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June 6Deary Diary, Amy stopped by last night! She had just had just bought a new bathing suit for the summer but her pussy fur needed to be trimmed, so I offered to do it for her!!! I've gotta tell ya, Diary, Amy's got a really great bod, with really big boobs and a hairy cunt!!! Anyway, we went into the bathroom and Ames took off her shorts and panties and sat down on the john!!! I was using baby oil on her muffy to soften the hair, and this girl is so hot, she had an orgasm as I was working the oil into her bush!!! My mom came up stairs to find out what all the noise was about, and just laughed when she saw Amy's predicament!!! She sat down on the floor and watched while I trimmed Amy's snatch and offered advice on how to do it!!! Finally I just threw up my hands and gave her the razor and told her to do it herself!!! After she was all done, she washed Amy's pussy with warm water and then without any warning at all, went down on her!!! I was so embarrassed, my own mother sucking off my best girl friend!!! Well, if you think Ames came hard before, you should have heard her when mom was tonguing her, she was moaning so loudly I thought the whole neighborhood could hear her!!! Anyway, after Amy blew her nut, mom lifted her own skirt and offered her wet cunt for a little oral action of her own, and of course Amy dove right in and sucked my mom's pussy like it was the last one on earth!!! In a lot of ways my mom and I area lot alike, so I wasn't surprised at all when her climax almost made her pass out because she was so excited!!! I have to admit dear diary that I frigged my own little clit to a hard cum right along with mom, so I guess you could say we kinda had a simultaneous orgasm!!! Well, that it for today, see ya!!!June 11Dear Diary, Sorry I haven't been keeping up, but you know how it is! Isaac came over to the house a couple of nights ago, and my own dear mother was at it again!!! I don't know how daddy puts up with her!!! Anyway, Isaac and I were in my room listening to some new CD's, and well, one thing led to another and pretty soon he was sucking my pussy and licking my clit, when out of the blue, mom waltz's in and catches him with his mouth doin' the nasty to my cunt!!! He nearly had a heart attack, but she pushed him back down when he tried to get up and demanded that he show her his pecker!!! He was so scared he just pulled it out and let her ogle it for a while, but knowing my mom as I do, I knew damn well that she was gonna touch it sooner than later, and that's exactly what she did!!! I always knew she was a cock hound, cuz I can hear daddy fucking her almost every night, but jeez louise, diary, you'd think she'd leave my boyfriend's cock for me, but noooooooo, she has to taste it for herself!!! Humph, I said taste, I should have said inhaled!!!The cock hungry slut practically ate him alive, sucking his pecker until he emptied his spunk down her hot throat!!! It seems like for the past week or so, I was spending all my time watching mom suck off my best friends, and me just sitting there like a bump on a log jerking myself off!!! This time, however, after Isaac blew his load, he was so worried about what was happening that he skedaddled out of there, leaving mom with a hopelessly turned on pussy!!! The second he closed the door behind him, mom was looking directly at me with her skirt pulled up and her pussy dripping down her leg!!! So, what can I say, diary, she made me eat her cunt right on the spot!!! I was pretty shook up at first, but after I got going on it, it wasn't half bad, and anyway, I love seein' mom cum, she's got a real hot pussy!!! This was a long entry, but well worth it!!! Gotta go now, so see ya!!!June 15Dear Diary, Isaac is a little afraid to come back to the house, but how can I blame him, my mom's mad as a hatter!!! On Tuesday, Amy and her boyfriend, Rex, joined Isaac and I out on his dad's boat for a little late night ride!!! Both boys were definitely in the mood for love, as they pulled out their big erections and had us sit one their laps with their big cocks inside of us!!! Wow, it was great!!! As the boat softly bounced over the waves, their peckers moved around inside of us, which of course had us cummimg every few minutes like Roman candles!!! Poor Isaac, he had to drive the boat and fuck me at the same time, but he did a good job on both, and after I had mine, I hopped off and gave him a nice blowjob!!! I guess I am like mom, cuz I just love suckin' cock!!! Afterwards, Isaac was still hard so I climbed back on and rode his some more!!! That young man has the most stamina!!! He just loves to fuck me!!! Anyway, after I got back in the saddle, we watched Rex doin' Amy!!! She had taken off all of her clothes so we got chance to see her big boobs bouncing as Rex fucked the heck out of her!!! Isaac isn't a tit man by any means, and good thing to, since I'm only a 34b, but it was nice that he got to see Amy's big chest, I think it was a real turn on for him!!! After we were done fucking, we stopped in the middle of the lake and did some skinny dipping to cool off!!! What a fun night!!! The boys were big and hard, and we all had a lot of really nice orgasms!!! Well, I'm going to bed, see ya!!!June 21Dear Diary, I work at a shoe store to earn money for college, it's kinda boring, but I need the cash to pay for my books and stuff!!! Well, anyway, the other day, in comes an older woman who tells me she wants a pair of black leather pumps. I ask her what size, have her sit down, and I go to the store room and bring out several pairs for her to try on!!! I just barely sit down on my foot stool, that she puts her foot onto the pad, and slightly spreads her legs!!! Holy smokes, diary, she didn't have any panties on!!! Her pussy was shaved completely bare, and her lips were all bulged out and dripping with cunt juice!!! My hands must have been shaking, cuz she reached down and helped me slip on the shoe!!! When she leaned over she whispered into my ear that her pussy was on fire and that she was extremely aroused!!! She then asked me if I could smell her!!! Now she leaned back in her chair and brazenly spread her legs farther apart, giving me a much better look at her oozing cunt!!! Feigning an interest in the fit of her shoe, I leaned forward and took in a deep breath right below the hem of her dress!!! The smell of fresh pussy filled my nose, and of course I immediately drenched my panties from the smell of her aroused sex!!! She calmly took a hundred dollar bill out of her purse, handed it to me, and said she'd take both pairs of shoes, and that I could keep the change if I reached under her skirt and fingered her to a climax!!! Diary, that meant a thirty five dollar tip, so like any money hungry little girl would do, I casually slipped my hand up her thigh and quickly brought her to a stunning orgasm!!! It was really neat too, because she couldn't make a sound, she just had to sit there and let it wash over her like waves on the shore!!! Afterwards, I boxed up her shoes and watched her practically stumble out of the door!!! Nice tip, huh!?! See ya!!!June 27Dear Diary, Had a little fallout about that customer and the hand job!!! My boss, Miss Wilson, came up to me a few days later and asked me how many other women I had jerked off!!! She said she had seen the whole thing from behind a shoe display and wondered if maybe she should call my mother!!! I didn't say much, because we know my mom, and she'd probably wanna know the name of the customer so she could get her shot at her too!!! Anyway, Miss Wilson dragged me into a store room and made me show her my pussy, which she promptly got down and ate!!! I had to admit the old biddy could suck a mean cunt, and it didn't take her long to get me off but good!!! I thought we were done, but au contraire, she quickly pulled up her own dress and had me sucking at her hairy bush until she had her own hard cum!!! So as it turned out, I had to do two women to make that extra thirty five bucks!!! Later, see ya!!!THE END
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