My dirty mind needs cleaning.... Part 1


Every Friday comes around and there is only one thing that crosses my mind. That is the day when Denise (our cleaning lady) comes round to do a weekly clean.
Thursday night arrives, and it is the middle of school term. I cant stop thinking about what I would do if I could stay at home the next day just to be near to Denise. In my mind I try my hardest to think of a way to get a day off school. My mom usually comes up to say goodnight every night at 10, and so I get into bed and pretend to feel really ill. As she comes into my room I moan gently, just loud enough for her to hear, but still think that im asleep. She walks up to me and sits on my bed, I roll over and slightly open my eyes to look at her.
“What’s wrong? Do you not feel well?” she asks. I moan a little, before replying with a quiet no. My mom looks at me and places her hand on my forehead as to check my temperature. Luckily for me its near summer, it’s a hot night and the radiator is on. She sighs and admits that I have a high temperature and tells me to stay in bed in the morning. I roll back over triumphant, and smile to myself as she leaves the room.
Next morning, my mom comes in and wakes me up. “How are you feeling? Any better?” I just moan and so she replies, “Ok then just stay in bed.

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   However iv got to go out today for lunch and round to my friends to help her sort out her new home. Are you ok alone?” Once again I just moaned and she left the room.
How lucky was I! Not only had I managed to get a day off school, but I was now going to be alone at home with my cleaner. It was 10 o clock by the time my mum had left, and I heard the door on her way out. Denise always arrived at 11, and so I had an hour to kill. Just the thought of her being here was amazing, and so I got turned on and decided to watch some porn. I quickly got involved in the porn that I lost track of time. The hour flew past and before I knew it the door opened downstairs. Denise had arrived.
“Hello is anybody home?” Denise shouted as she climbed the stairs to look around. I got out of bed and left my room to greet her. There she was at the top of the stairs. In all honesty she wasn’t the greatest looking. She was a middle-aged woman a few years younger than my mom, with a petite build and slim figure. A good point was that she had rather large breasts for her size.

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   Being 38 made her over twice as old as me, as I was only 16. This turned me on massively, as I wanted to experience the sex of an older woman.
“Oh hi darling,” she said as she saw me. (She always called me darling which made me smile. ) “Hiya Denise how are you?” I replied. Having answered my question and asked what needed cleaning Denise set off to start work. She started upstairs at the other end of the house so I went back into my room and watched the porn more discretely. My cock was growing larger as the porn got more intense, and all I could do was imagine me and Denise together having sex like in the film.
As I was watching two women pleasuring each other I heard Denise walk by outside my room into the bathroom next door. She started to clean in there but was going to and fro from the airing cupboard to get cleaning stuff. As I was so turned on my head took control of my actions. I could feel myself losing a battle to contain my feelings. With a sudden rush of blood I got up and opened the door, without Denise realising. Having done this my adrenaline died down and I backed out of the doorway and got back onto my bed. I had gone shy all of a sudden as I lay there staring out of my now open door.

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Within minutes, having seen Denise return to the airing cupboard, my rush of blood came back. I thought to myself what would Denise do if she caught me masturbating. The thought of her walking by seeing me pleasuring my own cock sent shivers down my spine. I rocked my head back and started to really work at my cock. I lost my inhibitions and got carried away. I looked up and saw Denise walk past the door. I didn’t know whether she had seen what I was doing. I didn’t want to get up and go see whether she had seen, and so I continued where I had stopped.
5 minutes passed and I heard movement again. As I watched the doorway I saw Denise walk past, much slower this time. I caught her eye slightly and quickly turned away. She had definitely seen this time, but she didn’t react. Except she had turned round and re-entered the bathroom. I felt disheartened. Her lack of reaction made me feel as if she didn’t want anything to do with me ever again.

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   I felt so bad about what I had done that I turned over and laid facing the other way. With all different thoughts going through my mind I was too busy to catch on to what happened next……. .
I was lying facing the wall, pondering my actions when suddenly I felt something. I assumed our small dog had jumped on the bed so I didn’t turn round, but it was more than my dog. Again I felt something, this time on my leg. A hand? I turned over in shock and stared into the eyes of Denise.
    She looked at me with an expressionless face, before saying, “I saw what you were doing before. ”
    On hearing this, my cheeks went bright red. She just looked at me and smiled. I didn’t reply and so she spoke again. “Did you mean for me to catch you?” she asked softly. I didn’t know what to say, I was in total shock. “ I think you meant for me to see what you were doing. ” She stated.

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    Now my heart was racing, here I was in the situation that I had dreamt of, but I didn’t know what to do. I muttered quietly, “Well not really, I didn’t think you would see me. ”
    Again Denise smiled, moving her hand up my leg. “I am amazed that you were doing that. I actually enjoyed it. ”
    A huge sigh of relief came out of my mouth and Denise laughed. “I knew you want me to see you, you cheeky little begger!” I still didn’t respond and so Denise looked at me before asking what it was that I was masturbating to. When I told her the truth she looked stunned. I now thought it was all over for my dream.
    We sat there looking at each other for a minute or so, I said sorry to her but no response. All that happened was that her grip on my leg got stronger. I felt it start moving up my leg more. Was this to be it?
    “Just don’t tell anyone ok?” Denise asked politely. I replied quickly “Tell anyone what?” but before I knew it Denise’s hand was on my cock, gripping it through my tracksuit bottoms. She pushed me back, started squeezing and kissed me passionately.

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    My cock rose instantly, and the kiss was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt, well that was up until she took it further. Her hand glided inside my bottoms and grabbed the tip of my penis. It was wet from my pre-cum when watching the porn, and I could tell this turned her on, as she stopped kissing me and quickly got down to my bottoms. In an instant, without knowing my bottoms were off. My average sized cock flopped out and she smiled licking her lips. She grabbed my cock and teased it with her fingers, before licking the tip slowly with her tongue. “Oh my god!” I shouted as she descended further down my shaft. She started to really pick up pace as she bounced her mouth up and down on my now throbbing cock. It was the most amazing blowjob I had ever received, especially because it was a woman over twice my age doing it. I had reached a point now where I didn’t care what happened to me. .