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It was the Easter Break. My teacher neighbour Sarah had recently got free weekend admission to the new local hotel and its sports centre, near to the beach of our English Northern seaside town. She invited me to go with her, and when I found that Emma, her boyfriend Jay, as well as Emma’s girl friend Kayleigh and her guy Jack were going, the weekend seemed to have a new dimension. In may case about 6 inches long.
Unknown to me, Sarah’s 15 year old niece Linda, who lived in London was to join us. And this was no problem, for I had once seen Linda and she had all the family beauty but was a real red head and was very pleasant to look at. Tall, slim, and nice breasts.
We arrived and went to our rooms, I was with Sarah, and upon arriving in the room, I grabbed Sarah, and virtually tore her clothes off, just leaving her with her white briefs. I lifted her right leg, pushed the briefs over and having already got my cock out, pushed it hard into her wet cunt. “Jesus” she whimpered “That is touching my cervix”
We fucked standing up for a few minutes, her leg on my shoulder and then I came deep into her. I rubbed her clit and she screamed in her own release. We fell to the bed.
“I think this is going to be a good weekend” she said. “Try again?”
Later we went for a bar snack with the others later that night, by which time the lovely Linda had arrived. Then Sarah got a call that she had to answer from her mother, asking her to go to their house for the night, as her Dad was home from a minor operation but her Mum needed a bit of help moving him over night. Sarah said she would be back by breakfast, so I saw her off, thinking that my night may be a bit dry.

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   But I decided to join the kids at the pool, as Sarah had suggested.
I walked up to the Jacuzzi and said good morning (it was about 1:00 AM by then). Slipping off my robe, I sat at the end of the pool with just my legs in the water. I let my eyes take in the other five occupants of the Jacuzzi. They were all in the water and I couldn't see anything except their heads, and that ripple look that people have when they are in churning water. I could tell that they either were all wearing skin coloured suits or no suits at all. I was glad that I was wearing loose fitting shorts as my cock started to wake up.
The kids showed no apprehension at my presence and continued to play, splashing and giggling. But Linda was on her own, somewhat of a fifth wheel. She was slightly apart from Emma and Jay, who were playing a little "feel me feel you" under the water.
After we had talked for a little while Emma and Jay worked their way around the pool and maybe needing to cool off a little, Emma jumped up to sit on the edge of the pool. Well staring at me were the cutest set of pert budding breasts that only could belong to Emma. The blonde fleece barely covering her pussy matched her long blonde hair. Her boyfriend joined her and they shared a long deep kiss. Kayleigh and Alan were holding each other close and moving slightly.

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   I couldn't tell if they were actually doing anything or not. Almost seemed that this might be a show for my benefit.
After awhile Kayleigh and Alan drifted my way. They said that sitting there with my suit on, I made them feel a little uncomfortable, would I be willing take it off. I declined and Kayleigh said that if I would, she would give me a big wet kiss right on the end of my love wand. That was an invitation that was really hard to turn down, and I must admit that the whisky was still clouding my brain a little. She reached up to grasp the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down and off. Now I expected a quick peck on the head of my by now ridged throbbing member. She placed her lips on the tip of my cock, and as she started to kiss, she opened her lips. Suddenly I was in her warm soft mouth, her tongue playing with the sensitive ridge of my gland.
I was looking at this lovely teenager, her delicate mouth stretched around my shaft, and could feel my groin starting to throb. If she would just keep that up for another minute I would give her all the fresh cream she could want. Then she stopped, smiled at me, and she and her boyfriend again retreated a short ways around the pool. Looking across the pool at Emma and Jay, I could see that they were getting into it. It was obvious that he had sunk into her charms and they were doing sort of a dance in the water.

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   The look of rapture on their faces was interrupted by the other guy who yelled at them that they weren't wearing a condom and what did they intend to name the baby. They looked like someone had just thrown cold water on them as they moved an arms length away. Looking further around the pool for Linda I noticed that she was just to my right in the water. As my eyes focused on her she lifted herself out of the pool to sit by me. She too was not wearing a top, but she had on the skimpiest of skin coloured bikini briefs. As lovely as the other two girls were, this goddess was a stunning beauty. Dark red hair, very light skin, a smallish waist, and firm breasts, I cursed the bad luck that she had seen the need to wear her bathing suit briefs.
Across the pool, Alan had climbed out and was sitting on the edge, Kayleigh, still in the water, was caressing his cock and balls. The look of rapture was returning to his face as Kayleigh took him into her mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth for awhile and I could see the muscles in his body get tenser and tenser. Then he let out a loud growl, and she pulled her head back as he started to shoot. He fired his seed at her in long streams, covering her face and breasts. Some of it even got in her hair then ran down her forehead.
I felt a hand gently cradling my balls and looked down to see that Emma was now between my legs. Jay was positioning himself between Linda's legs, his finger tips tracing circles just above the waistband of her suit.

