Mr. Denton Part 3


I jumped to my feet and grabbed our clothes sprinting out side and into the pool house we dressed as quickly as we could, kissed hard and fast and then walked out as if nothing had happened. Mother was in the kitchen. She looked up at us with a knowing gleam in her eye,
“well Alice its nice to see that the lessons are paying off. ”
It was almost three days later when she cornered me in the laundry room, I knew it wasn’t good by the way she stared at me.
“Alice we need to talk about something”
She produced a soiled pair of panties.
“I found these under the couch little missy”
She twirled them around her index finger and looked at me what could have easily been mistaken for lust.
“Your father and I did not hire a tutor so you could get fucked all day”
She breathed deeply and I could see her huge breasts heave against her shirt buttons.
“You’re such a filthy whore”
I could see she relished saying those words to me and suddenly I felt a rush of desire for my mother. It was such a strange feeling swimming around my belly I wanted her to take me right there on the laundry room floor. I was disgusted with myself and pushed the feeling down until it was reduced to one lone butterfly fluttering in my stomach. She was looking at me so intensely that I could only look into her sapphire eyes and hope she didn’t see the lust in my own.
She let that one incident slide but the next Saturday when Mr. Denton came to give me my lessons she stayed behind to vacuum the living room and the bedrooms. He was worried about us doing anything but I assured him that we would hear her long before we saw her because of the vacuum. I was incredibly nervous and scared of getting caught but the rush of danger turned me on. We decided to stay at the table and fool around under the cover of the huge oak wood slab.

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   His hand slid along my left thigh gently caressing the soft skin till he was only millimetres from my hot tight sex. I stifled a moan as he pushed one finger past my pink pussy lips and inside me, this was sheer bliss but at the same time sheer agony because I knew that there was no way in hell we could fuck today not with mom at home. As his rough digits traced little circles over my G-spot I felt the overwhelming hotness pulse through me. I bit my lip hard cutting off my moans of sheer ecstasy as I closed my eyes, breathing hard and letting my passion consume me. He leaned in close and whispered in my ear.
“That’s right. Cum for me my little fucktoy”
I gasped pushing down hard on his fingers, his dirty talk driving me over the edge into oblivion. It was then we both heard the little cough from the other side of the room.
“Alice could you please leave the room I need to talk with Mr. Denton. ”
There was a look of vicious delight in her eyes. I exited the room as fast as I could, and closing the door behind me I pressed my self up against it and listened intently. For about ten minutes all I could hear was shouting then slowly the voices got quieter and quieter and the terse voices were replaced with fevered moans. Was this really happening? I pressed myself closer to the door and heard her scream out in desire.
“That’s right fuck mommy”
I shuddered with excitement and the hot wave of lust washed over me again.

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   I slipped my hand inside my panties and began to rub my throbbing clit, in a moment of courage I ripped my clothes off and pushed the door open. She was bent over the table and he was fucking her from behind. She looked up at me and for a moment she looked surprised then she lifted a hand and beaconed me over.
I slid my hand over her ass, she gasped grabbing me and kissing me ass hard as she could. She pulled away and licked her full lips.
“My little Alice. Have you ever eaten pussy before princess?”
I dropped my head a little embarrassed by the question and softly shook my head.
“Come here princess and mommy will teach you just how to please”
She lay on her back across the table and gently placed my hand on her inner thigh.
“I want you to slid your hand along my leg until it reaches my pussy”
I followed her orders and slid my index finger along the fold of her swollen lips. I could feel her back arch towards me.
“Yes that’s it baby. Do you like how mommy’s pussy feels?”
Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mr. Denton sliding his hand along his huge throbbing cock. I licked my lips and slowly began to lick and suck at my mother’s clit tasting every drop of the sweet nectar flowing from her wet slit.
“Fuck baby that feels so good.

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   Mr. Denton give my little girl her reward!”
He leapt out of the chair, grabbed my hips and pushed his huge cock deep inside me. I gasped into my mother’s slippery sex and felt her convulse underneath me, I sucked and licked as fast and hard as I could, my face buried in between her legs. Every thrust from Mr. Denton pushing me closer to the edge until finally I felt him explode inside me I cried out ecstatically and felt my mothers cream slid over my chin as her hips bucked against my hungry tongue and mouth.
The three of us lay there drenched in cum and sweat panting for what must have been twenty minutes. .