get up then," I said as I turned around. I looked up at him and kissed him quickly on the lips.  

"Is that all I'm getting?," he said. I looked up again at him and went into kiss him. As my lips were close to his I whispered to him.  

"Why? What would you like?" he lowered his lips to meet mine. We started of slowly enjoying the kiss. We then began to kiss faster and more passionately. I ran on hand through his hair and with my other hand I rubbed his back. He ran his fingers through my hair. I started to enjoy our kiss more and more. I decided to move both my hands down to the middle of his back. I then continued to move my hands down and rested my hands on his ass.

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   I knew we were kissing for a long time but I did not realize we were kissing for five minutes. I did not even here the toaster pop. I broke our kiss and lay my head on his chest trying to get some air. He put his head on the top of my head and we stood there.  

"Ok. You go sit down in the living room and watch some TV and I'll bring in your toast," I heard from above me.  

"OK," I gave him a finally kiss and walked into the living room and sat on the couch. I decided to plfind something that Jim would like. As I was flicking through the channels I saw his favourite rugby team play so I decided to put it on. Ireland v New Zealand. Jim walked in and sat down beside me.  

"Why are you watching this? I always thought you had rugby?"

"I don't hate it I like to watch it. And I thought you would aswell. " I smiled at him.  

"Your actually amazing," he said as he came to kiss me.

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   I lay in his arms while he watched his match. Now and again he would give me a bit of his toast.  

The match finished about 3:30. I remembered that Jim had set us homework to do for tomorrow.  

"Could you help me with the homework you set us on Friday, I still don't get it. "

"Yeah of course. Don't want my favourite student failing my class. " he smiled at me and we both started laughing. I took my books and set them on the table. He started to go through the work and we answered the questions together. As he was going through I he sat close to me so we were touching. It made me think of when I used to ask him questions in class and he would come amd help me and sit closer than any other teacher would. We worked on the homework until about 5:00.

"Right we're done," he said as he closed the book and pit the pen down.  


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  " I smiled at him. "Its 5:00, do you want to get a take-out?"

"Yeah that sounds good. "

He nodded and walked into the bathroom. I picked up the phone and ordered what I remember him telling me was his favourite. I put the phone down walked into my room and put some jeans on. I grabbed my keys and as I was about to leave Jim came up behind me, kissed me on the cheek then walked back to the sofa like nothing happened. I smiled as I left the house and got into my car.

I came back with our dinner. I walked into the kitchen with th food and set it down and went to get Jim. I walked over to the sofa. He was lying down asleep. He looked so sexy when he was asleep. I bent down to his ear and whispered.  

"Jim. Your dinner is here.

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  " he rolled over to face me and started to open his eyes. He smiled and started to rub his eyes.  

"Is it you?" he said sleepily. I laughed moved closer to his lips.  

"You wish," I whispered. I moved closer to him and touched his lips and started to kiss him. I stopped our long kiss and gave him a quick kiss onthe lips and stood up. I waited for Jim to get up. He stood up beside me and put is arm around my back. I put my arm around his back and rested my head on his shoulder. We walked into the kitchen and started to take some of the take-out. We decided just to eat while watching some TV.  We finished dinner about 6:30. Jim offered to take the plates out to the kitchen and do the dishes. So I lay on the sofa watching some TV.

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   He came back in and I sat up so he could lie down beside me. I lay in his arms while we were watching the TV.  

Around 7:30 I turned the TV off and sat up facing Jim. He turned his head so he was facing me. I ran my fingers through his hair.  

"Can we just sit and talk for a while?" I asked.  

"Yeah. If you want. " he sat up so he was facing me. I crossed my legs and sat facing Jim. I starting fiddling with my hands.  

"What do you want to talk about?," he grabbed my hands and held them in his.  

"I just want to get to know you and you to get to know me. "

"OK. Well the basics first I suppose.

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   I'm 38, been teaching for 12 years. I am currently in a relationship with a brilliant girl. "

"Well I'm 18, student and I'm also in a relationship with a brilliant guy. " we smiled at each other the started laughing. "

"When was your last serious relationship?" I asked him.  

"Um when I was 32 I had a relationship with a co-worker. "

"How come it ended?"

"At the start it was pretty serious but then there was just nothig there didn't love her. What about you when was your last relationship?"

"When I was 16 I had a boyfriend for a year. But I didn't love him and I was spending all my time with him and never seein my friends. So I decided my friends are more important than some guy I didn't love. "

"What about your school life? How's that?"

"Yeah it's good. I have this amazing history teacher I talk to all the time. I think his name is Mr Baker. " we started to laugh. We kept talking until around 9:30.



"Right well I better go, Riley need to get ready for work tomorrow. And I'm sure you have things to do. "

"Right ok," I said sadly. He went inti my room and packed his things up and came and met me by the front door. He hugged me and kissed the top of my head. I grabbed my keys and we walked to the car. Every traffic light we stopped at I would rest my hand on his thigh and he would rub my hand. We arrived at his house.  

"Do you want to come in for a cup of coffee?"

"No better not. 'Cause I'd never want to leave. Plus I need to have a shower. "

"Right ok. "

"Here take this. " I took off my favourite bracelet and put it on Jims wrist. "You better be wearing that tomorrow.

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   It's my favourite bracelet. "

"I will I promise. " He leaned over and kissed me. We were kissing for a couple of minutes when he broke it. He rested his head on mine our eyes were closed and he was running his fingers through my hair. I still get butterflies when he touches me. He gave me one more quick kiss.  

"Right well I better go now," he opened the door and was about to step out.  

"Oh, here your hoody," I said as I was about to take it off.

"No keep it on it's cold. You can give me it tomorrow. " he kissed me on the cheek and stepped out of the car. He smiled and waved as he walked into his house.  

To Be Continued…… .