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   It was obvious that he was trying to convince Linda to let him remove her briefs as I felt Emma's mouth suck in my now purple tipped member. As Emma sucked the head of my love wand, I watched Linda lift her bum as Jay slipped off her suit. I couldn't actually see Linda's pussy, half sitting, half laying side by side, as we were. I was looking down across her tummy at her red pubic hair, just covering her pubic bone bump. Emma's mouth was taking more of my ridged rod and my whole lower body was starting to throb, getting ready to deliver my creamy load into her mouth. Then Emma pulled away, "We only promised you one big wet kiss", she laughed, "Now you have had two". With that she and Jay again moved several feet around the pool.
Now I was starting to get frustrated. I had been on the verge of cumming twice into these lovely nymphs mouths and they had pulled away. I could detect just a slight ache in my balls to warn me that they were over filling with seed that had no place to go. As Emma and Jay played kissy touchy just feet away, I looked across the pool to see Alan again in the water and Kayleigh now perched on the edge. He was starting to play with her pussy, then his tongue found the hood of her clit. It was Kayleigh's turn to recapture that look of rapture as he continued with licking her pussy. Kayleigh was starting to squirm around and make soft mewing sounds. Faster and faster her hips churned as her soft mews became breathy moans, then a loud cry as her body went ridged.

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Again I felt that warm soft feeling envelop my tortured member. Emma and Jay had again taken their places between my and Linda's legs. This time Jay was playing with Linda's pussy. While I couldn't actually see her pussy lips reach for his tongue, from the look on her face they were. Linda's body started to shake as she turned to me, wrapped her arms around me, and fell back. Her tongue found my lips and pushed through just as her body went ridged. My own body was responding to all this stimulation and I was ready to fire my load. Emma again backed off.
The ache in my balls was now becoming a real problem, I hurt. Emma climbed out of the pool just a few feet away from me, laying down with her head away from me and her legs open. Jay crawled between them, his cock pointed straight at the entrance to heaven. With a single lunge he sank into her to the hilt. Soon they were rocking, driving his cock in and out of her wet sucking pussy.
Linda looked at me and said “I like to watch the show they put on".
"What about you" I asked, "I'm a virgin", she smiled.

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   "I play these games, but there is no way I'm going to give away my maidenhead to a bunch of bored kids. Besides, Jay has made me cum several times without my having to take a chance of getting pregnant or mum finding out".
The action just feet away was getting violent now. Jay and Emma's pelvises were coming together with loud smacking sounds. Emma was almost screaming, her nails tracing red lines on Jays ass. Jay didn't care, he was about to shoot his load into this crying withering bundle of pure sex appeal. Each time Jay drove forward Emma's breasts would move toward him. As he would pull out her nipples would move away. Her inner pussy lips were following his cock in and out. Holding him, trying to hold him deep inside her body. Emma's juices coated her pussy, thighs, and Jay. Jay gave out a bellow and his arms around Emma held on tight. The clear juices flowing from where they were connected became creamy, and I knew that he was shooting his seed into her body.
The effect on Kayleigh and Alan was apparent. Although they had both cum by eating each other, it was plain that they were envious that Emma and Jay could actually make true love where they had not.

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   The effect on me was also apparent. Not only my balls were hurting but my whole body was starting to ache. I was going to need to leave these kids shortly and go back to my room to masturbate. If I didn't my case of blue balls was going to make walking impossible. As I started to get up I could feel Linda's hand on my shoulder. "Please don't go yet" she begged, "It really feels good to hold you while Jay makes me cum". At the same time I could feel Emma's mouth again slipping around my throbbing member. I was trapped, I knew that it wasn't good for my body to be under this kind of sexual tension for so long, yet I couldn't part from these beautiful nude bodies.
Linda and I were laying side by side. Our bums were flat on the edge of the pool so Emma and Jay would have complete access to our treasures but we were twisted so that we could hold each other. Our lips were pressed together as our tongues played in each others mouths. Linda's breasts were flattened against my chest, I could plainly feel her little rock hard nipples. Her body wiggled and shook in my arms as Jay brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Then it started, Linda's whole body went ridged, her arms squeezing me harder then I would have thought possible. She buried her face in the hollow of my neck and screamed.

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   Meanwhile Emma had gone to far this time, I was going to cum and there was no way she could stop me. My body readied itself to blow my seed down her throat when she pulled away. This time she circled the base of my cock with one hand while she pressed a finger of the other hand against the root of my cock behind by balls. My whole body throbbed about six times, trying to drive out my cum but Emma had succeeded in blocking its passage. After it was over, my whole body was in pain, the tremendous effort to push out my thick cream had left my muscles cramped and tired.
“That was for raping me last week. ” She smiled.
Again I started to get up as my gaze caught Alans love wand disappearing into Kayleigh’s dark pussy. "You're taking a big risk" Jay taunted. "I'll pull out just before I pop" Alan yelled back. To get in my licks I mentioned that pre-cum had sperm in it. Somehow I wanted to get even with these kids who had my whole mind and body turned inside out. The coupled pair either didn't hear me, or maybe just didn't want to, as their love making became more frenzied. Both kids were so turned on that it didn't take long before both were moaning and holding Alan deep into Kayleigh. Alan was only making short strokes staying deep.

