My Neighbor Dani


I woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning planning my day.   I hadn’t had a day off of work in two weeks and finally I got to catch up on some work around the house.   I cleaned up a bit and by noon, decided to wash my new black Jeep Wrangler.   It was a good 90 degrees outside as it was August in North Carolina and although I was in the sun, my bare chest shone from sweat pouring all over it.  On the weekend days, I spent the entire day in board shorts and flip-flops.   No shirt of course, since I worked hard out hard at the gym at least 5 days a week.
My next door neighbor was Jack, a divorcee with a very nice looking 16 year-old daughter, Dani.   By looking at her, you would never guess she was only 16.   She had beautiful long dark hair, a deep tan and the most beautiful set of legs you have ever seen on a female.    Dani stayed with her father every other weekend.   This just happened to be one of those weekend!.   Dani strolled out of the house wearing a blank tank top and matching shorts.   She smiled cheerfully and waved as she walked to the mailbox, her body glistening with suntan oil.
“Whatcha up to Girl?” I asked.   I had known Dani since she was about 10 years old since her father had lived next to me for six years.   Since I had a pool, Jack would bring Dani over on the weekends to swim.

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“Nuttin’”, Dani exclaimed.   “Just took a break from lying out.   It’s too hot today”.
“You know you always have an open invite to the pool if you want to cool off! – or I can think of other ways to cool you down!”, I explained as I picked up the garden hose and shot a spray of water which hit her dead on the back.  She yelped, turned around and gave me an evil grin.
“Maybe later if I have nothing better to do!” she exclaimed.
“Whatever!  I’ll be here all day if you get bored”.  
As Dani walked back into the house, she quickly turned around to give me a cute little grin.   I waved and she disappeared in the house.   I quickly finished up the wash job on my Jeep, cleaned up and went back inside.
I continued to think about Dani as the next hour passed.   I had never though romantically about her due to our 16 year age difference but she was looking so grown up and actually acted more mature than most of the women I had been dating.   I was a good looking guy with a very athletic build and stylish so my choice in women was plenty.   But at the moment I had not been intimate with a woman in nearly a month, so I was a bit turned on by the interaction I had with Dani in the driveway.   I reached for a beer as I heard a tap on the door.

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“I thought maybe you found something better to do”, I joked as I opened the door to let Dani in.   She brushed by me as she entered the house.
“My Dad called.   He and Stacy drove to Atlanta this morning to a friend’s wedding.   They were planning to come home tonight but apparently they decided to stay and come back tomorrow morning.  So I gotta find something to do tonight since my friends all have dates.
“I’ll be your date tonight, ok?  I’ll even spring for dinner if you’re up for it. ”  I did enjoy her company but I especially enjoyed looking at her sensual body and beautiful face.
Dani walked past me and headed to the pool but quickly turned around and asked for a beer.   Of course, I challenged her on her age but she claimed she had drank a few beers before with a few friends, and promised not to tell anyone if I gave her one.   So I reached in the fridge and pulled out a Bud Light bottle.   She had her back to me as I slid the bottle around and touched it lightly on her tummy.   She jumped, squealed and punched me in the arm lightly with a cute flirtatious grin.    We walked toward the pool as she quickly took off her tank and shorts and dove in the water.   I watched as her body moved underwater.

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    As she surfaced, she turned around grinned and asked me to join her.  Without hesitation, I dove in after her.
Dani and I swam around for a while splashing and dunking each other in a flirtatious way.   I was getting more and more turned on by just the closeness we had in the water.   At one point, I grabbed her from behind and held her like I was going to dunk her.   I held her close and there was no doubt in my mind she could feel the semi-erection I had.   Unsure what to do next, I went ahead and dunked her and swam to the steps at the corner of the pool.   She followed.
I sat on the steps and she approached me.   My mind was spinning not sure how to handle the situation I felt sure I was going to get myself in.   She got nearer, her body touching me.   She leaned up and kissed me softly on the lips.   I returned the kiss but quickly pushed her gently away.
“Dani, we can’t do this.   I’m twice your age and I could really get in trouble for this”.

