Naughty next door - 6


I had been on a two day business research trip to London. A long and tiring, but successful trip. On the fast train back to the North of England, I thought of my little minx, who was house sitting for me last night. Emma’s older sister Sarah has become totally at ease with the fact that her 15 year old sister has now a key to my house. She may not be so happy if she knew that I have a key to Emma’s little jewel box – her beautiful shaved pussy.
On the way home, she had called and left a text message on my mobile, asking what time I would be home.
I had caught an earlier train, but had been unable to get a decent signal to let her know. I did know she was staying on at the house, and hoped she would be pleased to see me.
I got the taxi home, and on arrival saw the downstairs lights were off. I opened the door, and walked in. I was unsure whether she was working in the office on her school project with the CD headset on, and I was about to sit and get a drink, and my strength before I went to see my girl.
Just then the decision was made for me as I heard Emma call out from the bedroom she now considered as hers "Is that you Steve? “ I’m through here,"
I thought I heard some highly pitched giggling, but assumed that the bedside TV was on.
I went upstairs walked over to the office; put my brief noticing on the way two empty Pepsi cans, and my open bottle of vodka lying on the office table. Emma had previously had a couple of vodka’s, but not anything to worry about.
Then I went to the bedroom, and what I saw made me stop in my tracks.
“Hi Steve.

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   Good trip?” she said, “Oh, this is my friend Kayleigh, from the college. ”
I had heard Emma mention her friend Kayleigh before. The girl was studying fine art, and wanted to paint, or do graphic design. In addition, right now I saw Kayleigh for the first time, and wow. She was tall, and with a fuller figure than Emma. But more importantly Kayleigh was lying back against the pillows of her bed as naked as the day she was born, her eyes shut, with her legs raised and spread wide open and Emma was kneeling between them with her cute little bum towards me, also naked, urgently thrusting a pink plastic dildo in and out of Kayleigh's swollen, soaking pussy. “ Whoa!!!" was the only thing I could manage to say as I saw in real life a scene very like the ones I had imagined many times as I masturbated silently on his own. Emma turned her beautiful face towards me raised an eyebrow and smiled. A slightly drunk smile, but a very welcoming smile. I grinned back. "Hey!!!" I said. Kayleigh looked up at me now and said, "Come on over Steve. We decided we needed a man and you’re the only one so it's your lucky day. "
“Yeah," continued Emma, "you've made a few comments in the past about wanting to meet Kayleigh, so we thought we'd let you see the real thing. " Emma had stopped moving the dildo now and slowly with a wet squelching sound she pulled it out of Kayleigh's soaking cunt, lifted it to her face and, still looking at me, licked it from bottom to top then slipped the end that had so recently been deep in her friend's body into her mouth to suck off as much of Kayleigh's juices as she could.

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I looked from this over to between Kayleigh's splayed thighs and felt myself quickly harden as I gazed at her sopping slit, surrounded by dark wet matted curls and still slightly open revealing the shiny darkness of her insides. Taking the, now clean, dildo from her mouth Emma gestured for me to come towards her.
When I reached her, she reached up and started tugging at my belt. I quickly helped Emma get my trousers down as my cock was so hard things were getting uncomfortable. I gasped at the touch of Emma's fingers as she slipped them through the flap at the front and the tips playfully nudged and stroked my cock. Kayleigh, however, was in more of a hurry and her long hair swayed over her face as she leant forward and snatched at the waist band pulling it out over the end of my knob and quickly dragging the boxer shorts to my ankles. She then gripped my cock tightly in her small hand and leaning back pulled along the side of the bed until my waist was level with her head. Then took the silky tip of the now rock hard member into her soft, warm mouth.
"I must have died and gone to heaven," I said to no-one in particular as I felt my hardness engulfed in liquid heat. Emma smiled at me before lowering her face to Kayleigh's cunt. As I watched, Emma flicked out her tongue and licked gently up the whole length of Kayleigh's cunt causing her friend to shudder with pleasure. In her turn Kayleigh started to caress the tip of my prick, still within her mouth, with her tongue and then started to slide her head back and forth along its rigid length. I put my hands around the back of Kayleigh's head entwining fingers in her long hair as she sucked and licked the swollen prick. It was all too much for me. I had fantasised so many times about Emma and her friends and now it was coming true.

