Our Babysitter - Part 4


Getting back to reality, I finished showering, dried off and dressed then went back to the kitchen. Kelly had the kids in their seats, so I sat down and she started to play her games. The table was small and when she leaned to give my youngets her plate, she rubbed her breast against my bicep. She fidgeted for a short time, the went to get anothe plate for my eldest daughter. Doing the same thing on my other bicep, her breast brought another erection in my shorts. When she brought my plate, she "accidently" knocked a fork off the table. She knelt down to get the fork, placing her hand on my stiff cock. She smiled at me, as she handed me my fork. As she sat down, next to me, she placed her hand back onto my cock, and fed food into her mouth, as she stroked my dick. I never realized how sensual a meal could be. She continued through the meal to rub my cock and just before I shot off, I placed a napkin on my lap. I gulped my breaths as I released my cum into the napkin in my lap. She cleaned me up and I then went into the living room with the kids. Once the kids were bathed and put to bed, she came back to me and sat on the floor, between my legs. Her hands were not idle, searching for my cock, by running her hand into my shorts. "Take your shorts off, I want to see your cock," she said.


   "I want to suck your cock and have you cum in my mouth. "I raised my hips and slid my shorts down and she pulled them off of me, throwing them across the room. Her eyes were rivited on my now erect cock. "Do you know how much i've grown to love your cock, John", she asked?"It's so beautiful to me, I just want to hold it and kiss it and have it in my mouth. I want your cum shooting into my mouth. I want to suck it right now, I want it sliding in and out of my lips until you explode down my throat" she said. Listening to her talk like that really excited me. She could talk me into a climax, but relief came as she brought her head to my cock and placed the head of my cock in it. Her tongue tortured me, flicking out and licking under my cock head. Her tongue went to my pee hole and she tried to shove it in there. Then in one swift movement, she enhaled my entire cock into her mouth. I wanted to cum right then and there, but I didn't. She moved her mouth like she had been sucking cock for years instead of just days. Holding her head, as she went up and down my shaft, I let her know that I was just about ready to cum. Her head went faster as she looked in my eyes, as I started to shoot my first load.

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  At that very same time, the door to the trailer opened and my wife stepped through the door. Kelly turned her head to see who it was and my cum hit her on the side of her face. She didn't stop pumping my dick and cum was shooting everywhere, as my wife watched with a shocked look on her face. Once I stopped cumming, my wife went and picked up my shorts and threw them in my face, saying, "Take these and the rest of your clothes and get the fuck out of my home, you bastard. ""You, little girl, get your ass out of my house. Your parents will be getting a phone call from me and i'm going to tell them what I walked in on. "I jumped into my shorts, as Kelly was being shoved out the door. My wife then told me that our neighbor snuck over the past few nights and saw what I was doing. She was quick to tell and my wife didn't want to believe her, but she had to check. I went to my room and packed my stuff. I overheard my wife talking on the phone, and I assumed it was to Kelly's parents. I left the trailerand just drove around, not knowing where to go. At work on monday, I expected the Military Police to come snatch me up and throw my ass in the brig. For some reason, they didn't. Kelly's parents never did file charges against me.

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   They wanted to "protect" their daughter. I put in for a transfer, but I had to wait until there was an opening somewhere. I was granted a transfer finally four months later, to San Diego. In that time, my wife filed for divorce and I didn't even show up in court. The judge was told what happened, so he hit me pretty hard. . no visitation. . . $700 a month in child support and I had to pay off the trailer and my wifes car too. This left me with very little money in my pocket by the time I left for San Diego. I had not seen Kelly at all, but I yearned to. I knew that if we were seen together, i'd end up in jail for sure. So I left for the west coast on a three year enlistment. I settled into the barracks and hated it.

