Mr.Denton part 2(the continuation of Alice's adventures)


Topic: LongingI sat at the edge of my bed and slid my fingers over my tender pussy lips. It had only been a few days since my first lesson with Mr. D and the cherry popping incounter had left my tight slit sore but still desperate for more. I massaged in some aloe vera lotion and began to moan softly thinking back on how amazing it had felt to have a man fuck me so damn good. I began to fantasise about him fucking me again and I could feel the heat build up between my long soft legs.
 The next saturday I woke up at 7 to prepare I climbed into the shower and washed myself from head to toe with rose scented shower gel. I dryed myself off and moisturised my body rubbing my hands all over my soft skin. I pulled on the most exciting underwear I had,a dark purple bra with black lace a matching pair of panties and purple stockings, and hid it all underneath a lose summer dress. my 11 oclock I was all done and sitting impatiently by the door waiting for him to arrive. 12 oclock came and went and still no sign of him, and just when I was about to give up hope I saw a black motorbike speed around the corner and pull into the drive. He climbed off it and began to walk towards the house I smiled to myself and licked my lips as I opened the door to my handsom teacher.
 "hey Alice sorry I'm late. Traffic was hurendous!"
I leaned over to him and closed my eyes ready for him too kiss me but he just brushed past me and walked into the kitchen. I slammed the door and stormed over to the kitchen table consumed with rage. I shreiked at him
"why didnt you kiss me at the door?"
He laughed and made a silly face at me  
"whats so funny huh!"
I stuck my tounge out at him and he just grabbed me kissing me so hard I could hardly breath.
    His hands slid all over my body and I heard the rough moan I loved so much escaping his full lips.

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       He pushed me onto the table and got down on his kissing along my legs till he reached my thighs and roughly parted them revealling my purple lacet panties.
    "Oh you naughty, naughty girl. Are these for me?"
    He flicked the tip of my clit through my panties and I nearly fainted.
    "I asked you a question naughty girl! Are these slutty little panties for me?"
    I moaned loudley his dirth talk mademe so fucking horny that I began to shudder all over.
    "answer me now"
    He rammed a finger deep inside me taking half my panties with it.
    "yes Mr. Denton. "
    I nearly came all over his face as he began to lick and suck at my wet little pussy.
    "thats better but next timeyou don't answer a question I ask you  immediatly you will have to be punished!"
    He pushed my soaked panties too one side and really began to work my nasty slit. Licking and sucking it like an icecream. I began to moan louder and louder the filthy words flying form my soft bee stung lips.
    "Mr. Denton I want you cook inside me so bad fill me up Sir make my cream cover your huge fucking cock"
    He smiled up at me from between my legs and slide three of his fingers inside me thrusting hard.
    "Not yet little girl I want to play with you A little longer first"
    He pulled his fingers out and licked my cum off his rough fingers.
    "Now on your knees bitch and suck my cock!"
    To my surprise I obeyed his command and slid onto the floor unzipping his pants and pulling out his huge throbbing staff.

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       I wrapped both my hands around it and began to massage it as my lips parted and allowed the tip of his huge member past them. I wanted him so badly I ould feel my pussy throbbing with intense desire, I used this desire to pump his cock faster pushing it further and further down my virgin throat.
    "thats so fucking good Alice. . . . FUCK. . . . . quick get on all fours"
    I flipped over and stuck my ass high into the air my body tense with desire I felt the tip of his cock rub along the length of my wet slit and just as began to push the tip into my quiverring hole We both heard the key click in the lock. . . .

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