New Next Door


Chapter 1-Moving In

I stared out the rear passenger side window as we drove down the highway to my new home, wondering how bad life could really get now that I had left my ‘old life’ behind me, for my ‘new life’ so my parents said. Not that my old life was all that great anyway. I had very few friends and wasn’t that popular to begin with at school. But at least in my old life I felt secure unlike the way I feel now, ridiculously nervous about my new school, unsure if I will make any friends, and will I even fit in. But I guess I don’t have any say in the matter like usual.

I continued to stare out the window as the side of the road zoomed by me. We finally pulled off the highway and into a residential neighborhood. As we drove down the street I looked at the houses as they pasted by. It was a new neighborhood, you know the typical bland looking neighborhood where everything looked ‘perfect’ with the green lawns, flowers and shrubs all around the houses, and every house an exact duplicate of the one next to it. We made a few turns and then the car slowed, turning into the driveway of our new house. “Ok, everybody pile out!” said my dad.

 I slowly stepped out of the car and rouse out of my hunchback position from within the car. I looked at our new house; it was a fairly large house with stone covering the outside of the house. The front door was in the center of the house with a staircase leading up to it and a large front window to the right and a garage to the left of it. The front yard was fairly bare except for the lone newly planted tree standing all by itself on the lawn covered in bright green grass and dirt that surrounded the front of the house ready to have things planted in it. I looked to the house on the left and then to the right and saw almost exact duplicates of our house.

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My parents walked up to the front door, followed by my younger sister and myself. My dad opened up the door and walked in. I followed behind them and walked into the house. I stepped through the door and into the main entrance hall that led straight back to the kitchen. To the right of me was a doorway that led into the empty living room and dining room. To the left was a door that led to the garage and a staircase leading up to the second floor. From what I could see, the house wasn’t that bad; it actually surpassed my expectations and looked pretty nice on the inside. The main entrance hall had a hardwood floor and the walls had some kind of fancy wall paper on them. From what I could see the living room had a red carpet with a reddish paint on the walls.

My Dad turned around and walked towards me at the door, then pushed his way by. I removed my shoes and wondered through the house to see what actually it looked like. As I wondered through the house I noticed my little sister Emily had decided to tag along with me. We wondered through the main floor of the house and then headed downstairs. We walked down the stairs and into the center of the rec room. I looked in the doorway on the right and saw two empty rooms and then diverted my eyes back to the rec room.

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   On the other side of the rec room there were two fairly small basement windows that pointed towards the other house next door. Seeing nothing really interesting downstairs we headed up both flights of stairs and onto the second storey of the house. Directly at the top of the stairs on the left was a large empty bedroom, presumably our parent’s bedroom. Emily and I walked down the hallway passing a bedroom of the right hand side and the bathroom on the other.

At the end of the hallway were two more bedrooms one on each side of the side hallway. I walked into the bedroom on the right and saw that there was a window at the front of the house and a window on the wall at the side of the house. I walked over to the window facing to the side of the house and looked out. At the side of the house there wasn’t much really to look at other than the other house which had two windows at the side. Emily and I left the room and walked across the hall and into the opposing bedroom and saw it had only one window at the back of the house but none at the side. Immediately Emily said, “I’ll take this room!” I replied to her, “Ok!” all the while thinking to myself, “That’s good, I wanted the other one anyway seeing as it had a window at the side and maybe at night I could see into the other house. ”

My sister and I both left and headed back downstairs sitting on the stairs while the movers brought our furniture in. Emily and I sat on the stairs for a few moments until our mom said, “Why don’t you look out in the backyard?” Emily replied, “Ok!” I watch as Emily got up off the stair and I followed her to the backdoor all the while looking at my beautiful sisters butt sway back and forth as she walked to the door. She opened the door and we walked out. As I stepped out onto the sundeck and looked out into the backyard I saw that there were no houses behind our fence and that it was only woodland. I looked down into the backyard and was greatly surprised to see a fairly large swimming pool.