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   I found a job on my off-duty time, it was flipping burgers, but at least it was some sort of income, plus I could eat for free. I was able to find a one room apartment, furnished, so I moved out of the barracks and started to enjoy my life, such as it was. This went on for the three years I was in San Diego. My supervisor on the base wanted me to re-enlist, so I was giving it some thoughtI had two days to give him my decision, so I walked the streets and tried to figure out what I wanted to do. The summer night was beautiful. The cool breeze coming off the ocean, flowing through the streets made it real nice. I sat on a bench in a park and was lost in my thoughts. JOHN. . . . JOHN, IS THAT REALLY YOU?I heard this and came out of my daze, wondering who was talking to me, then I looked up. Kelly was standing there, her hands to her face and tears in her eyes. "Oh my god, I found you'" she said. I jumped from the bench and pulled her into my arms.

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   "How. . . when. . . what are you doing here in San Diego", I asked?Through her sobbs, she told me that when I left, she felt like her life was no longer worth living. She ahd thought of killing herself, but then deceided to save her money until the day she turned 18, and leave to find me. My wife had thrown it in her face that i was in San Diego and couldn't get her slut hands on me. The day before her 18th birthday, she went to the bank, withdrew all her money, then went home and quietly packed her clothes and hid the suitcases. At midnight that night, she brought out her things and packed them in her car and drove to California to find me. That was two months ago, she had been looking for me since she arrivied. "I love you John, I want to be with you, that is if you still want me," she said. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This beautiful girl wanted me.

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   I haven't been with anyone since I left Rhode Island and I thought of Kelly just about evey night since then. "Yes. . yes, I do still want you. I still love you," I said. We held one asnother and let all of this sink in. Then we went to her car and she drove to my apartment. I brought her stuff in and she settled in. We talked about my up coming re-enlistment and about everything we could think of. Later we made love, she still was a virgin and wanted to remain that way. I didn't want to wait, I asked her that night to marry me and stay with me for the rest of our lives. She quickly agreed and 30 days later we got married by the Justice of the Peace. I didn't re-up, she didn't want me to. so I had to find a real job to support my wife. On our Honeymoon night, we checked into a very nice hotel, and she was still in her gown after the reception.

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   I carried her over the threshole and stood her at the foot of the bed. I removed her shoes and nylons. Standing, I unhooked the back of her gown and let it fall to her feet. She stepped out of the gown and I held her to me, nibbling on her neck. I wanted to explore every inch of her. I kissed down her left arm to her finger tips, sucking on each finger and licking her palm, then back up to her earlobe. I softly chewed her lobe, sucking it into my mouth. My tongue explored every nuance of her ear. I then moved to the back of her neck and softly bit her, sending chill down her spine. My mouth never left her body, as I moved to her right arm and mimicked whatt I had done to the other. When I reached her left ear, I slid my tongue in it and nibbled on her lobe, then around the outside of her ear, my tongue followed it's shape. I went to her adams apple and planted little kisses on it, then tried to suck it into my mouth. My hands have yet to touch her at all. She teased me for so long, I wanted her to have some of it back. My lips worked to the swell of her breast; I flicked my tongue on those mounds of flesh until I reached the areola.

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   I sucked in her nipple and rolled my tongue on it. Probing, flicking, sucking as her nipple hardened into a spike of flesh. Her nipples had grown wider and longer in the last three years and I did love to suck on them. I moved to her other breast and did the same, then kissed and licked my way down her right side, to her hip. . . across her stomach to her left side. She finally reached out to hold my head, so I looked up at her and said, "If you touch me, i'll stop. " The look on her face was priceless, but unbelieving. She tried to hold my head again, and I waved a finger saying "No. . No. . No". My mouth returned to her belly and kissed it as teasingly as I could.

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   Finding her belly button, I rolled my tongue inside and sucked on it. I continued to her abdomen, where I could smell the scent of her love emanating from between her legs. This was killing me, as much as it was to her. God knows I wanted to dive right into her pussy and spend the rest of my life there, but I committed myself and would continue. I softly kissed all around her thighs, skipping her pussy that was oozing her love fluids. I kissed and licked down one leg to her toes, where I took each toe into my mouth and made love to it. I then licked the sole of her foot and then back up her leg. I did the same to her other leg, then worked my way to her crotch. Her pussy was so wet, I could of stuck my head between her legs and catch the flow in my mouth. Not wanting to give in just yet, I stood up and carried her to the bed. I removed my clothing as I looked into her eyes as each piece came off. She knew I wanted her, my mouth was watering at the sight of that beautiful woman lying completely naked, waiting to consummate our marriage. My cock was never harder, as she eyed my stiff rod and licked her lips. "Give me your cock, John, I want your cock in my mouth. .