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   Then Alan went to pull out but Kayleigh’s hands were grasping his buttocks hard. "Let me out" he cried as he tried half hearted to back out. "NOT NOW" Kayleigh screamed as her body convulsed in mind blowing pleasure. It was to much for Alan, and I watched his ass go rock hard as he pushed as deep as he could. For the second time this evening I watched a boy's seed overflow a ripe seeping pussy. When Alan finally pulled out, his cock was followed by creamy cum, gushing out of Kayleigh’s freshly loved pussy. "Well now they've done it", whispered Linda. "That is why I refuse to give up my virginity. Lose control once and I could be a mummy".
Once more I started to get up to leave and once more Linda begged me not to. "This is the such a nice night, and I think Jay is going to do me one more time" she whispered in my ear, "It feels so good to hold you and kiss you while I'm cumming, please stay just a few more minutes". I knew it was to late to go up to my room and Alan off, it was blue balls for sure. My balls were so full of cum that they were swollen, even the area behind my balls between my legs was sore and swollen. I was going to be a non walking disaster and there was nothing I could do about it till Sarah got back. I decided to stay a few more minutes.

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Soft small hands caressed my balls as Emma's mouth sucked in my painfully rock hard column. The sensations of her tongue causing strings of pain / pleasure to shoot to the far reaches of my body. Jay had started caressing Linda's thighs as his tongue lapped at her open pussy. Linda wrapped her arms around me one more time and I could feel her body straining toward this last orgasm. From the feel of her body I could tell it would be the strongest one of the evening. Her whole body was shaking, the muscles in her arms twitching as her nipples pushed deeper into my chest. The muscles in her neck stood out in bold relief as her mouth devoured mine. My body was responding in kind, but I knew by now that Emma would not let me cum. This was part of her game, to send me packing in pain. Still without her little "pinch off the cum" trick, or even with it, she might not be able to stop it. My body was so in need, so full of cum it had to get out.
I felt Linda's body start to tense as the first wave of pleasure started to wash over her. My own body also tensed as it prepared to attempt one more time to give of its thick creamy seed. But instead of feeling Emma's hands try to stem the tide, I felt three sets of hands roughly turn my body so it was in parallel with Linda. The hands moved me till I found myself laying on top of Linda with Emma's hands guiding my cock between Linda's open pussy lips.


   At the first stage of my orgasm of exquisite pleasure I felt a hard push on my buttocks. I didn't need the encouragement to drive my cock into Linda's convulsing body, but it helped me drive through her maidenhead, ripping it to shreds. As our pubic bones smashed together, Linda's eyes were big as saucers. She made a sound of pleasure / pain of losing her hymen, mid orgasm. “Aaaahhhh. Oooooh. …. . Aaaaaaaah. ”  Pulling out only a half an inch I drove back into her body HARD.
Another throb of pleasure blasting more seed into her body to join the cum. This, time to my surprise, Linda lifted her arse, pushing her pelvis toward me, her hands on my arse pulling me deeper. While the others watched I filled her virgin pussy with my white fluid. Instead of trying to push me away, Linda was clinging to me, trying to suck even the blood from my heart with her tight pussy. It seemed to go on forever, blasting stream after stream of cum like I was some kind of fire hose.

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   I had long ago filled Linda and with each throb of my pleasure I would feel cum shooting back at me from between us. Now I knew what Emma had been doing all night. She had been making sure that I was full to the brim with my juice.
When it was over, I started to pull out of Linda and climb off. For the first time I could look down and actually see her pussy lips. As my cock started to slip out from between them I could see cum coated her tummy and thighs. Linda's arms tightened around me to pull me back into her. Looking into her tear filled eyes, I hugged her tight. Her body rocked gently with her gasps as my softening cock again sank into her body. We lay together like that for some time. My cock holding my seed inside her body as we kissed and caressed each other.
Then my cock started to harden again. Linda could feel it stretching her again and started to move her cunt from side to side. "Can you cum in me again" she asked, "I want to feel you shooting inside when I'm expecting it. Want to know what it feels like to have you deep when you fire the first time".

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   That was all it took, my cock was rock hard once more while our pubic bones ground into each other. We held each other tight, kissing, as we cooperated in making my cock move in and out faster and faster. I lifted her legs to my shoulders and drove deeply into her, and then we were both there again, clutching each other in spurting ecstasy to the applause of our young audience.
That was all. I pulled out of Linda, cum gushing out of her pussy. Emma and Kayleigh looked at Linda and Emma said “I told you, I said we would get him to fuck you. Nice isn’t it. ” Linda just smiled and nodded.
“Emma, you wait…. ” was all I said.
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