My highschool friend


I was a senior in high school. I was a sports jock through my junior year, but a car wreck ended my football playing. I enjoyed school, so I concentrated on my studies trying to hard to earn a full scholarship for my grades since my sports scholarship was gone. I was still in good shape, and worked out with weights every day in gym. I weighed 175 pounds and stood just under 6 feet tall.
She was in three of my classes. She was super smart. She was gorgeous. Blond hair, dark blue eyes that hinted of green at times. Flawless complexion. Perfectly proportioned figure. She was 3 ft 7 inches tall. She was a midget, not someone suffering from dwarfism. She was just small. And she fascinated me. Her small breasts were the perfect size for her and I wanted to see and touch them.

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One day as I was coming into math class, I bumped into her and knocked her off her feet. I apologized to her and helped her to her feet, picking up her books. We had a good laugh and after class we had lunch together. We became good friends and went many places together, although we never dated. Her parents were pleased with our friendship and that we did not date, but were just good friends.
I got a call one day from her father that June had developed rheumatic fever and would be bedfast for about 6 weeks. I told him that I would get her school assignments and bring them over. We continued studying with her in bed and me beside her bed for over a month. On Friday June’s father and mother came in as we were studying. “Brad, we need to go to Houston. June’s grandmother is very ill and we have to go. I trust both of you and I would like you to stay here until we get back Sunday night. Do you think your mother would let you do that? And would you be comfortable staying here? Just the two of you? You know your friends will talk and imagine all kinds of things. ”
“Mrs. Johnson, I don’t care what people imagine.

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   I know what I do and as long as they don’t insult my friends, or me, I don’t care what they think. Let me call my mom and get her permission. I’ll have to go home for my toothbrush and some clothes, but I have no problem staying here with June. She’s my best friend, but any talk will hurt her. She’ll have to make that decision, also. ”
June agreed that some people would talk, but we have been friends so long, our real friends will know nothing went on.
I went home, got two different changes of clothes, and as an afterthought, my swimsuit. The Johnson’s have a hot tub in an enclosed porch, so I thought June might enjoy sitting in the hot tub. When I returned, I asked Mrs. Johnson about the hot tub and she called the doctor who said there would be no problem as long as she did not walk too far.
I moved into the guest room while Mr. Johnson ordered a pizza for us. He gave me $50 in case we needed something and to pay for the pizza, then they left. There was going to be a slasher/screamer movie on cable tonight and June loved those kinds of movies although they scare her. The pizza arrived; we got some soft drinks out of the refrigerator and had dinner, then turned on the movie.

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   It was the typical movie with the obligatory nude scene and the slasher killing everyone but June loved it. During the “scary” parts, she would hold my arm and squeeze my arm against her. Her small breasts were being pressed against my arm and I loved it.
The movie was over around 11 pm and I told her we should probably get to bed but she wanted to sit in the hot tub for a while. I took her to her bedroom and got her bathing suit out from the dresser where she told me it was kept. It was a small bikini in white. I left her to change into my suit and when I returned she was sitting in her wheelchair with her robe on. “Let’s go,” she said. I wheeled her out to the porch and she said to leave the lights off. “The neighbors don’t need to see what’s going on. ” With all the shrubbery they had around the back yard, there was no way anyone was going to see in, anyway, but I did as she asked. I asked her if she needed any help getting in the hot tub and she told me to get in and I could help her as she climbed in. I got into the tub and as I turned around to help her she was standing there naked! She said she hated a suit in the hot tub. I helped her in, but could not take my eyes off her. I had never seen a real girl nude before.

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   Pictures, and films, yes --- but this was my best friend and I was getting an industrial-strength boner! I was glad that part of me was under water.
June reached for me and I helped her into the tub. As she stepped into the water she leaned against me pressing her naked breasts against my chest and slid down my body. She felt my erection and smiled. She then pressed against me and moved back and forth rubbing my penis against her chest. I sat her down and moved away a bit. I was embarrassed and horny all at the same time. This was my best friend, but I was looking at the breasts I wanted to see for months.
“Take off your swimsuit, Brad. ” “What?”
“Take off your swimsuit. I’m naked and I want you to be naked with me. I want to see you and touch you. I want to do lots of things with you. ”
“June, I don’t know if this is good idea. ”
“Well, first is the Rheumatic Fever.

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   It may be too much excitement for you. Second, we are friends, not lovers. I don’t want to lose your friendship because of something like this. ”
“First, the Rheumatic Fever is finished. I go back to school on Monday. Second, I’ve wanted to see you nude since school started. Third, I want to be more than friends. Now take your suit off. ” She stepped over to me and put her hands on the edge of my waistband and pulled downward and off they came.
“Stand up. I want to see you. ” I stood and she smiled. “I hope that will fit in me. I’ve been practicing for about three months with different size dildos, but they were different than the real thing. ”
“Where did you get any dildo?”
“From mother.

