My Algebra Teacher 2


“ Mr. Smelter, the principle is ready to see you. ” The receptionist said breaking me out of my stream of thought. Well this was it. I am getting fired I know it. I have never noticed how intimidating the door to the principles office was before today. “Oh Mr. Smelter please come in and sit down. ” Mr. Baylor exclaimed. He acted like he didn’t even know that I had been there for the last half hour worrying about my job. “As you know in these situations we usually have to ask the teacher to leave the school immediately. ” I nodded me head. “But, I think that we could work something out as to where you will not have to leave your job, and suffer the embarrassment of having to tell everyone why you had to leave such a prestige establishment. ”I could not even imagine what he was getting at. What in the world would I have to do to get out of this predicament.

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   “Now I now your wondering about what you have to do. So let me tell you. ”Here it comes. What would I have to do? Would I have to clean his house? Wash his car? At this point I would do anything. “Clearly, you must have noticed that Nikki was no virgin. ” ‘What in the world was he getting at, please just get to the point. ’“Well I have known about Nikki’s little adventures for about a year now. She is the kind of person that loves the forbidden, taboo if you will. ”“But I have never once had to worry about her and a teacher. Don’t get me wrong I had a bad feeling when I hired you. I thought she would try something like this but, I never thought that she would do it so soon. ”“Anyway, to get to the point. I want you to follower her around and make sure that she is not up to any trouble. ”“ But Mr. Bawler why in the world would you want to know what she is up to? If she isn’t bothering anyone why would you even care what she does?” I exclaimed.

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   Not really understanding what I was hearing. “ Mr Smelter, not many people know this around here, but Nikki is my daughter. ”“WHAT! How can that be. If this is true everyone would know. ” I cant believe this. I just can’t believe this. “Mr. Smelter calm yourself. My daughter and I had a falling out a few years ago. I thought she should listen to me and she thought not. ”“But that still doesn’t explain why everyone thinks she is just another student. ”“Well, she wanted it that way. I cant control her as much as I want to. So I at least try to keep tabs on her so she will not be hurt. ”Well this was all news to me.

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   I could not believe that, that little girl was such a nuisance. She was a perfect student and not to mention one of the best fucks I have had in a long time. “Ok fine, what do I have to do?”“All you have to do is follow her around a little and keep an eye on her. Make sure she isn’t doing anything she shouldn’t. ”After leaving the office. I couldn’t help but think, ‘This was just perfect. Now I have to follow her around and watch her every move. Like it wasn’t hard enough to look at her or even think of her without getting a hardon. Now where in the world would a teenage girl be at 5:30 in the afternoon? I think the first place I will try is the mall. She seems like the kind of girl that loves to shop. Sure enough there she is. In the shoe department. Hmm I wonder how I am going to be able to sneak around here without getting notice?Man this girl loves to shop. I have been walking all over this mall and nothing interesting has happened. She has been shopping the whole time.

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   How could someone want to shop for. . . Holy shit 3 hours. . Finally she is going to leave. . . Wait. . . . Where the heck is she going. . She’s going into that office.

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   Does this girl ever go home?Opening the door carefully not to rise suspicion out of others but also not to alert the people on the other side of the door. I cant believe this. That girl is one hell of a slut. She was just fucking me this afternoon and now she is sucking off some security guard. “Oh baby, I would do anything for you. ” he exclaimed between taking short, fast intakes of air. “Good, because I have a favor” she said taking her mouth off his cock for a short second. Then swallowing the thing to the base making him cum deep into her throat. Like a good girl she swallowed every last drop. “Wow girl you know how to give good head. ” he said zipping up his pants. “Well I have had plenty of practice” she said without looking up while she dusted off her stocking. “What is this favor that you need from me anyway. ” “ I need you to give me an alibi. ”“Why in the world would you need one?”“It is not your place to ask questions, only to do as a I say.

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  ”“Ok fine who am I suppose to be lieing to?”“Who else?”“Your Father?. . . Why? He doesn’t care what you do and he doesn’t say much. . . ” “While Mr. Nosy, caught me with my Algebra teacher today. I think he wants to tighten the rains a little. So all you have to tell him is that you seen me here. Use a little of the savliance tape to prove that I was here. I have been here for the last three hours so there is plenty of different takes of me shopping in each store. ”WOW!!! This girl is good. But I could not help but wonder what in the world would she need an alibi for. Like the guy said her father really didn’t seem to mind anymore what she did as long as it was legal.

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   Well kinda legal I guess. Fucking a teacher and a security guard that is well over eighteen is not exactly legal. I can feel the stress starting to creep up into my neck and I was starting to get the feeling that this was going to be a very long school year. .
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