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   “Wow!” said my sister, “Did mom and dad tell you that this house had a pool?” “No!” I replied. “Maybe we might have fun here after all?” said Emily. “Yeah, I kinda feel bad about complaining about moving now!” I said. “So do I!” said Emily.

Emily and I looked at each other for a moment with the look of, “I feel like an idiot now. ” look on our face. Emily walked by me and I started to turn but stopped to look next door to see if anyone else was outside and to see if the other houses had pools. Surprisingly not every house had a pool in the backyard. The house on the right hand side had one but the one on the left didn’t have anything. And much not to my surprise no one was outside either, it didn’t even sound like any birds or any other animals were outside.
So I turned around and walked back inside, sitting back down with Emily on the stairs. We sat on the stairs for several minutes as we watched the moving guys bring in the furniture for the house and then were moved aside so they could take some of the furniture upstairs.

So Emily and I went into the kitchen and leaned over the counter and looked out the window. As we stood at the window silent, my mind started to wonder and I began to peek out of the corner of my eye at Emily. Emily was wearing a red tank top with a white bra on underneath it that had the straps showing from under her top and a pair of hot pants.

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   I surveyed her from out the corner of my eye and focused on her shirt and traced the outline of her bra underneath her shirt. My sister was fairly attractive even if she was my sister. She was fourteen years old with a face that made her look like the girl next door with blonde locks to her shoulders, blue eyes, a pair of small blossoming breasts and a nice plump little butt that made you just want to grab a piece of it for yourself. As I peered deeply into the side of her small breasts I could feel my penis harden. I had at often times found myself admiring my younger sis when see wasn’t looking and had often fantasized about seeing her naked and making her scream in bliss as I fucked her virgin 2 – Through the Window

Several hours passed as Emily and I became bored out of our minds, waiting for the time when we could do what we wanted. We ordered pizza for supper and settled down for the night. Emily went to her room and I began the task of rehooking up my Playstation 2, Xbox, and computer. At about seven o’clock I went and had a relaxing shower, and then headed into my room to get a pair of socks for the clothes box that I hadn’t yet unpacked. I sat down on the bed and put my socks on and noticed a light shining on the wall coming from the house next door. Curiously, I cautiously crept over to the window and looked down the side of the house, seeing a light coming from behind a curtain a crossed from where my sister’s room was located.

I looked down at the window but could not see past the curtain. I looked a crossed the way from my window at the other window which was dark and didn’t look like it had a curtain covering it. I stood at the window for about fifteen minutes watching the lit window with perverted thoughts running through my head. Suddenly the light in that room went off and the blissful thought of whoever was in the bathroom was going to come into the room a crossed from my window, I watched anticipating that may be, just may be if I’m lucky someone will come into the other room and be naked. I waited only seconds and then the light in the room came on revealing an older woman approximately my mother’s age of 45, topless! I was in shock! The first ever real women I had ever with my own two eyes had ever seen topless.


   I watched as the women entered the room and got closer to the window, obstructing the view momentarily from where I was watching. I got more daring and stood up in the window and once again saw this woman with no top on. I watched her sagging boobs jiggle with the movement of her body as she slightly bent over and got into the dresser.

I watched as her boobs came off of her chest and swung forward like water balloons towards the dresser. She reached forward and grabbed something from the dresser and then stood up causing her breasts to fall back against her body once again. The woman turned her back to me and walked to towards the door and then to the right walking out of sight for a moment. I stared watching and waiting for only seconds but what seemed like hours and then the women finally appeared again in the window with her breasts bouncing along with every step she took. I watched in awe as she turned towards the window giving me another glance at her jiggling fun bags. Her breasts jiggled while her big nipples jumped about as she moved toward the window a then stopped. She turned and bent down again almost disappearing. I could now only see the top of her head through the window now.

