My Neighbor Returns


***  I don’t normally do sequels, but two stories that I wrote last year seemed to want to continue even after they were posted.   The story lines have bounced around in my head for more than a year, and I’m hoping that if I write them they will go away.   Hope it’s worth it.   This is a sequel to “Love Thy Neighbor”,  posted 2/20/03.  
Very brief synopsis of earlier story:  Jeff is a lonely widower in his late 40s whose children have grown up and moved away.   Kelly is a cute and sweet 16-year-old virgin who has been good friends with Jeff since she was a toddler on her tricycle.   They have spent many hours over the years talking about whatever was important to her at that age.   Recently she decided that she wanted Jeff to teach her about sex and take her virginity and asked him when she came to collect for a school fundraiser.   He insisted that she think about it further, but spent the afternoon teaching her about other joys of sex.   Now he is feeling guilty about that afternoon and about even considering her request. called!  She called!  Kelly called! 
She must have been watching for me to drive into the court, as she has done for so many years, because the phone rang barely five minutes after I arrived.
“Hello,” I answered.
“Jeff?”  I didn’t recognize her voice at first.
“Yes, this is Jeff.   Who is calling?”
“Jeff?” she said again, as if she didn’t hear me.   Then I knew.

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“Kelly?  Is that you?”
“Jeff, I’ve thought about it a lot, and I’ve decided. ”  There was a long pause.   I didn’t speak, determined not to push her in any way.   “I want to go through with it. ”
I didn’t ask what.   Silly word games were out of place here.   “Kelly, are you sure?  This is a big step for a woman, and you can only do it once. ”
“I know, Jeff, and I’m ready.   It’s going to happen sometime, and I want it to be you.   I really do. ”
“Are you sure it shouldn’t be someone your own age?”  Silence again.      “I’m sure.   I want it to be someone who will make love with me and help me enjoy it, not some guy in my class who’ll just want to get it over with and brag about it to his friends. ”
Well, there was more of this.   I guess I already felt guilty and wanted to assure myself that this really was her decision.

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    Her parents were going to be out of town all weekend, and her brother would be at a basketball game in a neighboring town most of Saturday.   We set a time for her to come over.   OK, we made a date on Saturday.   Is that more accurate?   After she hung up the guilt pangs really hit.   How can I be so happy?  What kind of man am I?  She‘s a child, a sixteen-year-old girl, and what I am contemplating is illegal.   It could land me in jail for a long time.   And is this a good thing for her?  Well, she is a very level-headed girl, and she has had a long time to think about it.   It’s what she wants.   Would I want it to happen in a back seat, for her perhaps to become pregnant?
Total gibberish.   When it came right down to it, I had made my decision, too, and the decision was that if that sweet and lovely teenager wanted to offer me her virginity I was going to try my best to make it one of the happiest and most memorable events of her life.   I’m not a total monster.   I bought a package of the best quality condoms and felt very strange doing it, almost as if the clerk who rang up the sale could tell that I was buying them to ravish a lovely teenager.   Guilt is a powerful emotion.  
When my doorbell rang on Saturday, I was nervous.   Nervous!  Nervous because a beautiful teenage girl had come to offer me the opportunity to take her virginity and to teach her the joys of sexual love.

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    It almost sounds decent when I say it that way.   When I opened the door I just stood and looked at her.   She looked so… so virginal .   She was dressed in summer clothes as she was last time:  summer blouse, no bra, short shorts, and sandals.   But she looked so innocent! 
I did eventually manage to invite her in, and we were both a little shy at first.   I mean, you don’t just tell a girl like that, “OK, I’m ready, let’s go fuck. ”  I didn’t.   I took her into my arms, looked into her eyes, and kissed her.   It took a moment, then I heard a sigh and she melted into my body and returned the kiss with far more passion than I had offered it.   It was wonderful.   “Kelly,” I asked, “are you sure?” 
“Jeff, I am sure.   Are you ready?”
I didn’t answer, but put my arm around her waist and guided her up the stairs to the bedroom.   I kissed her again, then looked into her eyes and told her, “Kelly, I want something understood.   If at any time, any time at all , you change your mind and don’t want to continue, just say ‘Stop. ’  Say that word, just that way.

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    As soon as I hear it I will cease whatever I am doing and wait for your instructions.   You are in control.   OK?” 
Suddenly she seemed much older than her 16 years.   “Yes, Jeff, I understand.   But I won’t say it.   I want this every bit as much as you do,” and she glanced down at the tent in my shorts.
I kissed her again as I opened the buttons of her blouse, then sat down on the end of the bed in front of her and began to undress her slowly, as I did last time, kissing and caressing and worshipping each part of her body as it was revealed.   I wanted her at fever pitch for what was going to happen.   I heard her breath catch over and over as her excitement increased.   The hollow of her throat, her ear lobes, her shoulders, the inside of her elbow.   A sensitive place, that, and as I kissed and licked it her eyes closed and she shuddered.   I kissed around each lovely breast, stroking and admiring it, and spent a little time in the hollow between them.   She was becoming quite aroused, breathing quickly, and tried to move her nipples to my lips.   I resisted for a while, licking and kissing very slowly everywhere else, then succumbed, licking each nipple to erection, sucking, nipping a bit, pinching and twisting its partner.   I noticed her begin to squirm.