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    She backed off, embarrassed.
“I’m sorry!  I just thought you’d be fun to kiss.   But if no one is looking, how would anybody know?  I won’t tell anyone”, Dani explained.
At that, I felt she was giving me an opportunity that I might regret later.   But I took her word for the solitude and pulled her towards me for another kiss.   I slipped my tongue inside her mouth to feel the warmth of her lips.   I slid my hands around her waist and pulled her closely.   She must’ve against felt my cock grow harder in my shorts as she backed away, grinned and started to climb out of the pool.
“You ok?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine”. I followed her out of the pool.   I grabbed her by the arm and swung her around.
“Okay, what is up?  You kiss me then pull away like now you don’t want to kiss anymore“.   I looked straight in her eyes.
She grinned and said, “I fine, let’s go inside”.

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I followed Dani into the house, both of us carrying our beers.   She stopped in the kitchen at the counter.   I approached her from behind, wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck. She seemed to welcome the touch as she quickly swung around and stuck her tongue deep in my throat.   We continued to kiss as I rubbed her back up and down.   Our kissing was very passionate and turning me on even more.   I slid my hands around to the front and moved slowly up towards her breast. She again hesitated and pulled back.
“Do you not want to do this?” I asked.
She leaned forward once again to kiss me.   We continued with our deep kisses as I again moved my hands towards her breasts. She shook a bit but I succeeded on cupping her firm soft breast in my hand.   I felt her body shaking in my hands but figured she would stop me if I stepped over the line.   I reached a finger under her bikini top to get a feel of her soft nipple. She once again hesitated and this time she claimed scared.

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“Have you never had sex with a boy before?  You can’t tell me you’re a virgin?!” I questioned as I looked deep in her eyes.
“I’ve done some stuff with boys before, but not much.   I haven’t had sex. ”
The thought of having a virgin once again really got to me as my cock grew harder in my shorts.   I haven’t had a virgin since I was 24 and the thought of it was quite arousing! 
“I promise to be gentle and if you want to stop, please just say so. ” I assured her.
I reached for her hand and led her to the couch.   I sat next to her and put my hand on her knee.   We stared deeply in each other eyes for a minute or two and she finally made the move towards my lips once again.   As we kissed, I slowly moved my body towards her, pressing her back into the armrest of the couch.   My hands explored her soft skin, touching her knee and moving my way up her crotch.   She continued to hesitate, which was starting to bother me. My cock was so hard and stiff it was almost getting painful.   My hand finally reached her crotch as I gently rubbed her through her bikini bottoms.   She grabbed my hand and moved it away from her crotch but this was the final time I was going to let her hesitate.

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    I pressed on and told her to relax as I slipped a finger inside her shorts.   She was started to fight me now but I was not going to stop. She had teased me too much by now.   I used my body weight to hold her back from squirming away.   I picked up her left hand and set it on my crotch.
“Can you tell how turned on I am right now?” I asked.
“I’m not sure I want to do this”, she responded.
“I think you want to but you’re just a little scared.   I know the first time is scary and I promise to make it special for you.   Just relax and enjoy.   Wouldn’t you like to have your first time with someone who is experienced and knows what he is doing rather than one of your young horny boyfriends?” I questioned.   She acknowledged my statement by rubbing my cock slowly through my shorts.   This continued for a few minutes until I decided it was time for her to see a real man’s cock.   I stopped her hand and quickly undid my shorts and lowered them.   I could see her eyes open wide, staring at my 9” member.

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    She looked up at me, then back down to my dick.   I nodded to her to go ahead and touch.   She cupped her fingers around my shaft as I wrapped my fingers around her to show her how to stroke it.   My head leaned back as I sat and enjoyed the arousing touch of her innocent hands.  
“Dani, do you know what a blowjob is?” I asked.
“Yes, I think so. ” She responded.
“Go ahead, kiss it”. She lowered her mouth as I watch her touch her tongue to the head of a cock for the first time.   Her mouth was so warm and soft.   She kissed on the head and licked gently with her tongue.   I explained to her how she can put her mouth around the head and slide down the shaft.  She followed my orders and soon she was like a pro, bobbing her mouth up and down on the shaft.   She licked up and down and sucked with her mouth clasped tightly around it.   I could feel my energy building but was not quite ready to cum.

