Patrick and I have a crazy night.


Topic: sex. Well, im chelsea and im 14. My booyfriends name is Patrick and hes amazing.
One day, Patrick, Brittany(my best friend), and I, were sitting in Patricks room watching that 70s show. then brittanys phone rang and it was her mom. she said to get home. so brit left and me and patrick were left alonne in his room at 11 at night. He looked over at me, and said "hey chels, are you ticklish?" and i said "hm, i dont know. why dont you find out?" in a very seductive way. he said"well then. . . " and started tickling me. i laughed so hard i told him he had to stop, and when he did, we both fell over on his bed laughing.
he looked over at me and said "hey chels, were laying ona bed with the lights off. and ive got a stiffy.

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  " ilooked over and said "well then this will work out great. " i leaned over to him and we started making out. then he slipped his hand up my shirt and undid my b-cup bra. i pulled my shirt off. he slipped out of his shirt and we were both laying there kissing topless. i wasgetting really hot, and he started to undo his fly. so we got naked and the stuff happened.
we were still kissing and he gave me that look. and i whispered, "fuck me" so we skipped anyforeplay that might have happened and skipped to the fucking. he stuck the tip of his dick in my pussy and i was like "just do it. " he shoved itin and i screamed. harder! faster! yes. he was fucking me faster and faster nad faster, and he cummed all over my tits! it was awesome. that was the best night ever. we fucked everynight for two weeks.

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   itwas awesome.