My Friend's Little Sister (Always a Classic)


My friend Will and his family moved into town about 3 years ago. Since then he and I have become really great friends, I even gotten onto pretty good terms with his family, his parents are both funny people and they always seem happy to see me, but it’s his sister that I’m really a fan of.
Katie was a walking, talking apparition of sex and lust. She was a few years younger than us, but that never mattered to me. She was tanned to such a perfect colour of bronze; her skin looked like honey to me. She was a gorgeous girl. She was probably 5’5 with a pair of long, long legs. She was about as thin as she could get without looking unhealthy. Her tits and ass came out from her body like a perfect set of peaches and apples. The combination of her thin legs and waist, her round breasts and ass, her thick, luscious lips and beautiful face, were enough to leave me feeling stunned. I always flirted with Katie and made no secret that I had an eye for her, that’s why I’m sure it was no surprise to Will when he found out what happened between her and I.
The day that it happened I was over at their house pretty early in the morning. I was over to pick Will up so we could go golfing with some other guys and as I was waiting in his living room for him to get his clubs Katie walked out of her room. She was clinging to a towel like it was holding her body together, and that was all she had on. Her hair and skin were still wet from her shower. Her lips grew like a bell into a perfect smile and her eyes opened wide.

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“Hey,” she said as nonchalantly as she could, I’m sure.
I gave her a little hi and smile back and she continued right through the house as Will came out, ready to leave. We were gone through almost the whole afternoon and got back to Will’s at around 5 o’clock. It seemed like no one was home when we got there. Will’s parent’s owned a restaurant and were almost always there into the late evenings and Katie was nowhere to be seen. We hung around the house for a minute and really did nothing. Will got a call a few minutes later from his mom reminding him to run a check out to the restaurant, which was about 15-20 minutes away. He said I could hang around his house if I wanted to and wait for him to get back. I had no interest in taking the drive out to the restaurant, so I told him I would take a shower while he was out. He left and I took off immediately for Katie’s room. In all the years I had been coming over to this house I had never really been in Katie’s room for more than a couple minutes, and now I had it all to myself. I opened the door and took in the scent that was without a doubt, all her. He wandered into her room in what was almost like a trance. I stared at the walls and messed around with all of the little things on her dresser and desk, and then I was finally staring at the top drawer. I pulled it back and gazed down at the marvelous treasure chest that was her panty-drawer.

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   She had little thongs, g-strings, boy shorts, and bras of every colour. There was lace, silk, and cotton, everything that I imagined hugging close on her thighs, around her waist, and over that perfect ass. I picked up a few pairs to fully examine. First a ruffle-y, pink thong with a heart cut-out above the ass. Next, it was a pair of lacey, blue, full bottom panties that I’m sure fit the shape of her ass perfectly. And just as I was about to pick up a little, white cotton thong I heard her.
“Looking at my panties, huh? What do you think?” She laughed a little and rested against her bedroom door.
“Oh, it was, I was just only…” I trailed off.
“Where did Will go?”
“To the restaurant, he left 2 minutes ago probably,” I tried to straighten myself up.
“Good, so we have a minute. ”
I couldn’t believe what I just heard, I laughed a little. “What?” She took a few steps toward her bed and egged me on again. “Come over here. ” Her eyes caught me like a lasso and her direction was the only direction I knew.   I walked closer to her and she put her arms around my neck as we our lips fell together perfectly.

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   We continued kissing as I ran my hands up and down her sides. She wore a pair of jeans that could have only been painted on, they squeezed her hips and thighs better than her own skin and a black halter top dangled down over them. She pulled back from our kiss for just a second.
“How bad do you want me?” She asked me.
“More than you even know. ”
“Show me”.
After she said that I was just off to the races. I picked her up by her ass and laid her out on the bed. My mouth moved from her lips down to her neck, back up to her ear, back to her mouth, and then across her chest. As I was kissing her chest I could feel her start to wriggle in anticipation, and I didn’t feel like being one to make her wait. The halter top she was wearing had single loop that went around her neck in the back, which left her shoulders unoccupied, and her breasts easily accessible. I pulled down the sides of her top to expose her breasts, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and this drove me wild. I left my tongue fall out on top of her small nipples as I drug them along her perfect chest, and brought her nipples an erect state of arousal. As I continued to circle her nipples and suck them lightly, I let my hand fall between her legs. I could feel the button of her jeans on my wrist as my fingers flexed over her jean & panty covered pussy.

