Paul’s Camera – Part Two


“You naughty little slut. Wearing a thong to school. ” Veronica just groaned as he began to rub her pussy through her underwear. Within moments her mound was warm to the touch and her pussylips had swelled up until they seemed to be swallowing the thong piece. Paul pulled her panties off her hips and let them drop to the floor, leaving Veronica in only her skirt and high heels. Spreading her lips he sank his finger into her pussy, moving it around inside her, getting the feel of her love canal. Veronica groaned all the more at this intrusion, pushing her hips back against his hand. Eventually Paul grew tired of fingering the hot little sluts pussy and stood up, dropping his pants to the ground and shifting Veronica across the floor until she could rest her arms on her bed. In this position, still standing in her heels, Veronica’s ass was presented in the best possible way. Thrust high into the air, her cheeks were spread wide, exposing her anus. The angle also meant that her pussy lips were being pulled apart, exposing her cunt for all to see. Paul took a few pictures on his camera and then stepped forward, thrusting his cock into Veronica’s delicious pussy. “Oh god. Your cock feels so good. Fuck it into me now handsome. Really give it to me.


   I wanna feel your cock split me wide. ” Paul proceeded to do just that, hammering his cock into Veronica’s upraised pussy while she screamed with pleasure into a pillow. The constant sight of Veronica’s anus stretching and contracting as he fucked her pussy began to prove too much for the young man. Momentarily pulling his cock out of her hot, tight pussy Paul slipped two of his fingers into Veronica’s cunt, soaking them in her juices. Ramming his cock back into her, Paul resumed fucking his hot, sexy neighbour. At the same time Paul began massaging Veronica’s last, untouched orifice, running his wet fingers around and over her tight little passage. As he delivered a particularly savage pounding to Veronica’s cunt and Veronica herself was lost in an orgasm, Paul slipped his finger into the little sluts asshole. Veronica went so wild she almost came off Paul’s cock, thrashing all over the place as he shoved his cock up her pussy and his finger up her ass. This girl was truly a slut and Paul soon had two fingers stuffed up her anus. Veronica was now cumming almost constantly as she got fucked so Paul decided it was time for something different. Paul pulled his cock from Veronica’s pussy and withdrew his finger from her ass, straightening up a little. Soaking up his fingers again, Paul smeared the juices over Veronica’s anus and nestled the head of his cock between her tight, round ass cheeks. “Oh god! What are you doing?” She gasped, looking back over her shoulder at him. “Relax baby. I think you’ll probably enjoy this.

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   But to be honest, I don’t really give a shit if you don’t enjoy it or not. ” With that Paul jerked forward a little and lodged the head of his cock in her anal passage. Veronica groaned, trying to shuffle forward onto the bed but Paul held her hips against him, keeping her where she was. Smearing more of her juices on his cock Paul began the slow process of shoving his hard prick into his sexy neighbours asshole. Veronica groaned and squealed as Paul stuffed his cock into her virgin ass, shoving away until her ass cheeks were pressed against his pubes. “Aaahhh…damn that feels good. You are such a little whore. I bet you love having my cock in your ass. Don’t you slut? You love it!”Veronica groaned as Paul slowly withdrew his cock and then rammed it back into her anal passage. He massaged the twin globes of her ass, pulling the cheeks apart and pressing them together, occasionally giving the sexy Eurasian slut a spanking as he rode her from behind, sawing his cock in and out of her tightest hole. Veronica groaned as Paul fucked her ass, but she was a slut at heart and pretty soon the sensations began to feel pleasurable. “Augh god. It’s actually beginning to feel good. ” Paul reached down and began to massage Veronica’s clit, rubbing the little nubbin under his hand before slipping a finger into the sexy, young whore’s cunt. With a finger sliding in around in her pussy, rubbing the cock in her ass through the wall of her cunt, Veronica’s pussy began to tingle even more.

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   When Paul slipped a second finger into her cunt, she went over the edge, groaning and screaming into her pillow as she came around his fingers. As Veronica’s pussy contracted around Paul’s fingers, so too her anus began to contract around his cock. The sheer pressure on his cock had Paul spewing great globs of cum into Veronica’s anal passage before she’d finished her own orgasm. After cleaning up, Paul left Veronica to go to netball practice and wandered back next door. Paul’s mother had returned home while he was pleasuring himself with Veronica but since he was legitimately supposed to be returning from school at this hour, there would be no problems. A plumber’s truck was parked in the drive. Paul didn’t think twice about it - the sink had backed up that morning - but he didn’t want to get dragged into some bullshit discussion about what not to put in the drain so he slipped in through a side door as quietly as he could. Creeping passed the kitchen to his room he heard noises and poked his eyes around the door for a peek. Paul’s mother, Laurie, was standing in the kitchen, talking to someone on the kitchen floor. The light was shining in through the window, highlighting her beautifully tanned skin. The summer dress she wore strained across her chest, her magnificent breasts, so expensively enhanced, pushing at the fabric. Her gorgeous blonde hair fell in waves past her shoulders, pointing towards her firm pert ass and long shapely legs. Her gorgeous face was the icing on the cake, and her lips, so full they seemed to beg for a cock, were the cherry. Paul’s mother had been a model up until he and his sister were born and the young lad had to say that his mother most certainly still had it. The two in the kitchen seemed to be talking about payment or something so Paul decided to leave.

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   Just as he was about to move though, the plumber stood up and Paul froze. If he moved the man would see him. The plumber, a white guy in his early fifties, said“Okay babe. You wanna pay that way? Then pay. ” And with that he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. Paul was in shock, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Pulling out his camera, he turned off the flash, and began to shoot as his mother went down on her knees, grabbed the guys cock and hoovered it straight into her mouth. After only five minutes or so, the plumber moved his hands from where they were roughly fondling Laurie’s tits and instead he grabbed her on either side of her head, ramming his cock into her mouth. Laurie began sucking even harder, her cheeks hollowing, her gorgeous, full lips sliding up and down the hard shaft of cock. Before long, Paul could see his mother’s throat working and figured the guy was shooting his load into her. His guess was confirmed when the plumber pulled his cock from Laurie’s mouth and shot a few streams of cum onto her face. Laurie pulled the cock back into her mouth and sucked it clean before letting it go. Paul figured they’d fuck now, and Laurie obviously did too. She stood up from the kitchen floor and pulled off her underwear, no doubt expecting a hard fuck, Paul hoped. The plumber had other ideas however.

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   “Cheers hot stuff. I gotta split now. Another job. And I doubt my wife would approve. ” With that he zipped up, grabbed his tools and wandered out of the house, leaving a very horny, cum-stained housewife behind, fingering her pussy as she watched him go. Once the front door closed Laurie almost ran from the kitchen and into her bedroom. Paul waited a few minutes, checking out the photos he’d taken with his digital camera, and then followed her. Obviously having forgotten that her son would be home from school early, her door was left wide open. Paul ducked his head around the door, meaning only to have a quick glance, but he was frozen by what he saw. His mother lay on her bed, legs spread wide and dress pulled up to her waist, as she feverishly thrust a vibrator in and out of her cunt, groaning out loud over the buzzing of the sex toy. Her eyes were closed and her head thrust back into her pillow – she didn’t notice Paul as he stood at the door, clicking off photo after photo as his mother fucked herself with her vibrator, rubbing at her clit and groping at her fantastic breasts, groaning the entire time until she came, screaming in ecstasy. Paul, thinking quickly, grabbed his school bag from his room and ran quietly downstairs and out the front door. Then he turned around, opened and closed the door loudly and shouted out to his mother that he was home. Paul walked into the kitchen, just as he often did, and began fixing himself a sandwich. After a few minutes Laurie appeared, straight clothed but looking flushed.

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  “Are you alright mum? You look a little red in the face. ”“What? Oh, no it’s nothing. Just a little warm. ”“Did the plumber come?”“Oh yeah, the plumber came. And then he left. ” She said it in a tone Paul would not have noticed if he hadn’t seen her behaviour with the tradesman. Shortly afterwards, Laurie went out with Veronica’s mother, taking her to dinner and a show so she didn’t get lonely staying at home all the time. The two mothers had become firm friends since Sophie’s husband had run out on her and Veronica. With the house to himself, and feeling very sexually satisfied, Paul rolled a joint and ducked out the back to smoke it. Finished, and well stoned, he wandered upstairs to his room and flicked on the porn movie he’d made of Veronica. Watching it, he passed out on his bed and that was how his father found him only minutes later, porn playing on the TV and dope on his desk. “What the hell is going on here?” Paul woke up slowly; not really realising what was going on.
    His father, Jeff, stood in the bedroom’s doorway, watching the TV as the scene changed from Veronica’s dealer having a fuck, to Paul fucking her doggystyle on her bed (he’d edited out the heroin and rearranged the sex scenes for this particular whackoff tape). “What is going on here? Is that you’re girlfriend son?”“Not really dad. Just a girl.

