Nicola and Amy - 1


Amy said teasingly: "Hey Nic, I think this guy really likes you. " Nicola stood up and pushed her brown hair back to see the old man in the car. Amy said "Nic, blow the old man a kiss. I bet he has not had a kiss in years. Blow it just like this. " At this point Amy leaned forward to blow him a kiss. The old man was pretending to avoid their activities. Amy said: "Nic, we need to get his attention. I know Nic, why don't we both start to un-button our blouses. That will get his attention. Men can't refuse a quick flash". Both girls stood as the bus started up down the small road and pulled out their blouse from their grey skirt and started at the bottom to open the eight buttons on their blouse. Amy was wearing a plain white 36b white bra; Nicola was wearing a white bra with a small pink bow on her 34b breasts. They both counted together"3,2,1" and gave the old man a quick flash of their bra. Both girls quickly dived behind the window back onto the bus seat and giggled about what they had just done. Nicola said, " Hey lets do it again, maybe he really did not see us.

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   But this time we must look to see if he notices us". Both girls positioned themselves back at the window and waved at the old man. They both opened their blouses and wiggled their breasts pushing them forwards to the window. The old man could not help but looks. Amanda said, " Hey lets give him a bit of breast. I guess he doesn't get much of this at his age. " Nicola hesitated at this request, but Amanda just raised her white bra up and her perky white firm breasts were clearly visible. To emphasise the point, she put a breast in each hand and gave them a small squeeze. The old man in the car behind them swerved his car. Amanda said "Hey Nic, give him a look at your breasts as they will knock him out. " "No way. I will show my bra but not my breasts. " replied Nicola. Amanda said, "Ok sorry. Hey if you will not show him your breasts, how about you flash him your panties? I have shown him my breasts.

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  " Nicola was rather reluctant but realised that Amanda had just shown him her breasts so this was not unreasonable suggestion. "OK. " replied Nicola. Amanda thought for a moment and then announced: "Hey, you are going to need me to help you as you could fall since you need to stand up fully as the old man will not be able to see your panties". Nicola stood up on the back seat with Amanda standing behind her on the bus top deck floor. "Hey Nic, I will hold your waist but you need to raise your skirt" suggested Amanda. "But I cant, I need to hold onto these rails at the top of the bus with both hands otherwise I will fall. " shouted back Nicola. Amanda hit on an idea, "You take your blouse and skirt off then he will definitely see your panties and I will stand behind you holding your waist. But you must hold onto those top rails" Nicola removed her white blouse and her grey school uniform skirt. She was wearing panties which matched her bra i. e. white with a small pink bow at the front. Nicola's excellent gymnastic body, with hardly a gram of fat anywhere stood on the bus seat. She took hold of the top rails and Amanda came behind her holding her waist.

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   "Hey Nic, he can see you" giggled Amanda. "Why don't you give him a sexy sway of your hips"? Nicola obliged. At this point the old man in the car was feeling very horny. It had been last summer at the breach when he had seen girls of this age and now he had his own show. He marvelled at the sexy body of the girl in the bus window. He wanted to kiss, touch and smell her. He imagined her naked. Back on the bus Nicola was getting into the spirit and was relaxing. Nicola still had her arms in the air as she gripped the rail to stabilise herself as the bus swayed. Amanda decided however, that since she had shown the old man her breasts, Nicola would have to reveal something. Unknown to Nicola, Amanda slipped her hands down from Nicola's waist to their top edge of Nicola's panties. In one quick movement, Amanda pulled Nicola's panties down to her knees exposing Nicola's 14-year-old brown small public bush. A scream came from Nicola who could see the old man smiling at her. Nicola could not move. She could not jump to the floor from the bus seat as the panties around he knees stopped her from opening her legs.

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   She could not let go of the rails to pull her panties back up without risking seriously falling to the follow. Nicola was helpless. Amanda was giggling away. Nicola was bright red thought embarrassment and annoyance with Amanda. "You bitch. Help me!" screamed Nicola. Amanda walked forward and held out a hand so Nicola could grasp it. Nicola jumped down and pulled up her panties. "How could you?" screamed Nicola. "Hey Nic, I showed so I thought you should also" replied Amanda trying not to giggle. Nicola continued to get dressed putting her skirt and blouse back on. "Hey Nic, we will be at our stop in about 20 seconds. " informed Amanda. "Is that old man still following us? If he is, I cannot look," questioned Nicola. "No.

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   He must have gone a different direction when you were putting your clothes back on. " giggled Amanda. Both girls picked up their school bags and walked down the bus stairs and off into the small avenues where they lived. As they walked from the bus, Nicola was tucking in her blouse into her skirt. Amanda stopped, grabbed Nicola's lefts arm and announced "Don't look in front of us, but that old man is walking towards us now. . . ".

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