Nearly Perfect Part 1


You see, that night, I was planning to seduce a goddess. Her name was Emily. Oh, God how I wanted her. She's fifteen and so am I. We're in the same math class and I sit behind her, starring at her, hoping for her to stand so I can get a glimpse of her perfect ass. Her brown hair flows so smoothly and elegantly to her soft, teenaged breasts, and her eyes can outshine the sun. Every single thing about her is perfect. Even her nose. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have a thing for noses, but if you saw her, you'd even say that it was perfect. Anyway, that night, my friend, Josh, was throwing a huge party (no parents around!) and both me and Emily were invited. And also, my other friend Chris, happens to know that Emily “likes” me. I nearly fainted at this news a few day previous, so I decided to make my move that night. I would wait until she had had something to drink, then I would converse. I would play it so smooth, so perfect, that she wouldn't even know she was being seduced. I would mention that she is looking particularly stunning tonight, and then I would talk softer and slower, and go as deep as my half-broken voice would take me. Then, after my perfect plan was executed, we'd go upstairs, make out and, hopefully get as far as we could.


   Maybe even get to oral sex. And that, readers of this website, was my plan. I glanced at my watch. Seven-thirty. I had a quick shave, a shower, did my hair and then looked in the mirror. I was still naked at the time. I wanted to analyze my chances with her. I was a very sexually frustrated virgin boy. I’d had girlfriends before, but that was back when no one knew what was quite going on and, over the past year, I've only been able to even think about Emily. Whist staring into the mirror, I began to gently tug my Dick, contemplating tonight's outcomes. I was reasonably strong, thin, had a six-pack and strong jaw. Although I didn't know what average was at the time, I had a nine-inch penis, which, for my age, was pretty big. Anyway, I continued to jack myself off, pulling my foreskin over the head and back again. I didn't cum, however. I decided not to, although it was incredibly tempting at the time.

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  I got dresses up in my favorite shirt and pants and began the mile long walk to Josh's house. The night was going to be perfect. …It was okay, I guess. There was quite a lot of people, most of which I had never seen before. The music was…well…not to my taste, to put it politely. Crap, to but it bluntly. The lighting was dingy, but the social atmosphere was thoroughly enjoyable. My head would automatically turn to Emily every thirty seconds or so. I should have notified heaven, because an angel was missing. Oh, dear God, I honestly would have chewed an arm off just to caress her body. She wore very tight jeans that rode up her ass, revealing the tender curves in all their glory, and a tight T-shirt reading “100% Genius” that hugged her c-cup breasts. It began quite slowly. I sipped away at my second beer when she came over to me. That's right, she came over to me! I was talking to Chris at the time. “Hey, Ben” she said, coolly.

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  “W-what? Oh, err… hey Emily!” I said, the pitch of my voice changing and squeaking. Damn puberty. I smiled at her, sheepishly. Ben grinned. “I’ll see you both later…maybe. ” He turned his back and went to talk to someone else, digging his elbow into my ribs as he walked. She chuckled. “So, great party, huh. ”I looked around. chuckled once again. Her little bursts of laughter were, well, perfect. “What is it?”My voice squeaked again. I felt like kicking myself. “Erm…you're looking particularly dressed tonight…oh, err…I mean stunning…stunning tonight. ” Nooooo, I thought.

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   Thirty seconds into the first part of my perfect plan and I had messed it up. Stupid, stupid Ben. I was so God damn stupid. “Oh, why thank you. You don't look so bad, yerself. ” She grinned. OK, I thought. I could still save this. I tried to lower my voice, but it squeaked again. “Yeah, math is boring…”Oh, I didn't just say that, did I? You stupid fucking idiot! You stupid fucking idiot! I've blown it, I told myself. I've gone and fucking blown it!I tried again. “Err… I mean… what I meant to say is that…”I was cut off. Right at that very moment, she reached out with her right hand and shoved past the elastic of my pants and right into my boxers. I gasped. My cock was already hardening at the mere though of even talking to perfect Emily, and now her fingers were wrapped around my nine-inch penis, squeezing softly.

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   My mouth stood agape. “W-w-what are you doing?” I mumbled as her thumb traced over my nearly throbbing head and her palm pulled softly downwards. “Shhhh…” I heard her whisper.
    Her hand now began to move up and down across my shaft as it swelled and grew, until my pants were completely tented. I stared into her eyes and she starred back, biting her lip. I somehow managed not to cum straight away, but I knew I couldn't hold it for much longer. I closed my eyes in bliss and let out a soft moan, tensing my ass cheeks. Her hand was so warm and soft. So… so… perfect. When I did this, she began to move faster. So there I was, in the middle of this party, being jacked off by the girl of my dreams. It was unbelievable. I could also here sniggering as people watched, but I didn't care. I still had my eyes closed it perfect bliss. I released another moan.


       She presses her body against mine. So many thoughts rushed through my head. Excitement, confusion, pressure, anxiety…there were so many, they just mixed into one big, painfully enjoyable emotion. I was about six inches taller then her, so as she pressed against me, still tugging away at my fully erected shaft, she began to kiss my chest, undoing the second button as my back bucked. I managed to open an eye after my third quiet moan. The sniggering had stopped. Now that I come to remember it, the music had been turned down, too. Everyone was watching us. Well…almost. Everyone was drinking beer, continually glancing in our direction. Everyone was pretending not to watch us. I started to care. I kept hoping that she's move us upstairs. But hey, I was in heaven. There was no rush, right?And so for five minutes she pulled on my throbbing cock, licking my chest.

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       I was ready to burst, although I didn't particularly want to in public. Against all my will, I pulled her head away and looked deep into her eyes. My head tilted left as I closed in on her. Our lips locked and my tongue slipped onto hers, rolling around in her luscious saliva. She paused for a moment, before removing her beautiful hand from my penis and placing around the back of my head. She pulled herself close to me, squeezing her breasts against my chest. Because of the size difference, my fully erect cock pressed hard into her midriff. My arms, which had been stapled to my sides the whole time, reached around to her sweet, soft ass and pulled her closer, rubbing her against my dick. It never ended, and when it did it ended too soon. It must've been fifteen minutes before she broke the most passionate, most meaningful kiss of my life. She grinned, looked around at the now dispersing crowds and grabbed me by the wrist. “Come on” she whispered ever so sweetly. She dragged me to the bottom of the stairs where Josh was already waiting, sucking face with his girlfriend. He broke from his kiss when he saw me and, with a huge grin said, “first door on the left. ”END OF PART ONE.

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