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   I didn't know how much longer I could hold on, as the heat sight of Emma’s good friend Kayleigh's head bobbing up and down at my waist. She was taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth and soon I felt the exquisite tightness of her throat rubbing against my knob, as her face reached almost the base of my cock. Kayleigh was trying hard to stop herself from gagging. "Oh God, I'm going to cum". With that Emma lifted her head from between Kayleigh's thighs and turned to watch as with one last thrust I sent his first glorious spurt of thick sperm straight down Kayleigh's throat.
I then pulled quickly out of her mouth and as Kayleigh turned her lovely face up to look at me, I sent another spurt flying across her face and into her hair. Emma's eyes were out on stalks as she watched me squirt four more great dollops of sticky white cum onto her friend's upturned face, splashing across her nose and lips and pooling at her eyes and cheeks.
"What a lot!" she cried and quickly leapt over and started to kiss and lick up the warm offering from Kayleigh's drenched face. After the cum was all sucked off, Kayleigh opened her eyes and Emma let her taste the salty mouthful by giving her a deep lingering kiss that soon led to the naked girls writhing about on the bed in a passionate embrace. As I relaxed and stepped away from the bed, Kayleigh broke her kiss with Emma, looked up at me and slightly breathlessly said, "I hope you don't think that's you finished yet?"But seeing the girls bodies sliding against each other, Kayleigh's large breasts squeezed against Emma's smaller but firmer ones, their legs entwined and their crotches rubbing hard against each others thighs was more than enough to start me on the road to recovery. As they broke their deep tongued embrace and rolled over to lie beside one another, I moved over and sat down on the edge of the bed, my erection jutting up again proudly. I stared in awe at the two delicious bodies before me. Emma's slight frame and narrow hips, firm small breasts and a clean shaven slit that looked out invitingly from between smooth pale thighs. Her hair framing her fine features and bright blue eyes in contrast with the longer tousled hair of Kayleigh with her voluptuous body and more Mediterranean features. Her olive nipples were stiff and excited and within a dark bush of hair at her crotch I could just see the swollen red lips of her sex.

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  As I stared, Emma pulled Kayleigh's legs wide apart to allow me a better view. She was plainly the one in charge. No surprise there, I thought. Kayleigh lay still as Emma used her fingers to spread the wet pussy lips for me, allowing him to see the dark depths of her hole and the hooded clitoris erect and red. "After covering Kayleigh's face with your cream like that I think you should repay the favour and get your head down to her now, don't you?"
"As if I could refuse a request from a beautiful lady," I replied as lay down on the bed and lowered my face to her hot cunt. The taste and aroma were overpowering and I wallowed in the sensation as I flicked my tongue slowly up and down her sopping slit. Kayleigh began moaning and rubbing herself. Then I felt the bed move as Emma climbed astride my bum and lay herself down along my back, slightly off centre so she could grind her hairless pussy against my hairy ass, and at the same time nibble my neck and get a good view of how my tongue was now flicking her best friend’s clitoris. This was driving Kayleigh mad and she was obviously nearing her climax as I enjoyed the heat and weight of Emma's body on my back and felt her hand stroke then snake down into my cleft until her fingertip touched my asshole. I tried to keep concentration on Kayleigh's clit as one of Emma's fingers circled around and gently probed my asshole. Emma was enjoying my confusion and watched as I shut
my eyes and groaned as she pushed her finger and it forced itself past my tight sphincter and up into my anus. As I had stopped licking her Kayleigh pulled at my head making me slide up her body. Emma got off my back but kept her finger deep up inside my bowels as I positioned myself between Kayleigh's glorious thighs. It was Emma who grasped my cock and placed it at Kayleigh's entrance. Then I pushed down slightly and was inside.