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   I flexed them hardly, then gently as I could feel her pussy already starting to moisten. She let out tiny whimpers of pleasure between to attention to her nipples and her pussy. This went on until I could feel the erection in my pants getting harder than I had ever felt before, Katie must have had some sort of intuition to this as she glided her hand over my jeans, and giving me an audible smile as she grabbed hold of my jean covered cock. We continued to stroke each other until the jeans we both had on seemed so unnecessary, my worked at my belt as I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. We crept around on the bed as we removed all our denim, revealing me in my black and white boxer briefs, and Katie, looking nothing less than perfect in her little thong. It was a yellow mesh thong, with pink bits of lace across the front and the sides and a little ribbon above the ass in the back. She stood up on her knees in front of my as we took off our shirts as well. She looked phenomenal there in nothing other than her outrageously sexy panties. I put hands on the small of her back and the back of her neck as I brought her in for another kiss. My hands then fell down her back, grabbing hold of the uncovered parts of her ass. She was so smooth, she was such a dream. I handled her ass as we handled one another’s tongues. I brought my hands around from her ass to touch her panty covered pussy, she was now soaking and I started to stroke her harder. And with this, her little whimpers of pleasure turned to definite moans. I wanted to give her as much as I could give her; I kissed her then whispered for her to lay on her back.

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   As she fell back on the bed I positioned myself between those beautiful, long legs.   I put my hands on her hips by her panties; I stalled for just a second and said.
“You know, I really love looking at these. It’s sort of a shame to take them off. ”
“Well, you can have them. ” She said and winked.
I trembled at everything she was saying and doing. Then I gazed ahead of me at her panty covered pussy and gave it one last kiss before I slid them off and went to work on her bare pussy. She was shaved perfectly like it had never even seen hair. And she was so wet at this point that my tongue slid all over her clit and around pussy. I worked at her tiny cunt with marked intensity. I lapped up every bit of juice she had to give me and tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue. I started to run one finger in and out her as slowly as I could and still focus my attention in on her swelling clit. We were both getting insanely involved with this. I put my hands under tiny ass and lifted her whole lower body.

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   I spread her little ass cheeks with my thumbs and started to run my tongue over her ass and back to her clit. I never really thought she would be the type of girl who love getting ass licked, but she really was. I liked nothing better than the feeling of having a girl squirm and buckle while I used my tongue to do her; this was making my cock want to explode.
“I need you in me. ” She told me.
Before her sentence had even ended I was peeling off my boxer-briefs and bringing the head of my long cock toward the opening of her now drenched with spit and pussy juice slit. She brought her hand down to direct my cock straight in and she put her other hand on the back of my neck as she pulled both hands in closer. My cock plunged deep into her pussy and I went for a kiss that went unfulfilled, because she wasn’t able to close her mouth as my cock pushed into her. Her pussy was as wet as I’ve ever felt one and she was as tight as my own skin, I wondered if this was her first time. Just thinking about that made me ram her harder and harder, as her definite moans now turned to erotic shrieks.
“God, your cock is so big. Fuck me, good God, fuck me, baby. ”
She sounded like such a slut, it couldn’t be any better. Our hips smacked and our bodies slammed together. I held onto her hips and she brought her legs around my waist.