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    I spent a long time with her nipples as I caressed the rest of her body.
As the blouse came off I traced that lovely curve that women have, where the waist flares to the hips.   Hers was exquisite, and I kissed all around it and across to her stomach and navel, leaving moist little snail-trails.   I turned her around gently and kissed all over her back, sending shivers and goose-bumps all over her, while I reached around and fondled her breasts.   Working my way down to the luscious globes of her ass, I used my hands freely to pet and titillate every part of her body.   I knew that she was very, very hot now, thoroughly ready for me to “do it”, but she stood patiently and drank in the sensations that I was creating in her body.
Now I lay her across the end of the bed and treated her legs the same, kissing and fondling and stroking.   By this point she was bouncing so hard that I was afraid she would kick me, but I slowly worked my way to the top of her legs, to the goal that we both wanted me to achieve, and still I teased.   Kissing and licking all around the tops of her thighs, I carefully avoided that goal, instead slowly kissing my way beside and around it.   She was now moving frantically and trying desperately to force my lips to her pussy, and finally I allowed her to do it.   I was breathing very heavily now, too, and my cock was painfully hard.    
As my lips and tongue touched her pussy she began to buck wildly against them and emitted a long sigh.   I hardly had to move, but licked up and down and across the lips, pushing my tongue into her sweet vagina, enjoying the juices of this lovely virgin.   Still I avoided her clit, moving my tongue high and low, flicking her pussy lips, touching her asshole, kissing gently, tasting and stimulating her, pushing my tongue into her vagina.   I was in heaven.

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    The finest wine never taster better.   Her hymen covered only about half of the opening, and I hoped that it would tear easily when the time came.   Finally I moved to her clit.   The instant I touched it she raised high, with a huge gasping breath, and rubbed back and forth against my tongue.   I knew she was cumming and allowed her to enjoy it her way.
As the orgasm subsided I tore off my clothes (yes, I hadn’t even undressed yet) and lay beside her.   “Kelly?” I whispered.   “Are you ready?”  She was still gasping, but nodded her head.   “I want you to sit across me, sweetheart.   I’m going to let you control this. ”  I quickly reached for the condom and slipped it on.
She did as I asked, positioning my cock carefully and moving down slowly.   At first her hymen stretched, but then her movement stopped.   “This is where it will hurt a bit, honey.   Do you want to go on?”  Please, please God, don’t let her stop now.

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She was very still for a long moment, as if in deep thought, then she dropped like a rock and emitted a shrill scream that must have been heard a block away.   “Yiiii!”  Then, “Ogodogodogod, Jeff, it hurts a lot. ”  She held very still for a minute or more, panting and composing herself.   I could feel her body quivering.    
As her body finally began to relax I pulled her down over me, kissed her deeply, and started to move inside her, gently caressing every part of her body that I could reach.   Her vagina adjusted and she began to feel the pleasure that I had hoped, moving against me and returning my kiss with the enthusiasm that I had come to expect from her.   Soon she was moving hard against me, pushing my cock as deeply into her as possible.   I began to push back, forcing our pubic bones together and stimulating her clit.  
“Ogod, Jeff, don’t stop, please don’t stop.   It feels so wonderful.   Ogod, I didn’t know.   I didn’t know how great it would feel.   That’s it, push.   Make me cum again, Jeff, please.   I know I can.

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  ”  Well, there was more of this, with plenty of her wonderfully passionate kisses mixed in.   She was devouring my tongue and I … well, I never knew a girl could taste that good.   I was becoming somewhat delirious myself, very much wanting to cum and even more wanting to give her a first vaginal orgasm.    Her breathing became very fast and shallow (as did mine, for that matter), and suddenly she began to move very quickly against me, six, seven, a dozen, two dozen times; I don’t know.   And just as suddenly she pushed hard against me once more and held it, and I felt her vagina contract and pulsate sharply in a powerful orgasm.   She held her breath, savoring that exquisite feeling, then slumped against me.   I was not far behind, and in a few more strokes I began an equally strong orgasm, deep and powerful and satisfying, spurt after spurt, more than I thought possible at my age.   Heaven could be no better.
And it was over.   It had to end sometime.   We lay there a long time, with her on top of me, still kissing, though the kisses became steadily less passionate and more tender.   I stroked and petted her and finally they became gentle, sweet little kisses, and she laid her head on my shoulder and held me.   I couldn’t see her smile, but I knew it was there, and I caressed her gently as I had earlier.  
“Jeff?” she murmured softly.
“Yes?” I answered.

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    It was the best I could do.   
“I didn’t know, Jeff.   I didn’t know anything could feel that good.   Anything. ”  I didn’t answer.
She rolled off slowly and lay close beside me, caressing me now.   “I’ll always remember this.   Every girl I have ever known has said that her first time was awful, that it hurt and the guy didn’t care, and that she felt frustrated and cheapened afterward.   I don’t feel that way.   This was wonderful and passionate and loving.   Especially loving.   I could feel your love all of the time we were doing it.   I feel it now. ” 
I turned to her and kissed her again.   It was all I could “say.

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Eventually we got up, got something to eat, chatted awhile, then made love once more.   It was not so feverish this time, more mellow, with a bit of the flavor of old lovers come together again.   But in many ways this time was more loving, more deeply satisfying.
No, we did not become regular lovers.   That would have been very risky for both of us.   In fact, we never made love again.   She was still 16 and living at home.   We almost  certainly would have been caught at some time, and in any case the risk of pregnancy was too great.   Besides, she was not ready to become sexually active on a regular basis, and did not do so.   We remained good friends, and she continued to visit and talk and sell me things as before, though sometimes the conversations became a bit more intimate than previous ones.   And when she kissed me, it was not on the cheek.   She learned well.                
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