So I stood on my tip toes and peered through the windows and could just see to the bottom of her nose. By now I could feel my dick hard against my pajamas so I undid the button on the pants and pulled out my semi hard cock intending on just letting it hang out in the open air. I watch the women’s head slowly vanish for a second then she reappeared and stood up bringing her breasts back into view. Unconsciously I began to stroke my penis slowly and I watched the women put on her bra.

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   First her right arm went through causing her breasts to slightly swing and sway to the right. Then her left arm went through causing her breasts to swing left. Then she reached behind her back reaching for the bra straps and attaching them together. She then turned toward the window as I watched in a trance, as she adjusted her breasts in her bra. Suddenly she looked up at the window and walked towards it. I was so inthraughted in what she was doing I completely forgot I wasn’t supposed to be seeing this. As she moved towards the window I saw her jaw drop and quickly move toward the window. Suddenly I snapped out of my zombie like state and bolted to the side of the window, hoping maybe she did not see me.

Suddenly fright and embarrassment ran through my head as I thought she saw me! I peered out of the corner of the window and saw the drape slowly closing. Somewhat relieved to see the women not at the window I poked my whole head out just to make sure. My eyes assured me that she didn’t see me but my mind had other ideas. Still in a state of panic I heard someone coming, so I pushed my no longer hard dick into my pants and left my room acting as if nothing just happened. I watched TV with the family for a while and then went to bed trying to reassure myself that the women didn’t see me, all the while thinking of what her bare breasts looked like.

Chapter 3 – Ding Dong

The next morning I woke up at about eight-thirty and had breakfast. By this time my parents had already begun to assemble our new house.

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   I continued on with my day playing videogames and hoping the women didn’t see me. And if she did hopefully she wouldn’t say anything about it to my parents when they eventually met. At about one o’clock that day the door bell rang sending a chill through my body! My mom answered the door and said, “Hello!” “Hi, how are you? I’m Lydia Perry from next door!” said the women’s voice. “Oh, no!!” I thought to myself, “Is it her!?” They continued there conversation as I listened intently to their conversation. “Nice to meet you Lydia! I’m Cheryl!” replied my mother. “I thought I’d just come over and meet you!” said Lydia. “That’s very nice of you, I’ll call my husband! Charles! Here’s one of our neighbors!” yelled my mom. “Just great now it could turn really ugly!” I thought. “Hi, how are you? I’m Charles, just call me Charlie!” said my dad.

I listened as they talked waiting intently for the bomb to be dropped. Finally I heard Lydia say she had a daughter and then my mom say she had a son and a daughter followed by, “Chris! Courtney! Come here!” Slowly I crept into the hall and looked at the door seeing the face I saw the previous night now with a name. “Come here Chris! This is our new neighbor Lydia!” said my mom. I slowly reached out my hand to shake Lydia’s trying not to make eye contact. “How nice to meet you!” she said. “Nice to meet you!” I replied.

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   Then my sister thankfully came in and saved me from the awkward situation. “This is my daughter Emily!” my mom said as Emily made her way down the stairs. “Nice to meet you Emily! I’m Mrs. Perry! Just call me Lydia!” said Mrs. Perry. As Emily came to the front door I made sure that I drifted away into the background and into the living room, positioning myself just out of eye sight so I could clearly hear what was being said. “Nice to meet you Lydia!” said my sister in her innocent voice.

“I was just talking to your mother and told her that I had two of my own daughters!” said Mrs. Perry “Oh, do you!” replied my sister. “Yeah, their right around your age! Maybe you’ll get to know each other?” replied Mrs. Perry “Yeah, maybe!” replied Emily. Once again my mom started to talk with Mrs. Perry as I heard footsteps go across the floor and up the wooden stairs. Finally, after a few more minutes I heard Lydia say, “Well it’s been very nice to meet you both! I think I’ll let you’s get back to your work!” “Oh well, thanks for coming by Lydia. ” replied my mom.