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    I slowed her and explained that I would cum if she didn’t stop but she seemed pretty intent on getting me off.   I believe she may have thought that if I came, I would not want anymore. But I was pretty intent on taking her virginity by that time.   Dani sucked and sucked, her rhythm growing faster. ”Dani, I’m going to cum!” I moaned but she didn’t seem to care.   I felt the hot juices shoot out of my cock and into her warm mouth.   She swallowed two big gulps as she continued to gulp up every drop of my cum.   I was pleasantly surprised that she swallowed on her first blowjob!  She leaned back and grinned asking, “How was that?” 
My face showed a look of extreme exhaust and elation as I commented on what a nice blowjob she gave me.   She looked pleased at her accomplishment.   I pulled her closely and kissed her gently on the lips.   “It’s my turn to return the favor”.   She looked confused.
I pulled away from Dani, grabbed her legs and pulled her down to lie on the couch, one leg fell to the floor.   I reached for her bottoms and slid them down over her hips.   She resisted but I continued.

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    “I don’t think I’m ready for more”, she stated.   I acted as if I didn’t hear her and tugged her shorts down off her hips, past her knees and lifted each leg out.   I got a look at her finely trimmed black patch of pubic hair surrounding her virgin pussy.   Her pussy glistened with her juices showing her excitement for our acts. I leaned forward and slowly parted her legs with my hands as I lowered my face towards her pussy.   I licked the sides of her love triangle, my tongue tracing the hairline.   I could tell she was past the scared stage and wanting to be tongued.   I slowly parted her lips with my tongue and flicked my tongue and her clit.   She jumped, moaned and placed her hands on my head to push me deeper into her crotch. I played with her, teasing her just to see how much she wanted but it was clear so I quickly slid my tongue deep in her pussy.   She arched her back and moaned out of satisfaction. I then began sucking hard on her clit only to feel it growing firm in my mouth. She bucked her hips at my face driving my tongue deeper and deeper into her.   I could tell she was nearing climax by the sound of her screams.   I quickly placed a finger toward her hole and slowly inched my way in.


    I could tell from her tightness that she was definitely a virgin. She seemed to enjoy the finger action as her body went into a spasm.   I felt her pussy walls tighten around my finger as it probed slowly in and out of her hole.   My cock had grown stiff again at her reaction to my tongue.   I reached down to stroke my cock with my other hand as she finished off her orgasm.  
Dani looked up at me as I arose from my position on the floor.   I grabbed her by the hand and led her back into the bedroom.   I laid her on the bed and climbed up next to her.   “Do you want me to fuck you” I asked.   She shook her head yes but used no words.   I whispered for her to relax as I climbed on top of her.   “Just tell me if it is hurts and I’ll slow down”.   I knew she would have difficult time accepting all 9 inches of my dick.   I spread her legs and placed the head of my cock against her virgin hole.   I slowly pushed the head in gently, feeling her virgin hole stretch slightly as I entered.

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   She gasped in pain but didn’t resist.   I continued pushing slowly, feeling the warmth and tightness of her cunt wrap around my cock.  I suddenly felt a barrier – her hymen.   Half way in but I knew the rest would be painful so I stopped to allow Dani to absorb the feeling.   Her pussy was very wet so I was gliding in fairly well, only to be stopped by the tightness of her walls.   I slowly moved in and out, each time inching in further.   There was no way I was going to last long at all.
“Dani, I need you to take a deep breath because the next time I push, it may hurt a little”
Dani had a concerned look on her face, yet she appeared somewhat pleasant.   She squeezed her eyes shut as I made one last push hard to completely enter her virgin pussy.   I stopped for a few moments as Dan absorbed the pain.   After about a minute, I could tell she was ready to continue as she lifted her legs to wrap them around me.   I slowly began to move in and out of her.   We were moving together, increasing our rhythm as we continued.   She clenched her legs together pushing my rod further into her virgin pussy.   I continued thrusting deep inside her, my balls slapping against her ass with every thrust.

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    She started moaning and I could tell she was once again about to cum.   Dani had her fingernails dug into my back and she grew louder in her moans.
“Oh God!  Oh my GOD!” Dani screamed.  
Her breathing intensified as she entered her orgasm.   I felt a warmth come over my cock as Dani’s body went into spasm.   She shook and shifted her body to push my cock even further inside her.  
Feeling this sensation was all I could take.  I thrust in her one last hard time, pulled out and shot the biggest load of cum onto her flat tan tummy.   I came over and over, squirting all the way up to her chin.   It had to be the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.   I collapsed on the bed next to her, completely spent.   My cock lay limp on my leg.    She leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips.   She thanked me for being so gentle and giving her a wonderful first experience.  
From that point on, Dani made regular visits to me when she came to her father’s house.

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    To this day, no one knows about our sexual endeavors, which I would prefer to keep that.

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