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   By the way, she knows that we are going to do this tonight. She and I talk about everything, and she got the dildos for me. She likes you a lot and helped arrange this little overnight stay. Daddy hasn’t the foggiest idea what ‘s going on. If it’s not listed in the stock exchange, he doesn’t even notice. ”
She straddled my legs and pulled herself against me coming up to give me the first kiss between us. It made my head swim it was so good. Our tongues found each other and started their dance as my hand moved up to cup her small breast. It was marvelous. She moved back a little and stood on the bench giving me access to her breasts and I feasted the feast of the starved. I kissed and sucked her breasts for what seemed like hours, although it was surely less than 10 minutes. I moved my hand down her abdomen and she grabbed my hand and guided me to her clitoris. When I hesitated, she asked me if I were a virgin.
“Yes,” I told her. “I have felt girls breasts before, but before tonight I had never kissed a girl’s breasts.

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   I have read books and seem a couple of porn magazines, but nothing prepared me for this. ”
“Although I used dildos and broke my hymen, I am still a virgin. You are the first man to ever see me or touch me in a sexual manner. You have always been a perfect gentleman and never treated me like I was different. I have loved you since before that day when I deliberately stepped in front of you in class. Mother has helped prepare me for this and we watched some movies together as she explained what felt good to a woman and what a woman could do to make a man feel good. So, lie back and listen. Listen and learn. You are going to like this. ”
She explained the clitoris, orgasms and how they were so different for men and women. She explained about oral sex. I wanted to have her do me, but I wasn’t sure about putting my mouth on her crotch (how naive I was).
She took my hand from her crotch and stood up. She spread her labia and showed me her clitoris, her labia and her vaginal opening. Then she told me to stand up.

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   She sat on the bench and took my penis in her small hands. She could not reach around the shaft with her tiny hands, but it felt wonderful. “Mother told me what to do, but she didn’t tell me it would feel alive in my hands. I love holding your cock. ” Then she cupped my balls with one hand while stroking my dick with the other hand. She licked the head and tried to put it into her mouth, but she could only get the head in her mouth. She said it tasted and felt good, but it was just too large. I had to agree that it did feel good.
She rose up and turned me around. She told me to sit down and she stepped up on the bench and slowly lowered herself down upon my penis. I could feel it separate the folds of her labia and she guided it to her vaginal opening. It slipped in a little and then stopped. She pushed down again and it started to bend and hurt a little. She rose up again and again pushed down holding my dick in her hand to guide it. Again she lowered herself against my erection and again it stopped when the head was just entering her.

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   She pushed down harder as my erection tried to bend when suddenly it slipped into her. She gasped as her eyes widened. She stopped and breathed in and out quickly like a woman in labor.
After sitting with my dick half in her, she raised up until the head almost came out and she again shoved down and I went into her until only about an inch was still out. She hesitated again, pulled up about an inch and dropped. My dick was all the way in her and my balls were against her beautiful ass. I had to see.
I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my neck. I could not see a thing like that. I sat back down and she started to move. She started the fucking movement and when she came down the fourth time she had a hard orgasm. I could feel the muscles of her vagina pulsating. I told her I was going to cum but she would not get off me. She did not say a word, but started the fucking movement again as I came into her body. She yelled something I didn’t understand and had another orgasm.

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   It seemed like I came for a very long time, and by the time my dick stopped jumping she had finished her second orgasm. She kissed me so tenderly before getting up. When she was getting up, I could see my dick sliding out of her pussy. It was a wonderful sight. She sat back down onto my legs and we just held each other.  
After about 10 minutes of holding each other, kissing and touching, we decided to get out of the hot tub. June suggested a shower together. We toweled off and walked hand-in-hand to her shower. It was a large shower and as she adjusted the water I started washing her back. I moved my hands around her and washed her breasts and abdomen while moving up and down against her soapy back. She turned around and started washing me, paying close attention to my manhood. I backed up and knelt down on the floor looking at her small beautiful body. I washed her breasts carefully, watching as her nipples responded to my fingers. As I moved down to her waist and hips she started breathing heavier than normal. I gently touched her swollen labia and she spread her legs.


