Mr. Harrison CHAPTER ONE


Topic: Mr. Harrison: The finger fuck                A new teacher. I was a seventeen-year-old brunette and he was my 23-year-old infatuation. Fresh from college, he taught my art class with lively hands and a brilliant smile. My best friend, Karen, and I sat in the back and stared greedily at his butt whenever he turned around to write on the white-board. I won't deny that I had sexual fantasies involving him - he was hot, and for some reason his spindly fingers intrigued me. I got flashes of him sticking his fingers in me from time to time, my head lolled back, him staring up at me while lapping away at my clit. This usually happened during class, randomly, when he said something directed towards me. He had amazing green eyes, very flirtatious.                 It started out slow, a small smile here, a wink there, a terribly flirtatious comment thrown in every once in a while. The other students didn't really notice it, except for Karen. She and I would spend hours laughing about it, talking on the telephone. I never mentioned the sexual thoughts I had, because, honestly? I wasn't a slut. I had had sex with one boy before, out of what I thought was love, and never usually viewed anyone in such a hungry, sexual manner. It was against my character completely to daydream about, well, fucking Mr. Harrison.

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                   That's what it was; fucking. I wanted dirty. I wanted dangerous. I want cock instead of penis, pussy instead of vagina and a fuck instead of making love. With a man, instead of a boy.                 Things started to pick up. We got assigned seats one afternoon, the entire class got rearranged - Mr. Harrison's desk was in the back, next to my newly assigned seat. Katey watched enviously from across the room as I took my place at Mr. Harrison's side.                 "Can't get enough of me, huh?" I asked when I sat down, hiking up my skirt just a bit - I'm tall for a girl, 5'11'', with legs that are smooth and long. I used them to my advantage in this case.                 He smiled, drifting his gaze over my body, "Can you blame me?"                 That's when the first physical touch came into play - he brushed my inner thigh casually, to stand up and head to the front of the class. His spindly hands lingered, however. It left me breathless.

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                   Weeks passed. I became known as the "Teacher's Pet" - I sat behind the desk with him a lot of the time, helping him grade things and file papers. We flirted the entire time, and by the end of the month I had taken to resting my hand on his inner thigh during class. Massaging, sometimes, but never going any farther than that. His eyes widened slightly, and his breathing was a little ragged, but other than that you could hardly tell what we were doing.                 Finally, the day came.                 "We're going to watch a movie today, class!" Mr. Harrison exclaimed, smiling at everyone in the room. The students cheered, happy to get away from their projects for a day, "Just look at the animation in this film, it's artistic. Jamie, can you come help file those papers with me in the back?"                 I nodded, happy to oblidge. We had moved seats again, so I was in the front. I gathered my things and skipped carefully to the back.                 "Alright then, here you go!"                 And the lights were out.                 All of the students stared ahead at the screen while Mr. Harrison walked through the aisles.

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   I felt my nipples harden, somehow sensing the sexual tesion between us before he had even reached the desk. He plopped down beside me.                 "Nice little dress you have on today!" He complimented, smiling.                 "Not as nice as what's under it. . . " I whispered, also smiling. He groaned, softly, inaudible to anyone in the room but me.                 "You're killing me, James. I can't do this. "                 I was dying. My pussy was on fire, I needed his touch. His dick. I needed everything.                 "It's simple, you can.

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       Like this-" I grabbed his hand and placed it on my thigh, my bare thigh, "I won't tell. Promise. "                 His hands crawled up towards my lacey underwear, slowly, sending tiny pulses of arousal to my clit. I couldn't help moaning.                 "Shhh. " He whispered, and continued his journey up my thigh until he reached my mound through the fabric. I was already wet. My nipples were straining against my t-shirt and I had to bite my lip to keep the next moan inside.                 Gently, he started to rub me through the panties. I sat still, eyes wide, biting my lips. I started panting as he continued, slowly, rubbing my pussy in deliberate circles.                 "Uuuhhhhhnnnnnnnnn. . . " I finally moaned, unable to control myself.

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       It was more of a whimper than anything. He pushed the lace aside and put one finger inside my tight, hot pussy. It felt so good, my head lolled back and I continued to pant.                 "Mr. Harrrisssoonnn. " I whispered, desperately. He kept rubbing my clit with his thumb while he shoved another finger inside. I started to subconsciously rub my nipples.                 He whispered in my ear: "You want me to fuck you, you little slut?"                 "Yessss, I want you to fuckkk me. Uhhhh. . . " I whispered back. The entire class was still staring at the screen, completely oblivious to Mr. Harrison finger-fucking me in the back of the room.

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       He smiled and used his other hand to pinch my nipples softly.                 "Oh shit, Mr. Harrison, I'm gonna' cum. Ohhhhshittt!" At this point he was rolling my nipples through my shirt, finger fucking me and rubbing my clit as hard as he could. I stiffened, and a sudden burst of euphoria came over me. Wave after wave of pleasure hit while he rubbed my juices all over my throbbing pussy, smiling at my sudden bucking nature and small cries.                 "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh fuck, that feels so fucking goood, Mr. Harrison!" I cried, softly, and collapsed in the chair. He pulled his hand out from under my skirt and licked his fingers, smiling.                 "Later. " He told me, with determination in his eyes, "I will have you later. "
    This is my first time posting, ever, and also my first time writing anything like this. The next "chapter" will come soon, if anyone likes this one. (: