Nearly Perfect Part 2


She didn’t say a thing and I didn’t see a point. It seemed genuine. It seemed perfect. My hands were still cupped around her ass, and hers were rushing up and down my ribs and then over my cheeks. She kissed me like there was no tomorrow. As this was happening, being a frustrated fifteen-year-old virgin and all, my penis began to swell and, with a reassuring grin, she could feel it. She started to slide down my body, but I pulled her back up… it just didn’t seem right. She sighed and continued to kiss me. I questioned my decision. I felt drunk. I wasn’t drunk at all, but when I tried to recall what had happened two minutes ago, I felt drunk. Afterward, I put this down to my overwhelming hormones, driving me. It made me think irrational thoughts, but good thoughts nonetheless. It was bliss, thinking these thoughts while kissing the girl of my dreams. My left hand rose from caressing her ass and slid to her lower back. My fingertips worked their way underneath her tight jeans and then the right hand followed.

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   She was wearing a thong with a lace thin strap. My hands played intently with her underwear, going underneath and gripping tightly on her firm cheeks. She must’ve weighed sixty-five pounds, max. She tried to slide down me again and I willingly let her. I contemplated undoing my shirt, but I decided to let her do that when she wanted. I didn’t want her to think I was too eager. Fucking hell I was. She sat in between my raised legs and slowly unbuckled my belt whilst stretching her arms over my chest. Her warm touch bucked my back. Not only was this feeling indescribable, it was unbelievable, too. As my belt fell away, I could feel my jeans being undone. Then the zip came down and I got an overwhelming feeling. Trust me. I really didn’t want this feeling. Who can blame me? I mean, this goddess was pulling down my boxers for god’s sake.

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   But still, it happened. Just as her luscious tongue was about to wrap itself around the head of my throbbing cock, I popped my load. That’s right, all over her face. Wave after wave of hot cum enveloped her cute, fifteen year-old face. I knew it was going to happen the second she shoved her hands down my pants, thirty minutes previous. I just loved the thought of her sucking me off so much that, when she was about to do it, I just came in her face. “Oh god, I’m sorry!” I said, my face turning bright red. You fucking moron. She sat up with a somewhat dazed expression. Then she looked disappointed and began to stand up. “No, no, no. I’m really sorry please don’t… It was just that you’re so… and I’m so…” I mumbled. She gazed around the room but didn’t speak for a moment. Then she headed for an opened packet of Kleenex and began to mop her face. “Oh, fucking hell, Ben.

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   You got it on my new T-shirt. Oh, fuck. And in my hair too. ” She seemed pissed, then made for the door. “No! I’m really sorry. It’s just that you’re so fucking beautiful and tonight was so unexpected. I was just so tense and…and…”“You think I’m beautiful?” she said, pausing at the door handle. “Of course I think you fucking beautiful! You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen!” I pleaded. This was a lie. The porn star, Sky Lopez, is way more beautiful, but I of course wasn’t going to say that, was I. “Please don’t go. I…err… I’m still okay. I mean…”I paused for a second when she turned and began walking towards me again whilst undoing her jeans, letting the two flaps hang apart. Now I gasped at seeing her marvellously small thong. It was a stunning shade of pink with a little angel cartoon on the front.

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   It was so small, I guessed it to come to a quarter of an inch above her clitoris, maximum. The incredible curves of her hips accented the picture, keeping her jeans from falling just slightly. My nine-inch penis never went down from the first encounter, and it wasn’t about to now. “So…” she said, leaning her head forward to brow her gaze, making her look gorgeously wicked. “Now it’s my turn, isn’t it?” she rhetorically retorted. I nodded as she continued to remove her pants, revealing her lace thin thong in all its glory, firmly hugging her hips. “If you can persuade me, using only your tongue,” she began “to remove my panties in four minutes, I’ll stay. Deal? Hmmm…If not, I’ll go downstairs and tell everyone about what just happened. ”She was good. Well, obviously I would try. I was gagging to try. But deep down, I don’t think she would’ve done it. I stood with my pants still around me but my cock hanging out, took a step to meet her and grabbed her by the waist. Once there, I kneeled and pushed gently on the side of each of her ankles, signalling to move them apart. She did so.

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  I softly moved my head right in between her legs and slowly tickled her upper thighs with the tip of my tongue. This could be it! Come on. Take them off. She didn’t…yet. For a while she remained standing, although I was hoping that she’s lay down. As my tongue started to avidly lick every single place around her thong, my hands took to running smoothly up and down her legs and then higher, to sensitively touch her midriff. It was at least five or six minutes. She let out a small moan and I could tell that she was enjoying herself. I was enjoying myself, too. This was the furthest I’d ever got with a girl. I was ecstatic. I thought I’d take the next step. Slowly, while keeping one hand to caress her supple body, my other secretively drew back her thong as my tongue worked its way underneath. She was wet and tasted absolutely amazing. I didn’t go any further straight away, I just ran my tongue up and down her outer lips, then swapping to the other side and doing the same.

