My Daughter's Best Friend, Part 6


The days ticked down for Kathy to go to her reunion. On Thursday morning, I took her to the airport and walked her to the terminal. I gave her a long kiss and told her to enjoy herself. "Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do," I teased. I left the airport and headed to my office. I could get nothing done at work; thinking about was going to happen with Robin and Carrie. I called one of my favorite restaurants and made reservations for Friday night. I wanted everything to be perfect. I picked the girls up from school and told them about dinner plans. They were excited and started talking about what to wear. Their conclusion was to go shopping. "Please daddy," Robin said in her cutest little girl voice. "Please daddy," mocked Carrie in a really sexy tone and the two started giggling. So shopping we went. They tried on armloads of sexy dresses. They knew what was going to make them look hot.

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   Robin settled on a red, low cut dress that showed off every inch of her body. Carrie chose a similar style, in a cobalt blue. They inspected each other and nodded in approval. We passed Victoria Secrets and the girls had to check things out. They talked to a girl in the store and the three went to the back. They looked so excited; my dick was getting hard thinking about what they were going to buy. I walked to the back of the store and handed the woman my credit card and told her to be gentle. I told Robin to meet me at the bookstore. We left the mall and went back to my house where I cooked dinner. Carrie left for home, leaving her new clothes here. Robin put on a tight shirt and panties and started doing in her homework. I stared at her cute ass for most of the hour until she was finished. She lay on the floor on her belly with her legs up and slightly parted. When it was time for bed and Robin asked if she could sleep in my room while Kathy was gone. She always slept with me when her mother was away.

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   Robin lay there watching me undress and I slipped on a pair of boxers. I slid under the sheets and she cuddled up to me and kissed me goodnight. I had the greatest dreams. Friday morning, I woke to Robin touching my cock. Her fingers lightly traced the outline of my hard member through my boxers. I stayed motionless, enjoying the moment. My cock was so hard; my head poked through the opening of my boxers and her warm hands touched my dick. When she felt me stir, her hand recoiled back and she pretended to be asleep. I rolled over into a spoon position with her and rested my cock along the crack of her ass, "Rise and shine baby," I said and kissed her on the neck. She took her time getting out of bed and I saw her nipples poking out of her shirt,She walked in my bathroom and left the door the door open. Her body as magnificent and I couldn’t wait until tonight. She undressed and got in the shower. I rolled out of bed and dropped my shorts. I shaved while she was in the shower and asked her to keep the water running and I would just jump in. She stepped out as I stepped in and by cock lightly brushed up against her soft skin.

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   When I lathered up, I started stroking myself. I shot a load in no time. This was going to be the best night of my life After dropping the girls off at school, I went to work. It was the longest day I ever experienced. My head just wasn’t in the game, but that is why I’m the boss, my staff is first rate. The end of the day came and it was like waiting for the bell to ring as I hurried out of the office to pick up the girls. They went directly to my room and closed the door. I made myself a vodka martini and tried to imagine how the evening would play out. I heard the shower run guessed that they were in together. What a sexy vision that was. More than an hour later, the two walked out of my room looking good enough to eat right then. They were truly stunning. It was my turn to get ready. I showered and shaved my face. Put on a nice suit and the cologne that Kathy bought me.

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   I have to admit, for a forty-something, I didn’t look bad myself. We drove to the restaurant and heads turned as I walked in with these two lovely young girls. I introduced them to the manager and he seated us at a window table that overlooked the lake. Every waiter in the place came by at some point in our meal to check out the two honeys. We laughed, talked and ate for a couple of hours. Even watching them eat was a sexy experience. After dinner, we headed back to the house. We walked inside and I poured myself a glass of wine. Robin asked if she could have one, and Carrie quickly chimed in for one as well. I sat in my usual spot and the girls were on either side of me with a bottle of wine on the table. We turned on the television and I put an arm around each girl. We started watching a movie and the two snuggled up with me. About half way through the movie, Carrie leaned over and gave me one of her private kisses, then leaned across and poked Robin in the ribs. The two stared at each other for a moment and then Robin turned to me. Carrie cleared her throat and my eyes met my daughters.

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   She leaned in and kissed my like Carrie did. I cradled her face in my hands and drew her to my lips. My hands were trembling as our lips touched. She opened her mouth and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths for the longest time. When I broke our kiss, she was smiling as if all the tension in the world was gone. I kissed Carrie again and suggested that we get more comfortable,I headed to my bedroom and the girls followed. They were like Christmas presents, ready to unwrap. I put my arms around Carrie and pulled her close to me. I figured that Robin should see what was going to happen, then experience it for herself. I kissed Carrie slowly and pulled her zipper down her back and dropped her dress from her shoulders. Her bra and panties were oh so sexy. I drew her to me and flicked her hard nipple with my tongue through her silky bra. I turned to Robin and repeated the process. Her nipples were rock hard and I took one between my teeth. Her breasts were firm and soft.

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   She let out a soft moan and wrapped her arms around my neck. My entire body trembled with excitement. I broke our embrace and took off my shirt and tie. The two girls sat on the edge of the bed; holding hands and watching me undress. I walked up to Carrie and she slid down my zipper. She slowly took my cock out and slid it in her mouth. There was something erotically nasty about having my daughter watch her friend suck on my cock. She slid my cock in and out of her mouth for a few minutes and then stopped. She nudged Robin and wrapped her hand around my shaft. She moved me over to my daughter’s mouth and she slid my cock inside. Robin began sucking my cock and I was in heaven. The two traded back and forth like they were sharing an ice cream cone. I started moaning loud and Carrie took over. She knew I was ready to shoot my load and sucked me hard. My body trembled and bucked as my hot, sticky fluid emptied into her mouth.

