My New Neighbor


“Just put it in the far room, please. ”
Even his voice was sexy. How could he be so perfect? He was 19, 6’ 2”, and had the shaggiest blonde hair. He had a sensual tan and finely sculpted muscles. His eyes were the deepest pool of blue, and his smile was filled with such warmth. And he was my new neighbor. Oh, how many dreams of mine he’s starred in! If only he could just look at me with those blue eyes. I’d drown in them, and not want to come up for air! But, of course, like most boys, he would never want to look at me. I was just a lanky 16 year old child. My brunette hair was as flat as my chest. I was very pale. As pale as a ghost. I might as well have been. I was invisible.
“Hello neighbor!”
I look behind me. No one was there.

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   I turn around and see him looking curiously at me. Was he talking to me?
“Uh… Uh… Hi. ” Hi? Was that all I could come up with?
“Good job, you just blew it. ” I thought to myself.
“Did you want something?” There’s that smile! Oh, I could just melt!
“Um… I wanted to see if you need any help. ”
He glanced over my body. That made me uncomfortable. What if he didn’t like what he saw?
“I don’t think you’ll be much help. You seem to have no muscle what so ever. ”
My face warmed to the temperature of the sun.
“Oh. ”
“Did I upset you?”
“No, no. It’s okay. Isn’t there anything I can do?”
“Not really, we’re practically done. ”
I looked around me, and sure enough the moving crew was loading into the truck.

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“Where are your folks, I haven’t a chance to meet them yet. ”
“I live with my older brother. He’s on a cruise right, now. ”
“Oh, well, where are your parents?”
“They died in a car wreck 7 months ago. ”
“I’m really sorry to hear that. ”
“Yeah, me too. ”
Well, I’ve got some unpacking to do. ”
“Okay, I’ll leave. ”
“I kind of meant that as an invitation. ”
“You mean you want me to help you. ” At that moment I flexed my nonexistent muscles.
He laughed the most musical laugh. His tenor voice sounded like bells. The traditional wedding march popped in my head.
“We’ll start in the back.

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His bedroom resembled a tiny loft. His floors were a dark wood. His walls were a freshly coated white. His ceiling had wooden beams running along the length of the room. He had a twin mattress lying in the center of the room, surrounded by a cluster of boxes. We sat down on the mattress and started unpacking the boxes closest to where we sat. The time went by slowly. Our conversation consisted only of small talk.
My back began to ache from slouching over the tedious work. I leaned back on the mattress to straighten and flatten my back. It popped several times. As I leaned forward to begin again, my head collided with his. I slammed back onto the mattress, placing my hand on my forehead. I moaned in pain and agitation.
“Are you okay?” I opened my eyes and saw his blue eyes staring down at me.

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   I resurfaced from his eyes when they’re beauty got marred with concern.
“I’m fine. ” I croaked.
“Sorry about that. ”
“No, no, that was entirely my fault. ”
I removed my hand as the throbbing began to subside. The bed rocked from his sudden movements. I opened my eyes and saw him leaning over me. He bent down and kissed my forehead right where he hit it.
I could only stare like a complete idiot.
“I’m sorry, that was unnecessary. ”
I just kept staring.
“No, no. It’s fine. Please, do it again.

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He smiled very politely. He bent down and kissed me in the exact same spot. He then kissed the corner of my eye. Then my cheekbone. The tip of my nose. Behind my right ear. Then on the lips. He kissed me softly. Warily. When I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, he broke away. He sat up and turned so that his back was toward me.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Please, forgive me. ” Sorry? Why should he be sorry?

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  ” He turned and looked at me. This time his eyes were filled with curiosity. I leaned forward and licked the length of his lower lip. I sucked it into my mouth, and then proceeded to kiss him. He didn’t pull away this time. Instead, he put his hand on the back of my neck, and wrapped his other arm around my waste. He pulled my closer toward his body. I was sitting right next to him, with the back of my head rested on his shoulder facing the ceiling and still locked in the kiss. He tried to pull away, but my lips followed. He used a great amount of force, and I finally pulled away.
“You don’t want me?”
“Yes, I do want you. More than I should. ”
My heart stopped. It took a second for me to remember how to breathe.
“I am yours.

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He sat there, an arms length away – to far away – staring at me.
He took my shoulders in his hands and pushed me back onto the mattress. He positioned his body right over mine, and we started where we had last left off. His lips were gloriously soft. The way in which he kissed me was unbelievable. I didn’t know kissing like this was legal. He placed his hand on what was probably the smallest right breast he had ever felt. But, he didn’t complain. He pinched my nipple. I jumped and shivered beneath the weight of his body. I could feel his lips curving into a smile.
I parted my lips slightly more and his tongue entered. He traced the sides of my mouth. The ridges of my teeth. He tickled the roof of my mouth.

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   He tied a knot with my tongue, figuratively speaking. It was wonderful. I moved my hand toward the unoccupied breast and began to accomplish the same pinching movements he was doing. My pussy started tingling. This felt so nice. I moved my hand down my torso and through the waistband of my shorts. I started to rub my thumb over my clit in circular motions. I began to move my hips back and forth, slowly grinding into the magnificent creature above me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand out of my shorts.
“No. That’s mine. ”
This is my very first story. Give some feedback, whether it be good or bad. :) Thank you! More to come, if you want it. :)

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