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   As I moved her thong a little more over, her hand crawled over to her stomach. My other hand felt this. As she let out a small moan, I pushed the firm fabric over and inserted my tongue into her moistened vagina a little more. This was the first time I had done anything like this and I must admit, I was a little afraid I’d mess it up again, but I was brave enough to mumble the words “you taste really good” through little licks. “Really?” she said after another small moan. She wasn’t offended, was she? I said to myself. Phew, she wasn’t. Instead she momentarily pulled my head back and lay down. To top this sequence of good fortune, she slowly removed her skimpy thong with a small wet patch at the lowest point. I heard giggling. It wasn’t me and it wasn’t her. Oh no. The door lock clicked and four people rolled onto the floor, their heads to the side in eve-dropping positions. Among them was Josh. My head was in between her legs and she was lowering her thong.

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  “Fucking hell, Josh!” I shouted, half jokingly, but secretly half pissed off. I exchanged glances with Emily, who looked angry. “Woah! Sorry man” he said while laughing. “Didn’t know you were in here. ”“Sure you didn’t, now piss off!” I said abruptly, grinning with mutual agreement. Josh, two girls and another boy scrambled out of the doorway, chuckling away as if I was the only to get this far. I wasn’t of course. Josh had told me loads of stories about himself, although his actions made me question his honesty. She glanced down at me, disappointed in the sudden change of moods. I wasn’t about to let Josh get in the way of this night. I started to eat her again, only briefly working on her outer lips and thighs. Clearly back in the mood, Emily released another moan. As I made my way closer and closer to her emerging clitoris, she continued to moan and groan. As the interludes became shorter and her pleasured outbursts louder, I decided to go for it. I pushed my index finger deep inside her, feeling her immaculate warmth for the first time.

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   My tongue slid elegantly around her inner lips and to her clit, flicking it softly with my tongue.
    Then I started to tickle it slowly and then faster. She moaned louder and faster as my finger worked in and out and gradually sucked her delicious clitoris. The first time she came, I did too. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life. Her groaning had worked its way to screams as she came, ejaculating a small amount of divine juice into my mouth. Her legs buckled and quivered and her head jerked backwards. Without even touching myself, her actions made my half-filled load to shoot imperviously onto the carpet. I didn’t stop, although her limp body began to relax. Instead, my one finger became three and I began almost vigorously sucking her engorged clit. I did, however, take the time to lick all around her vagina and anus, quickly lapping up and swallowing all of her precious juices. I was in heaven. Using my other hand, I reached up and as softly as possible tickled my way down from her tender breasts all the way past her naked thighs and to her legs. Within five minutes, she came again. I never wanted to stop, so I didn’t.

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       She came six times overall and each time her legs buckled and quivered and each time I lapped up her increasing volumes of cum. Each time it became more vigorous, her soft pussy muscles contracting around my extended fingers. After the sixth time, my mouth wandered to other places, such as her anus and midriff. She started to relax a bit. She looked a bit worn out, although the thought to let her rest didn’t occur to me at the time. I slid up her, kissing every part of her on my way up. I tried to remove her T-shirt that still grasped her bra-less tits, but she was too tired to sit up, so I made no big deal out of it. I started to kiss her and she kissed back. “That was great” she moaned in between kisses. She began to unbutton my shirt. As my penis swelled once again, I pondered my options. Where else was there to go? In the heat of the moment, I guided my cock into her young pussy. Oh, it was fantastic. Every story I’d read and every pornographic film I’d watched was true. Just the simple feeling of her warm flesh closing around my tender penis was incredible.

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       The first moment when my shaft slid all the way into her, and my thighs pressed against hers, feeling so warm and soft. My shirt was undone, but not off and by the way that she closed her eyes and bit her lip, I would say that she felt the same way that I did, too. My second thrust was harder, but still gentle. Again and again I worked my throbbing penis into her luscious pink lips, each time she made a little groan when all nine inches were inside her. It was spectacular. I grunted and she panted. When my thrusts became harder and faster, her whole body would move on the carpet. I lasted longer then I’d ever hoped. I continued to drive my head into her until I could last no longer which was, fortunately, the same time as her. I looked into her eyes and she looked back. She was groaning hard, close to screams when we both came together. I knew I shouldn’t have without a condom, but I didn’t care. Everything was so perfect. I let out a moan as my balls contracted and the muscles inside my cock tightened. Wave after wave of hot cum gushed out from my penis, filling her vagina and making my legs shake.


       It spewed out from her and made me feel incredible. She screamed a passionate scream, filling possibly the whole house with noise. She kept screaming as her shaking hips moved in unison to my now slowing thrusts. Her inner muscles tensed and hugged my cock tightly. All of my emotions collapsed and panted. As did we. I withdrew my penis and took the weight off my arms by rolling on to my side, my shirt flowing loosely onto the floor. We both breathed deeply together as she stroked my chest and kissed my shoulder. I returned the kiss on her lips and thought about what had just happened. I still felt drunk but it was…perfect. .

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