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   The sounds of her moans and our skin slapping blended into a perfect harmony and we were in bliss. The longer we went on the more and more intense I got not letting up a bit, I once more put my hands under ass and picked her up. I had her whole lower body off the bed which gave me the leverage to drive deeper and deeper into her.
“Oh fuck! That’s it. Right there, that’s it,” she started in a scream, but then tapered off into a little moan. Her noise level worked like a boomerang in that moment. She screamed “Oh fuck!” then got quieter as he told me “that’s it,” like she was falling into a coma. Then it all came back like a wave.
“I’m cumming! Oh God, baby! Fuuckk, yessss!” She shrieked and rumbled and shook, as felt her pussy clench around my cock and then release, 3 times over. Her body fell almost lifeless back to the bed as she fell off of my cock. She laid on the bed for a moment silent as her body continued to tremble. She then reached her out toward my cock and opened her eyes as she grabbed. I looked down as well to see it still dripping with her juices, as well as little bits of her blood. It was her first time.
“Look at all of my cum all over your cock.

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  ” She giggled a little bit. I laughed back a little bit between breaths.   “Yeah, I guess. ”
“I want you to cum on me. ” She told me.
“You know, I would just love that. ” We told each other this all between kisses.
“Where do you want your cum, baby?”
“All of your ass, Katie. It’s so perfect and I have nice big load waiting for it. ”
“Perfect. ”
She crawled out from underneath me and assumed the position on all fours in front of me. She pushed her head down onto the pillows at the top of her bed and put her hands back to spread her ass for me. I walked up and spanked her ass lightly as I grabbed my cock and rested it between her cheeks, with it pointing toward the ceiling.
“You’ll love this. ” I told her.

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   She could only giggle and moan in return.   With my cock and her cunt both still soaking from all our foreplay and our romp before hand, I needed no extra spit and my cock worked its own way in. If I thought that her pussy was tight originally taking her now from the back was even tighter. And if I thought I had been deep in her before, I was again happily mistaken. I loved taking girls from the back. It’s so sexy watching their asses giggles from the contact with my hips, hearing an entirely different moan from them based on this different point of entry, watching their backs arch up as they build up their little cums and climaxes, even just the sound our slapping bodies made was enough to drive me wild. And Katie was better than all girls. It was like she was throwing her own ass and pussy back toward my cock. Her ass was perched up and poked out so high above the rest of her body, she looked like a pin-up model. Her moans were muffled by her pillows, but were almost just as audible as they were before. I watched as my cock sank into her inch by inch, I loved being in control of her like this. And following suit with that idea I took both of her hands and held them on the small of her back like she was hogtied as I used to the other hand to hold onto her hips. I was completely carried away by my own sexual prowess, at this point.
“God, Katie you fucking slut. You’re so fucking sexy.

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   I’m going to cum all over you. You know that, right?”
“Cum on me baby, do it. I’m your slutty little cunt, fuck me!”
It was this that triggered the last few pumps on her little ass that sounded like a tackle in the NFL. Then, it was the release. I pulled out and exploded all over her. The initial shot traveled all the way toward the middle of her back, and the rest trailed in little globs all over both of ass cheeks, down her asshole and the backs of her legs. It was massive.
“Mmmm, God yes” She said as I ran my now cock over her ass, mixing up all of my cum. She took her own hand and rubbed it all over her ass to collect the cum then brought it to her mouth to taste it.
“Oh, yum,” after saying this she turned around and told me she wanted to clean me off. She took my now almost limp cock and spit all of the cum in her mouth onto it and proceeded to suck it all back off of my cock. She looked up at me with her big, brown eyes and cum covered lips.
“You taste real good. ”
“Oh, definitely. ”
As she continued to lick along my cock her door shot open, it was Will.


“Man, what the fuck?!” he said, sounding a little distressed. “I knew you’d try this. ”
“Sorry, man, I…. ” He left before I could finish.
Katie looked at me and laughed. “Don’t worry, I doubt he really cares. Now, I think these are yours now?”
She handed me her yellow thong and we kissed one last time before getting dressed.

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