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The 2nd semester of a person’s senior year in high school is always sort of a joke. You take classes that mean nothing and that have little to no actual academic merit. I am no exception to this. My 2nd semester senior schedule centered mostly on part B’s of other classes, newspaper, and my personal favorite, beginning yoga. It was a pretty popular class at my high school, for whatever reason. On any given roll of the class, it was always predominantly girls, usually a “guy among the girls,” if you know what I mean, and a few guys from the football team who took it as a joke. I was none of these things, I was obviously not a girl, definitely not gay, and I didn’t play football. I saw myself as pretty normal; I did the newspaper, a few plays, and took AP English, so I didn’t fall into much of a demographic.  
The dynamic of our class was sort of chaotic. It fit the usual description of having about 80-85% girls in the class, which the 3 jock guys who were in the class never stopped chasing around. While I didn’t terrorize the girls as much as they did, we all had the same things in mind, because the girls in this class were out of control hot. And if it wasn’t enough that we already knew how hot all these girls were outside of class, our instructor always told us that the usual PE class uniform wasn’t necessary for yoga. So, the girls came in their itty-bitty shorts and their tightest tank tops to help their flexibility. There were a few girls in the class who fit the general, archetype description of a hot girl. Vicki, Becca, and Jordyn were all girls who had huge tits and just a general sense of slutiness about them. They fed all the attention they were given.

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   But, it was a different girl who drove me wild every day. Her name was Emily, she was a junior. I was friends with her sister who had graduated the year before, but I had never really spoken to Emily at all. You can always call a girl hot, but that isn’t really what she was, she was cute, she was pretty. Her attractiveness was a nice thing, and though I took it all so sexually, I think that’s just me. She was a pretty short girl, maybe 5’3 or 5’4. She was really thin, so her tits weren’t too big, but that didn’t bother me at all. Her ass wasn’t of my usual large preference either, it was small and round, just like a peach, and it drove me crazy. I intentionally set my yoga mat behind hers when we started class so I could watch her body press in and out of the air each day. It was always the highlight of my day. I would stare at her in downward and upward dog, that cute little ass going up and down, her back arching and bending, her ass coming back high into the air. Some of the poses we did were perfect for moving her shorts just enough to give me a little glimpse of her panties. White, pink, yellow, it was so sexy. I fantasized all through the lessons about fucking her in the center mat in front of the entire class. Letting her gasps be the set breathing for everyone.

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We spoke a little bit in class, but never enough I thought, to talk to her about how I was feeling about her. My little hour long, daily crush went on for probably the first 6 weeks of the class until we started to catch eyes during the lessons, and make what seemed like longing for one another eye contact in the halls. She had me wrapped around her little finger with just a look. A few weeks later fate would throw me a bone and put us at the same party together after my friends and I had put on the final performance of our spring drama production. We came into an in-progress party where some kids were already drunk, the beer pong was in full effect, and people were starting to make their moves for the late-evening-pair-offs. I spotted Emily on a couch with two of her friends almost as soon as I walked in. I gave her the eyes that we usually gave each other in the halls expecting the same eyes back and then nothing else. Instead, her eyes lit up and she almost jumped off the couch to come talk to me. She could’ve probably seen how surprised I looked but I think I played off. She came to tell how well she thought I did in the play, we talked about yoga class, and her sister off at college. We kept talking and we both started drinking a little. This went on for probably more than a half an hour, before I could tell how drunk she was getting. Her little body had given her a small tolerance, obviously. She started to be a little flirtier and touch my legs. I told her we should go upstairs.

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“That took you way too long!” She told me.  
I took her hand and we went toward the stairs. I let her walk in front of me so that I could watch that cute little ass go up the stairs in her nice tight blue jeans; I could see her bra through the meshy back of her read top as well. She turned around to me as we reached the top.  
“I can’t fucking wait for this,” she said.  
She was being so sexy I couldn’t help but play along.  
“Oh, yeah? What are you excited for?” I asked her.  
“Well, first I want to suck your cock. ” She grabbed the top of my jeans and pulled me forward.  
All of a sudden we were in a dark room that must have been the parent’s room.  
“Perfect. A big bed is just what I wanted. Turn the lights on though, I want to see. ” She told me.  
“Of course.