   I lightly traced my fingers back and forth between her ass and pussy pinching her labia lightly and pulling at them gently. I separated them and could see her clitoris standing at attention wanting to be touched. I put my tongue against her clit and her legs almost folded up. I pressed tighter against her clit with my tongue as I caressed her hips with my hands, tickling her hips and brushing her asshole with my fingertips. She started moving against my face as I started flipping her clit with my tongue. I licked down to her hole and back and finally entered her hole with my tongue. I could taste her and it was delicious. I spread the skin over her clit with my lips and attacked her clit with my tongue while I inserted my finger into her vagina. She was having difficulty standing as she came again.  
“No more, no more!” she panted as she pushed me away. Her face was flushed and she was breathing hard. She moved to the bench in the shower and sat down catching her breath. As she did, she reached out and took my now-hard dick in her hands. She just slowly caressed me as she came down from her high. She looked at me and said, “I want to see you cum, too.

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  ” She again tried to take me into her mouth, but was unsuccessful. She started to stroke me and rolled my dick between her hands back and forth like bread dough. She examined my penis in detail as she touched a vein here and a wrinkle there with her fingernail. My penis would jump at her touch and that fascinated her.
She then started to stroke me in earnest. I leaned back against the shower wall and let her work. I could see her in the mirror next to the lavatory sink and see her back in the mirror on the bathroom door. It was a wonderful sight. Except for her breasts, it looked like a 10-year-old girl working on me. I was enjoying this more than anything in my 18 years on this earth. I told her I was going to cum and she continued to work on me. When I came it hit her in the forehead. The second stream she tried to catch with her mouth and only got a small bit, but the third stream she caught when she placed her mouth over the end of my dick. She tasted the semen and said it was a little salty, but she liked the taste. She continued to stroke me until I had nothing left.

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We finished our shower and dried off. Neither of us dressed, but slipped on our robes. We went to her bedroom and got into her bed. In no time we were asleep. Around 3:30 am I awoke and she had uncovered me. She was looking at me. “Are you okay?”
She replied that she just wanted to look at me and remember this night. I reached out for her and kissed her. Just her kiss caused my dick to rise. She felt it against her leg and she laughed. “Does it always get hard that easy?”
“I’ve never been in this situation before, but it was never quite that animated when I kissed anyone else. ”
I rolled her over on her back and kissed her from her toenails to her ears, spending a lot of time on detours along the way. Finally I moved between her legs and placed my dick at her opening. I had a lot of trouble getting it to go in, but after working my pre-cum and her juices around the head of my dick it slid in. Not easily, but it did go in without having to force it.

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   When I was in all the way, June told me to hold still for a minute. I raised up and looked down at the beautiful sight underneath me. My dick was out about half-an-inch and her small patch of pubic hair was showing. Her nipples were sticking straight out. I pulled out a couple of inches and watched as her pussy tried to turn itself wrong side out hanging onto the skin of my dick. I pushed it back in about an inch and pulled out the same and watched again. It was delightful.
“Fuck me. Easy at first. I’ll tell you what to do. ”
I started stroking slowly about 2 inches. She told me to take longer strokes. I pulled out until only the head was still in her and pushed it back until my balls touched her. “Yeah, that way,” she said. I continued slow deep strokes for a few minutes and she told me to go faster and come down harder.

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   I picked up the pace and was starting to hit her pubic bone coming down. “Harder,” she cried. I was afraid of hurting her, but I started pulling almost all the way out and plunging down into her. “Faster. ”
I needed no encouragement as I could feel the strains developing deep within. I started stroking as hard and as fact as I could as I felt my orgasm building. Just as I was about to cum, her orgasm struck and we went over together. I plunged down into her and tried to hold her motionless as I came, but she would not be denied. For such a small person, she was very strong as she pounded her pussy against me pulling me as tight as her small arms could manage. I rolled off her on my side, but she pushed one of her legs between mine and slid up until our pubic bones were touching. We went to sleep that way. I awoke as she slowly pulled herself off me. I looked down as my now-limp dick slowly slid out of her child-sized pussy. She kissed me and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower and when she came out she was wearing a see-through baby doll pajama set.

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   We continued our sexual escapades all day and most of the night. This time we slept in the guest room so the bed would show I slept in it. She explained this was for her father, just in case.
When her parents got home, her father asked me if everything was all right, and I assured him everything was fine. I told him we got along fine, watched some TV and even spent some time in the hot tub. He was satisfied and went to his office. June’s mother came over, looked at June and then at me. She took my head in her hands and thanked me for being such a good friend, winked, and gave me a full-on-the-mouth kiss. She even used a little tongue. She winked at me and told June that she just might have to take me on to make sure I treated her daughter right. With that she laughed and walked away. While I sat there shocked, June was smiling. “You know, she just might do that someday. ”
But, that’s a different story.

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