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Hello my name is Jordan and im 18 years old and this is my first true story.
    Well one day i decided i was gonna walk over to my girlfriends (chelsea)  to go swim. She is about 5' 10" 132lbs 34C breasts and i nice big booty but this story isnt about her. It was a good mile or two from where I lived. She lived beside a beach and it was a hot day but it was worth the walk. By the time i got there i was sweating so bad my shirt was sticking to my body but for the girls this is a good sight if i dont say so myself. Im 6' tall and way 196 lbs and medium build body.
   So when i got there i asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go for a swim and she said she was game, but just then her mom came out ( by the way i got a story about her but she doesnt do it to me) and said that she had to go with her to town to take photos. So she tells me to stay here and she'll be back later in the evening. So i decide to stay to watch TV but it was too damn hot in the house because they dont have air conditioning so i said screw it im going for a swim without her.
   I was on my way out the door when my girlfriends sister (Dana) got home from her friends. Shes 15 years old and about 5'9" 110 lbs and has bigger tits then my girlfriend but no that much of an ass but nice enuf to fuck. She asked me where everyone was and i told her they went for ride to town. She looked at me wierd for a few seconds and looked away and asked where i was going i said i was going for a swim. She said she will come along to so i told her I'll meet her at the beach.
   I checked the water and it was nice and warm.

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   I heard someone coming behind me and i turned around and it was Dana with a towel wrapped around her body. So i asked her do you wanna go in to the water now so we did and it was the best thing i felt so far today ;). About half hour to about a hour i got out to lay on the beach. About ten minutes later Dana got out and sat beside me.
   She sat there for a minute or two saying nothing but i knew she was thinking of doing something. I thought nothing of it and just laid back and closed my eyes and i guess she noticed my eyes were closed and she got naked beside me without me knowing. All of sudden i felt something touching by cock and i opened my eyes real quick to see if there was something trying to crawl on dick like a crab or bird or some shit but then my eyes widened when is saw her. There she was naked in front of me bending over with her hands pulling my pants off. I asked want she was doing and she said she always liked me since i started to come over and she wanted to fuck me but never had a chance since chelsea was always with me. She asked if she could suck my dick i tried to say no but i mind was blank because i couldnt believe this was happening to me it was like some porn movie to me.
   Before i could say something she started to lick the tip of my 7 to 8 inch dick (IDK i dont measure my cock) dick till it got real hard and she started to suck it. This was actually happening to me so i just decided to go along with it i grabbed her big tits and started to squeeze them. She got on top of me in the 69 position so i got  a nice view of her ass and pussy but by looking at it i couldnt tell that she was a virgin. so i started to lick her pussy and ass switching between each one every now and then.
   She stopped sucking my cock and moved up and sat on my stomach she turned around and told me that she was gonna stick my cock in her pussy but she said she was a virgin and she was gonna control it first until she got used to it.

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   She got up grabbed my stiff cock and gently slid it in her pussy very slowly. this was the best feeling ever for me and probably for her too. At first she started off slow then she started going faster and faster. This lasted 10 minute or so and she got off and told me to fuck her doggystyle. I wasnt gonna treat this girl special just i took her virginity i was gonna pound her pussy so hard and fast she is gonna want more and more. So I stuufed my cock in her pussy and started ramming it real fast for a good twenty minute until i was goona come so i told her and she pulled out and statrted to stroke my cock and lick it till i came on her chest. She was looking up at me and started to lick the come off my dick and sucked it dry.
 Just then I realized how dark it was and noticed that her Dad was pulling in with his truck and we got dressed and went back to the house. I told her that she cant tell anyone and ever since then we do it every once and awhile when chelseas not around and she is the best cock sucker around that i had.
    Well thats my story i decided to tell this one because it was my first experince like this and with her and was the best fuck i had for awhile. Tell me what you think of it and rayte me Thanks.  
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