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   “Anytime you need something don’t be afraid to come over!” “I won’t!” replied Mrs. Perry. “Bye” replied my parents in unison. Relieved to hear her gone I quickly moved to the couch and began playing videogames again acting like I wasn’t listenening to the conversation. I saw my parents walk briefly by the doorway into the back of the house and then go upstairs. After having a conversation with Mrs. Perry and having her not mention seeing me in the window I was fairly confident that she didn’t see me.

The day past and once again that night I got out of the shower and went to my room to get dressed. As soon as I walked into the room I immediately looked at the wall to see if there was light on the wall. There was just like the previous night only this time the light was much dimmer. I walked towards my window and then after contemplating what I should do I peeked out of the corner of the window and peered a crossed directly into the window of the other house. The light was on but the drape was pulled down. I watched the window carefully for a few moments. Unfortunately, I wasn’t going to get a repeat performance because the light in the room went out. Disappointed I left my room and went downstairs.

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   That night I once again found myself thinking of Mrs. Perry’s breasts while lying awake in bed.

Chapter 4 – Sweet and Not So Innocent

About half a week past, when at the supper table my sister said to my parents that she had met Maria one of the girls next door and asked my parents if she could come over to our house that night for only a little while. And of course my parents said yes, which was fine with me as I was curious to see what she looked like. So after dinner my sister headed next door to get Maria and I went into the living room to appear to be playing videogames, but actually I was waiting to see what Maria looked like. A few minutes later I heard the front door open followed by two giggling female voices. I peeked out of the corner of my eye and into the hallway seeing Emily first appear into view and then Maria. I couldn’t see her perfect from my position but as Maria walked by I could tell she a least had a good body!

Both of them disappeared from sight and I heard Emily say to my parents, “Mom, Dad, this is Maria. ” “Hi Maria! Nice to meet you!” said my mom. “Hi, Mrs. Alexander!” said Maria who sounded very innocent. “Just call me Cheryl!” replied my mom. “Alright!” replied Maria. “We’re just going up to my room” said Emily. “Ok!” replied my mother.


   I again heard footsteps come across the floor towards me followed by Emily and Maria appearing in the doorway again. I saw them pass the doorway and I turned to see them walk up the stairs. I could just see their bodies as they walked up the stairs. I watched as Maria’s thin silky smooth legs appeared into view. I watched her legs as they slowly came into view and went up to her waist revealing so sexy legs. Maria stepped into full view from the shoulders down and the stairs, and revealed one hot body. Maria was wearing a pair of tan shorts that were cut just above the middle of her thighs that tightly hugged her legs and curved to the contour of her nice little butt. Maria was wearing a pink shirt that had brown and white stripes a crossed it, which was also tight and showed off her trim little body with small blossoming breasts. I watched fixated on Maria as she walked up the stairs and out of view.

After leaving my view I went back to ‘playing’ videogames and decided that later on in the night I would make a trip up to my room and see what Maria’s face looked like. I waited a while then decided to make my move and go upstairs to my room to see if I could sneak a peek at Maria again. I quietly crept up the stairs and down the hallway towards Emily’s room. As I walked towards the room I could hear voices from the room and could see that the door was open and the light was on. I walked up to the door and looked in as I ducked into my room. Maria was sitting facing the door on the bed with her legs crossed, while my sister sat facing her.

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   In the small glimpse that I had of Maria’s face, it did not disappoint. She had a beautiful face with brown flowing hair just to below her shoulders, with a cute little nose and powty lips. Maria kind of looked Latino but not fully Latino just like her mother. I walked into my bedroom further and I thought of turning back around and getting another look at her but decided I shouldn’t just in case I made myself look suspicious. I looked up towards my window and saw that a light was on in Mrs. Perry’s house.

