Ms. Shelby Lynn


Chapter 1
James was your average high school guy, he was about 5’7 weighing around 140 lbs nothing special, except he had a 9’ cock and was a virgin. Then there was Shelby the girl he had been crushing on for over a year she was about 4’10 weighing around 120 lbs, she had dirty blonde hair, a great ass and 34C tits. James wanted nothing more then to fuck her till she screamed his name.

One day in class James asked his teacher if he could go to the bathroom, she said yes so he went. On the way to the bathroom he saw her. “Hey Shelby” “Hey James! How are you” “Good, You?” “I’m Alright” ”Well you look damn fine today Shelby”, said James blushing. “Thanks! You pretty hot today too” Then James froze “did she just say I was hot?” Shelby turns and grabs him pulling him into the bathroom, then kisses him. “James I want you soooo bad right now! I want to feel your cock pumping inside me” She said. James was dumbfounded after all this time she wanted him too! Shelby smiled and started to kiss him on his lips then down his neck she went all the way down to his pants where his fully erect cock was waiting for her. She unzipped his pants and pulled it out, a look of surprise on her face. “Wow! This thing is huugge! I’ve never seen one this big before!”, she said as she took the first few inches into her mouth. She started sucking his cock deliberately slow looking up at him those beautiful green eyes as she did so. After a couple of minutes he grabbed the back of her head pulling her onto his cock and come into her throat. There was so much cum she had trouble swallowing all of it. James groaned his complaint as she buttoned his pants back up. “Tonight, My house 8’o clock don’t be late.

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  ” She kissed him then winked and walked out of the bathroom….

Chapter 2

James knocks on the door but after no one answers for a few minutes he decides to let himself in. He goes up stairs and hears the shower going. He opens the door and he sees her in the shower rubbing her tits and her pussy repeating his name. James slips of his clothes and quietly enters the shower with her. Walking up behind her he softly wraps his arms around her waist pulling her back into and starts rubbing her pussy himself. “James! Sorry! I didn’t realize I was in here so long!” he kisses her. “It’s ok I let myself in and when I noticed you were in the shower I had to join you” She smiles and kisses him back and starts stroking his cock. “I want you to take my virginity now, James. ” James stood there shocked thinking "she’s a virgin?"Seeing the look of shock on his face she said, “Yes, James I’m a virgin and I want you now!” He smiled and turns her around and pushes her against the wall and places his cock at the entrance to her pussy and starts rubbing it. She groans, “Quit teasing me fuck me now!” He pushed the head of his cock inside of her and then grabbing her hips, thrust all the way inside tearing her hymen. She winced but then started screaming “Yes! That’s it! Oh my god fuck me fuck me fuck me!” he starts really slamming his cock into and inserts one finger into her ass. She screams from the pleasure and cums on his cock. He keeps fucking her harder and harder and thrusting his finger inside her ass till she cums two more times. After she came for the third time he feels his balls tightening up “I’m cumming!” She cums for a fourth time and screams “Yes! Fill my womb with your hot cum!” He thrusts one more time and blasts the largest load of cum he has ever shot straight into her womb, filling her in a matter of seconds.

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   His cum started leaking out around his cock and fell into his arms, “I love you James” “I love you too, Shelby”

Chapter 3

That night after they cleaned themselves up in the shower they head into shelby’s room.
    On the way there all he could think about was the beautiful ass right in front of him. After they enter the room he grabs her pulling her back into him again and starts rubbing her tits as his cock is pressed against her ass. Shelby smiles as she says,“you want some of my ass too?” she pulls away from him and lays on the bed sticking her ass out to him. “Really Shelby? You’ll let me fuck your ass?” “Yeah! I’ve always wanted to try anal. ” He walks over to her on the bed and starts licking her tight puckered asshole. She moans as he sticks his tongue inside of her and moments later she’s cumming again. He sticks his cock inside her pussy wetting his cock with her juices then pulls out and places it at her asshole. “Ready Shel?” the second she said yes he grabbed her hips and slammed his cock inside of her ass causing her to scream and clasp the blankets. Slowly but surely as he fucked her tight ass she felt more pleasure then ever before. “Ohhhhh myyyy goddddddd! This is ama-zing!” ‘’Yeah it is Shel, your ass is soo tight I feel like im about to cum already. ” She smiles and starts bouncing her ass back into his cock causing her to cum for what felt like the hundredth time that night. James finally can’t hold it anymore and thrusts harder then ever before as he came inside her ass. Between the force of him cumming and the heat she now felt scalding her bowels she came again. After what felt like forever of him cumming inside her ass he collapsed on her back and they both passed out from exhaustion…

    This is my first story so let me know what you think comments are welcome! If enough people like it I may write more!

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