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      ”“Just a girl you fuck anyway you want?” Paul couldn’t help smiling. “Just a fucking hot, piece of ass like Veronica Sinclair?” His father had a grin on his face now, so Paul said,“Just a hot babe that I fuck any way I want because she does anything I say. ” Jeff stared at the screen. “Will she do any…one…you want?”“She will if I tell her to. ”“Then, seeing as delectable, young Veronica is home all by her little self tonight, why don’t you give her a call and invite her over? I’ve been meaning to get to know Veronica better. This seems to be the perfect opportunity. ” Paul dialed Veronica and told her to get herself over to his house on the double. Jeff turned to his son,“You stay up here for a bit. I’ll give you a yell when I’m done with her. Anything I should know?”“Just, she likes to be used. She’s a little slut, a cock hungry little whore who’ll do anything to get some cock in her holes. ”“Huh,” Jeff laughed, “sounds just like your mother. She’s the biggest cock hound I’ve ever encountered. Just loves to be grabbed and used. ”“Well Veronica’s just like that.

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      ” Paul turned back to his film as Jeff walked downstairs. Soon enough Jeff heard the back door open and close and hesitant footsteps in the kitchen. He walked over to greet the girl, swinging open the kitchen door. “Good evening Veronica. ” Jeff said with a smile, drinking in the beauty of this high school jaw dropper. Her body dried his mouth out just looking at it. “Oh! Hello, Mr Anderson. Good evening to you too. I was just looking for Paul. Is he upstairs?”“Yes he is actually. But it’s not him you’re looking for. ”“I’m sorry?” Confusion was written across her face. “It’s me you’re looking for. Paul called you over here so the two of us, you and me, could get better acquainted. Why don’t we go up to my bedroom?” Jeff took the shocked girls hand and led her up to the master bedroom.

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       While she stood, looking at the bed, Jeff began undressing. When he was naked he pulled down her deliciously tight bicycle shorts and dragged her sports bra off over her head. When she was naked Jeff sat down on the bed to admire her magnificent body. “My oh my. You are something aren’t you? Now, on your knees, my cock needs to be sucked. ” Veronica moved slowly, as if in a dream. She dropped to her knees between Jeff’s thighs and took his cock into her mouth. After only a small amount of licking and sucking, it grew to full hardness, filling her mouth. He wasn’t quite as long as Paul, maybe seven inches, but he was much thicker around than his son was. Veronica couldn’t help imagining how it would feel in her pussy. After all, she figured, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that she was about to be fucked. She continued to lick and suck Jeff’s cock, even deepthroating him when he grew excited and began thrusting himself into her face instead of letting her suck him. “Oh, I knew you’d be a good cock sucker. That mouth is just made to suck on a big, hard dick. Enough though.

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       Let’s see how your little cunt feels eh? Up you hop. ” Veronica stood up and Jeff turned her around so her back was to him. He wrapped one arm around her waist and reached under her to spread her pussylips with his other hand. Pulling her down onto his lap, Jeff’s cock slid up between his fingers and into Veronica’s pussy, her saliva on his cock and her flowing juices allowing him to pull her all the way down his pole on the first try. Air burst from Veronica’s mouth as the cock took her breath away. “Oh fuck. ” Jeff gasped out as the beautiful eighteen-year-old slid her tight cunt down his pole. “Oh fuck indeed. ” Veronica said when she had her breath back. She started moving up Jeff’s cock and then sat back down again, ramming it deep into her pussy. “Oh yeah. Fuck my cunt. C’mon now, give it to me. I know my body gets you off. So use me, fuck me, slam me.


       Please daddy. ” Veronica looked back over her shoulder at Jeff, a mischievous smile on her lips. “You little whore! You’re gonna get it alright. ” Jeff grabbed Veronica by the waist and began lifting her up off his cock and slamming her back down on it, bringing groans of pleasure from the young girl and grunts from himself. The feel of her juicy young cunt sliding up and down his cock was beyond compare. Jeff’s wife was magnificent, but this was eighteen-year-old pussy. Her body was fantastic too; Jeff looked forward to many encounters with this particular set of tits. Eventually Jeff decided on a change in position and, after pulling Veronica down onto his cock as far as he could, he stood up, still joined to her, and turned to the bed, laying her face down on the covers. Climbing onto the bed as well, straddling her thighs, Jeff pulled Veronica’s ass into the air and began slamming his cock into her as hard as he could. Soon enough Veronica was screaming through another orgasm. As she came back to earth, Jeff withdrew his cock completely from her pussy, spread her ass cheeks and, with one thrust, lodged his pussy-juice coated cock deep in her ass. That one thrust was all it took and as Veronica squealed in shocked pain, Jeff pumped a massive load of cum deep into the young girl’s anal passage. More to come, obviously. Any plot ideas, comments, suggestions, requests are more than welcome (this is only my second try afterall). .


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