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“Now, come here. ” She said.  
I walked forward to her sitting with her legs spread at the end of the bed. She went right to work at the front of my pants and my belt was undone, with my pants by my knees in no time. She ran her hand across the front of my grey boxer-briefs for a moment before pulling them down as well. My cock wasn’t fully erect at this point, but it was so damn close. I looked down and saw her tiny hands running all over it and then it turned to stone.  
“God, I knew that you would have a big cock. I think about it all the time in yoga class. ” She said to me.  
“You have no idea how much I think about you in that class,” I said as she started to daintily lick my shaft and balls.  
“Oh, I know how much you do. That’s why I was so excited to see you. I know you’re going to fuck me hard. ” 
I couldn’t believe all of this was happening.

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   Hearing that and seeing her work around on my cock. All of her tiny features made my already 7 inch long cock look even bigger. Her tiny fingers wrapped around the base of my shaft and her little tongue followed it up and down.  
“You’re right. I am. ” I assured her.  
She gave out a sexy little moan and then finally took my cock into her mouth. She nursed the tip so well; her mouth was so warm and wet. The more she stayed toward the tip; little bits of her saliva would run down my whole shaft, it was driving me crazy. And I started to run my cock in and out of her mouth a little. The friction of her little tongue was just what I needed. I could hear her little muffled giggles behind my cock, she was so proud of herself, but I was nowhere near cumming.  
“Are you going to fuck me now?” She asked me.  
“I will, but I want to taste your sweet little pussy first. ” I told her.

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“Deal, let’s 69,” she said.  
“Deal,” I winked and told her.  
We both took our shirts off, which left me now completely naked, as she then got to work on her pants. She pulled her jeans down and she had a pair of tiny, white bikini-style panties on, that I could swear I had seen under her shorts before in class. As she started to take them off I told her to leave them on, she smiled at this and then swung her leg over my chest putting her perfect little panty covered ass and pussy right in my face. She wasted no time getting back to work on my cock. This angle helped her a little and she started to get it deeper and deeper down her throat. I couldn’t hold back my excitement anymore and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her perfectly, freshly shaved pussy and asshole. I dug straight in. I buried my nose toward her ass and started flicking her clit with my tongue, then zigzagging it back up toward her asshole which I didn’t think twice about before licking as well. She moaned in agreement with every location my tongue found. I ran my hands over her back and would push her hips back toward my face to get her pussy even closer. I ran my hands over her back more and got to her bra that I unhooked to give her perfect little breasts some air. We continued to lick, suck, kiss, and nibble each other for nearly 5 minutes before we both could no longer stand it. She abruptly got off of me and threw her panties across the room.

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   She pressed her hands down on my chest so that I would stay laid down and she took hold my cock and brought it between her thighs to her small, smooth prize. We were both dripping with one another’s spit, but her pussy was proving that it may be too small for me to fit. She kept working my cock with her pussy trying to wedge it in, and then I finally took control. I used one hand to hold onto her ass and the other to maneuver my cock around, I told her to use her fingers to spread herself and she did. Then like that my cock slid into her slowly. She said that she could feel her little cunt opening for me and with every inch her voice cock higher and higher. Once she had finally reached the bottom and I was all the way inside her I pulled her face to mine to kiss her as I slowly started to sway my hips at hers. She tried to kiss me, but she couldn’t keep her mouth closed from her gasps and sobs of pleasure. I moved my hands to fondle and spread her little ass as I started to pick up speed. She started to let out small, near phrases which she couldn’t seem to complete. She grabbed her own breasts and played with her nipples as I continued to rock into her hard now like a high-tide to the shore. I rocked into her and we slammed into the bed’s backboard again and again. She was in ecstasy and I was in control, her little body was nearing collapse as she told me, “I might cum,” I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter around my hard cock. Then in a rush sexual charge I pushed her onto her back and started to let her have. I slammed into her harder now than I ever had before.

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   I was driving deep into her pussy now. She shrieked and shrieked, there is no way the rest of the party couldn’t hear her. My balls smacked against her ass as she finally reached her end. Her fingers dug into my back and I could feel her cumming. This drove me wild. My hips turned to a train’s pistons and I continued to pump and pump until I finally unleashed in her. Our cum ran together and out of her pussy, she told me she could feel like drip down her ass, this bed was a wet mess, no doubt. I came in then for a kiss and we continued to make out as our climaxes ran out of her sweet cunt.  
From then on we would tease each other every day in our yoga class. She would wiggle her little ass about in the hair and I would accidently bump into her with my big cock when she wasn’t watching. Then, after school we would go take out our sexual frustration on each other.  
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