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  It was even better than I had dreamt, not least because I also had the beautiful Emma kneeling naked beside me with her finger deep in my ass and watching intently as my penis slid wetly in and out of her friends slit. Kayleigh was also staring, swapping her glances between the stiff prick ploughing in and out of her and Emma's smooth white cunt when she saw Emma cup her sex with her hand, push two fingers up her smooth channel and start pistoning them in and out. This was enough to send Kayleigh over the edge and she howled as her orgasm crashed over her, her cunt spasming around my hard thrusting cock. As the torrent of emotion subsided a little she pushed me back a bit forcing me to stop my headlong rush to explosion and then pulled herself free. Emma now knelt on all fours with her legs together and Kayleigh pushed me around behind her. I had not been far from cumming again and when I saw Emma's sweet smooth peach pushing out from between her pale thighs, I straddled her legs and pushed the head of my prick against it. It opened like a flower allowing me slowly deep inside her. She was even tighter than Kayleigh and her hot sheath gripped like velvet vice as I started to push and pull within her, savouring the exquisite friction and the sight of my hard cock slipping between her soft lips.
In a moment though Kayleigh moved beside them and from a small bottle poured some sweet smelling oil onto her hand. She then reached in front of me and started to rub the oil around Emma's exposed anus. Soon she was slipping first one then two of her fingers through the tight opening and up into her friend's asshole eliciting groans of pleasure and making Emma's cunt clench even tighter around my rod. Kayleigh then started to massage my cock from within Emma's body, through the thin veil of skin between them. I had never experienced anything like it and felt a second orgasm building, but then Kayleigh reached down and gripped my cock pulling it from her friend’s hole and lifting it till it rested against the puckered rose above. "I know she really loves this Steve," she assured me.
Who was I to argue? I did know.

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   “Go on," said Emma breathlessly and she pushed herself back against me. Kayleigh wrapped her fingers tightly around my cock and it was all I could do to stop myself coming all over the beautiful round ass in front of me. I pushed firmly at Emma's bum hole. It would not budge so I pushed harder and she pushed back against me and I saw the puckered entrance open around the shiny head of his prick. I pushed further and as Emma let out a groan as my cock head popped inside. Kayleigh now let go and as I thrust gently back and forward, she both watched as his hard length slowly pushed its way inside. Emma was groaning now, whether with pleasure or pain or both it was impossible to tell, but the incredible tightness helped restrain my climax while the heat forced me to keep thrusting. Soon my thighs were close up to hers fully buried up to the hilt deep inside raven haired Emma's tight anus. I gripped her small firm bum and started to fuck her ass. In and out, harder and deeper, harder and deeper, in and out,almost right out then slamming my cock hard back up between her smooth round cheeks. I knew it would not take long to cum now. Emma too was near to climax as she felt the intrusion pounding in and out past her tight sphincter. Kayleigh had moved round and now Emma found Kayleigh's soaking cunt before her. She buried her face into her friend’s hairy gash, licking and sucking and loosing herself in all the sensations as she was rammed up her anus from behind and drowned in cunt juice at the front. As she exploded in orgasm I also lost control and while hammering in and out of Emma's tight asshole I shot jet after jet of hot sperm deep into her bowels.

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  We both collapsed exhausted onto the bed, still on top of Emma, my cock still inside her ass and we all lay there catching their breath. As I softened I pulled myself out of Emma's sweet bum and watched as her soft asshole clenched tight shut.
I watched as Emma and Kayleigh softly stroked each others little wet cunts.
How the hell do I explain this to Sarah if she ever finds out, I wondered as we all drifted off to sleep together.
But will Sarah find out…Who Knows? Let me know. Stb6060@aol. com


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