Night flight


Topic: Night flightThis happened a few weeks ago.
I was on an evening flight from Houston to Atlanta for a business meeting the next day. The plane was a Boeing 737 with three seats on each side of the aisle. I was assigned a seat toward the back of the plane but was pleasantly surprised to see that the person occupying the window seat in my row was a rather pretty teen girl. The middle seat was empty and the two of us quickly struck up a conversation. Turns out her parents were divorced and she was going to Atlanta to visit her father. She was 16 and quite proud to be making this trip on her own, her mother having escorted her to the departure gate. She went on about how when she made this trip before she turned 16 she had to have an escort ride with her the entire flight. We made small talk for awhile and then I settled in with my book as she played her DS and listened to her ipod.
Since this was a late evening flight, the lights were turned off and blankets had been passed around. After a bit she raised the armrest between her and the middle seat and asked if I'd mind if she lied down on the two seats to sleep. No problem I said and she curled up with her head on the window side armrest and pulled her knees to her slim body as she covered with the blanket. It was then that I took notice of her short pleated skirt and the glimpse of her pink panties as she drifted off to sleep. I turned off my light and leaned back keenly aware of the panty covered ass just inches to my right. After 20 minutes or so I let my hand drop down and felt it brush against her bare thigh. She didn't move so I slowly moved it up until I was lightly touching her panty covered pussy.

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   Oh my goodness, it was so warm! I left it there for a long time while I determined whether she was awake or not. Assured that she was truly asleep I began to lightly rub her back and forth from her slit to her ass. She squirmed a little and I froze. But then she seemed to push her ass a little more against my hand. She was also getting noticeably warmer down there and I began to feel some dampness. I pressed my fingers against her snatch more firmly and gauged her reaction. No sign of her waking. That's when I decided to go for broke. I eased my fingers along the edge of her panties and slipped them in, lightly grazing her bare pussy lips. Still no reaction from her as I slid a finger between her moist folds and found her clit. That's when a moan escaped from her and I wondered if she knew what I was doing. If she had woken up she didn't let on and instead pushed against my fingers a little more. She was very wet now and my finger easily slipped into her pussy. I was so hard I could barely stand it! My cock needed some kind of release but I had no options at this point. I began to finger fuck her harder and harder.

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   By this time I didn't care if she was awake or not although I'm certain that she was. She continued to push back against my hand with each stroke and she started making little whelping noises. Then I felt her pussy squeeze around my finger as her orgasm hit. She let out a long moan and I looked around afraid that other people might hear. Everyone seemed to be sleeping and I seriously considered whether I could free my cock and fuck her right then and there. Just as I was considering it the pilot came on the PA and announced we were descending to Atlanta. I quickly removed my hand and pretended sleep as she moved to sit up.
Nothing was said between us as we came in to land. I retrieved my carry on and handed down her bag from the overhead compartment. As we got ready to leave the plane I said have a nice time in Atlanta. She just smiled and said she was enjoying her trip so far!
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