Without thinking of the danger I immediately moved toward the window and looked into her house. There she was! Mrs. Perry had her back to the open window and was removing her shirt. I felt my penis start to get hard in my pants as I watched as she pulled the red shirt off over her head and tossed it aside with her right arm. She then reached behind her back and undid her bra, allowing them to spring apart. She then took out her left arm and then her right. She quickly bent over and grabbed something and walked towards the door, then to the right briefly exposing her MILF breasts before going out of vision. Suddenly I heard Emily say, I’m just going to go to the bathroom!” “Alright!” replied Maria. Startled I got out of view from my sister and waited for the sound of the door closing.

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   I heard the door close and rushed back to the window just in time to see Mrs. Perry come back into view with her breasts bouncing. She came towards the window then turned left looking into what looked like a mirror. She slowly raised her left arm and brought it a crossed.

She started to fondle her right breast with her left hand as I felt my dick push against my pants as I watched in amazement. Mrs. Perry felt around her breast slowly and I realized suddenly she was giving herself a breast exam. I never ever thought that a breast exam could be this great! I could now feel my penis hard against my pants and totally forgot momentarily about Maria and Emily being just a crossed the hall. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hard dick. I grabbed a hold of it and slowly started jerking off while watching Mrs. Perry touch her breasts. Mrs. Perry finished touching her right breast and moved to her left one, dropping her left arm out of the way and giving me a clear view of her breast. I watched as she pressed in on her sagging boob and felt around as I stroked myself in the glow of her light. She finally lowered her right hand from her left breast and stood motionless for a moment.

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   As I watched I saw her slowly reach her hand into her crotch and begin to rub up and down. Being fixated upon Mrs. Perry I was totally oblivious to the fact that Maria had come out of my sister’s room and entered mine! I continued to jerk off as I watch through the window when I heard a quiet innocent voice say from behind me, “You like her don’t you?”

I swung around and finally saw Maria standing behind me, smiling at me. Shocked, I didn’t say anything and stood in front of her with my hard cock hanging out the front of my pants. Maria said looking down at my slowly diminishing erection, “I’ll take that as a yes!” Not knowing what to say I blurted out, “How long have you been there?” “Doesn’t it really matter know?” she replied quietly. Still flustered for words I blurted out, “You can’t tell anyone!” “I won’t tell if you won’t tell?” she replied with a grin on her face. Maria moved closer to me and whispered into my ear, “You should see what see does when see has the door closed!” She pulled her head back and looked me in my wide eyes. She then looked down at my deflated cock hanging out of my pants. I took my left hand to push my penis back into my pants but Maria gently grabbed my hand and looked into my puzzled eyes momentarily.

She then slowly got on her knees and let go of my hand grabbing hold of my soft dick, and started to jerk me off. She quickly massaged my cock back and forth causing the blood to rush back in. With only a few movements I was hard again. Without warning Maria plunged her head forward engulfing my penis into her mouth. I felt her lips clamp down over my semi hard dick growing by the second. She began to suck me, back and forth, slowly making sure she didn’t hurt me.

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   The feeling of a girl sucking on my dick was indescribable and unlike anything I had felt anywhere before. I began to feel the base of my dick fill up, ready to blow, when I heard the door. I wasn’t the only one who heard the door, Maria suddenly let go of my penis and bolted upwards as I tried to push my dick back into my pants so Emily would not see. Maria darted for the door and looked at Emily. Emily said, “So you met my brother?” “Yeah! He’s nice” she said calmly.

Then both of them vanished a crossed the hall. Relieved we hadn’t got caught I turned around and looked at the window to see Mrs. Perry still unclothed looking straight back at me! Quickly I dove out of sight even though I knew that this time for sure she saw me! Panicked I grabbed my clothes and ran to the bathroom to have a shower…and to jack off. Thousands of thoughts ran through my head, bad and good. I emerged from the shower to find that Maria had left to go home. I was even more worried now because not only did I know that Mrs. Perry saw me but she may have even saw Maria in my room!

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