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   Carrie smiled, turned to Robin and lightly kissed her, sharing my cum. my cock began to wither and my breathing went back to normal. I stepped out of my pants and lay down in the middle of my bed. The girls snuggled in on either side of me. I traded kisses with both of them and reached behind Carrie and unhooked her bra. I sucked on her pink nipples and worked my way down to her panties. I slid her panties to one side and kissed her warm muff. Robin ran her hand up and down my back as I took her friend’s panties off. Carrie spread her legs and I slid my tongue in her little pink pussy. It didn’t take too long for her to climax and she body started shaking. Her pussy juice was all over my face. I smiled and looked over at Robin; Carrie held her hand. I removed Robin’s bra and feasted on her nipples. I planted kisses on her neck and she started squirming around. I slowly worked my way down to her flat stomach and deeply inhaled the aroma of her pussy.

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   Her panties were damp and I sucked on her pussy through her sexy garment. "Oh daddy," she purred as I slid her panties down her beautiful legs. I kissed her toe and worked my way up her leg. I stopped just short of her pussy and did the same thing to her other leg. Carrie still held her hand and started running her hand through Robin’s hair. They whispered back and forth as I parted my daughter’s lips and probed her pussy hole. As gentle as possible, I ran my tongue up and down her slit. I flicked her clit with my tongue and her whole body shook. I spread her lips with my thumbs and exposed her clit like it was a little pecker. Robin started to moan and breathe harder. "Oh daddy," she yelled and started moaning in rhythm with the pleasure she was experiencing. She was sweet as nectar and her pussy glistened.
    Her lips swelled and she rocked her hips. I didn’t want her to climax yet, so I extended her pleasure. As soon as I thought she would explode, I would let up just enough.

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       Carrie held her as she rocked back and forth. I slid my tongue all the way down her slit and stopped at that tissue between her pussy and asshole. I started lightly tickling that area with my tongue and slid the tip inside her asshole. She shook violently and yelled, "Oh daddy, oh, oh, oh," and then she screamed. She orgasm damn near drown me. I was soaked in her pussy juice and moved up to hold her. Her body was so sensitive that she jumped at every touch. We kissed for a few minutes and Carrie brought her hand down to my cock. The two of them ran their fingers up and down my shaft and across my balls. They paid attention to every inch of me. Carrie started kissing me again and rolled over on top of me. She straddled me and rubbed her pussy up and down my shaft. She gave Robin a devilish grin and took my cock in her hand. She lined me up with her pussy hole and slowly lowered herself on to me. Robin stared at my cock as it slowly slid inside her friend.

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       She brought her hand down to explore it further. The smell of sex was like a drug. The more I smelled these two, the more excited I became. Carrie rode up and down my cock and we started grunting together. Every down stroke was followed by a grunt and she was fucking me hard in front of my daughter. Carrie started whispering "fuck me daddy" in my ear. Every down stroke was now "fuck me daddy", "fuck me daddy fuck me daddy", Ohh and I exploded deep in her pussy. I sucked on her nipples as I pumped my load in her. She responded by shuddering in a powerful orgasm. We grasped for breath as Robin watched. That was the most incredible feeling in the world, or so I thought. We all snuggled together for a long while and just held each other. I looked at Robin and after a while, I felt my cock stir again. We started kissing and I ran my finger down to her pussy. She was damp and I slid my finger just inside her pussy.


       Little by little, I started finger-fucking her. Carrie was planting kisses on her forehead and I slid a second finger in her hole. Robin was totally into what was going on. It was like she relaxed and melted into the bed. I slid on top of her and dropped my cock on her belly. She laughed and watched me lower myself between her legs. She spread her legs and waited for me to line myself up. My head touched her opening and it felt like she was on fire. I moved slowly and rocked up and down. I kissed her and started rolling her nipple between my thumb and finger. Her brown nipples were rock hard and my head slipped just inside her hole. She gasped and looked at me. I was so gentle and so loving that she wasn’t scared at all. I saw love in her eyes and I felt my eyes tear up. A few minutes went by and I slid further inside her.

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       Her pussy was wrapping itself around my throbbing cock and I went deeper and deeper. My head felt resistance and Robin froze. Carrie realized where we were and kissed Robin and told her that it was not going to hurt much. Carrie whispered something to Robin and Robin brought herself up to my ear. In a barely audible voice, she whispered "fuck me daddy. " With one thrust, I buried myself inside my daughter. She screamed and Carrie kissed her again. Carrie wiped the sweat off Robin’s brow and the two looked at each other and smiled. I started rocking back and forth and Robin chanted, ooh, ooh fuck me daddy, over and over. I slowly guided myself in and out of her tight pussy. She felt like she was tailor made for my cock. Carrie was exciting but my cock inside my own daughter was an overwhelming experience. On the down stroke our pelvis bones touched and we would kiss. On the upstroke we both took deep breaths. We were so attuned that one would think that we were sexual partners forever.

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       Her passion was boiling over and beads of sweat were building on her forehead. Her pussy was on fire and she started shaking. "Ooh daddy, ooh daddy, ohh my god" and she clinched her teeth together. She started bucking like I was a bull and a wave of excitement ran across her body. I pressed my mouth against hers and she slid her tongue in my mouth. She exploded in a powerful orgasm and clamped down on my cock. She was so tight and so hot that my balls could not take it ant longer. I shot wave after wave of my seed into her pussy. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I rolled us over real quick and she was now on top of me. She nuzzled up and purred like a little kitten. Carrie kissed the two of us and we all dozed off with my cock still inside my lovely daughter. To be continued.
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