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  . I want to feel your cum shooting down my throat", she said. I inched forward as she brought her head closer and softly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. She knew she couldn't use her hands, but she didn't need to. Her mouth knew every inch of my cock and she used her tongue to drive me up a wall. I wanted to slam her head to the base of my cock. I inched forward more as her mouth took in more of my cock. She was going to pay me back for my little indiscretion, and see how long I could take it. I tried again to push more of my cock into her mouth, but she tightened her lips on my shaft and was going to make me beg. Her tongue danced under the head of my straining cock as she sucked off the pre-cum. She took in another inch and then back she went, each time she moved her tongue licked the engorged vein underneath. After what seemed like hours, she finally took all of me into the velvety mouth of hers. The head of my cock was past her gag-reflex and into her throat. God this woman could ssuck a cock. She held it there as long as she could, breathing through her nose.


   She slid it out and kept the head in her mouth, then she slammed her head to the base of my cock, almost buckling my knees from the thrill. I had no stamina, it would not be long before I was blowing my load into her mouth. As her head worked it's magic on me, she felt my cock stiffen even more and knew I was ready to let loose. Her mouth bobbed and bobbed until I released my first shot of cum into those parted lips of hers. I had to grab hold of the mattress to keep from falling to the floor. The release of my juices brought such a great sensation throughout my body. Shot after shot of cum flew into her mouth, she did not loose a single drop. . She kept sucking on me until my cock went limp in her mouth. I knelt on the floor and kissed my sweet wife, tasting my sperm on her lips. God I loved this woman. I then moved onto the bed between her legs. I spread her legs with my knees and brought my face closer to the silkiness of her love. My tongue darted out and swiped up between her lips and I flattened it out as I went over her clit. Her juices were so sweet, I sucked in her outer lips and softly nibbled on them, sending quivers through her body.


  I folded my tongue and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. Making it as hard as I could, I inserted it and pushed in as far as I could go. Her hips pushed into my face and I worked my tongue in and out of her like a miniture cock. I then placed my mouth over her clit and my tongue twirled around it. It seemed to get bigger as I nipped it ever so softly with my teeth. She wanted to scream, but grabbed a pillow and put it over her face to smother the screams she was making. She was ready to climax, so I tweaked her clit and her hips slammed into my face as she started to cum. I sucked up all of her juices as they flowed from her. Rising to my knees, I placed my now stiff cock into her pussy. She threw the pillow back on the bed and said, "Yes. . . yes, put that cock in my pussy, I want you in there, fill me up with your cock". Her verbalization excited the hell out of me as I pushed further into her until I reached her hymen. She was ready, so I shoved my cock all the way in, my balls bouncing on her ass.

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   She was so tight, so wet, but I held still for a moment. "Oh. . oh John, why did I wait so long for this?" she asked? It feels so good, fuck me, fuck me good". I didn't have to be told twice. I moved in and out of her pussy, slowly at first, until our animal instincts took over. Before you knew it, we were slamming into each other, trying to go deeper and deeper. Kelly climaxed at least three times all over my cock. Her fluids easing the friction of her pussy. Each climax was swifter and swifter. She dug her fingernails into my back and I cringed in pain, but continued to slam my cock into her cunt. I took her face in my hands and told her that I was almost there. I was going to cum in her beautiful pussy. Our hips ground against each other as I felt my ejaculation start. When I let loose, I kissed her and told her I loved her, gulping down breaths as I spoke.

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   Shooting stream after stream of cum into her pussy. I fell onto her body and just held her, telling her how much I loved her. That was twenty five years ago. We're still married and she still makes love like a teenager. .
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